April 24, 2023

Hey Hey Hey (Rerun:-)

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Hey Hey Hey...

Okiegurl gave me some sage advice. She thought I would be upset by what I said, but I definitely was not, in fact not at all. Her being in the legal field and someone finally giving me advice was quite promising. Her resume was very impressive to me. However, she said that the media always gets to story/narrative wrong a lot but I need to get over that because it doesn't define my case. But the media's fake news and biases have people running away from me. Many people believe what the media has to say. How am I supposed to get over something like this? I am no longer angry, I am a broken man on the brink of giving up the fight. I feel like I am constantly in the throes of death. My entire life is flashing in front of my eyes. I know my words often seem like I am angry, but in reality, I am not. In the beginning, I was furious, my life was stolen from me after hardships. I finally got things right, I had a daughter and son that just drove me insane, but in a great way because I love them so much. I was so attached to them and when they were taken from me, I completely lost it. I have no anger it is just numbness enveloping a broken man. Okiegurl told me to focus on hiring a private investigator to discover new evidence, and interview jurors and witnesses. A private investigator is exactly what I need but I barely have 10 cents to send this email. I have written to hundreds of private investigators all over the United States and they throw these monumental fees at me that boggle my mind. I am poor, with no money. I have a saying that I often use, "THE POOR AND INNOCENT GO TO PRISON, AND THE RICH AND GUILTY GO HOME". Truer words have never been spoken. How do I hire a private investigator with no money? I know that no attorney wants to deal with an angry client. Okiegurl has worked on a ton of Post Conviction Relief petitions and in every case it was the Private Investigators hitting the streets that made the PCR petition have substance. She is also right that a PCR without a private investigator is just rambling. It was madness, I know I need a private investigator. How do hire one without money? Thank you for listening to more ramblings, I need help.

Sincerely, Sean


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Okiegurl Posted 1 month, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month, 1 week ago   Favorite
Hello Sean it’s Re-Run here,
I realize my post perhaps was redundant as most folks in your position know what they need but don’t have the resources so I apologize for my message. In my position I get a lot of folks that can’t afford the kind of defense that they need so I also try to find additional resources. There are some non profit investigation options out there as well as PCR non profits but I’m sure you have already found those so there’s no need to post those so I don’t run the risk of giving you more needless info. I don’t know any of the laws in your state but we have a commutation option for excessive sentences in my state and I’ve helped inmates with that process. Do you have that option?
Also, I feel your response was a little condescending but I get it especially considering your current status. I didn’t provide a resume I was simply telling you what profession that I’m in & about my part in PCR cases. What I do is so fulfilling because the injustices that are occurring are astounding so I now volunteer my time as an investigator & paralegal on certain cases. By no means do I know everything but I’m in the trenches fighting along side an attorney that I believe aligns with my definition of justice & injustice. My point about the media was that their description of the details is never based on true facts but just their need to make the story as salacious as possible. Not once has a reporter called our office and asked for comment on the evidence we have in discovery but just asking if we have comment on the DA’s interview which is always skewed. It’s just like the receipt of an initial petition for divorce and the petitioner stating the reason for the divorce was that the other spouse humped goats even though it’s not true the spouse that’s accused loses their marbles instead of assisting in disproving that the client doesn’t actually hump goats. You can never get them to focus on defending it because they’re so angry about the allegation. Yes the media got your story wrong so just offer to send a timeline with your evidence to whom ever you’re requesting assistance from. People in our business absolutely are well aware that the media coverage means nothing but the facts will lay out the correct story but you can go ahead & be upset about that if you wish but I would be much more strategic in how you present the case to an investigator/attorney versus mentioning the media and their perception of YOUR story. In my opinion, when I would get letters from potential clients it was all about their presentation. Hence my suggestion of a timeline with a reference to the evidence that proves your innocence. I really hope you get the help that you need bcuz every American deserves a good defense & it appears your defense was ineffective. Also, I looked up the lady in Nevada via the unique name of her daughter & she consistently posts tributes to her so she is in fact deceased.
Take care:-) Okie

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