April 24, 2011

Cloud and Tree

by Isaac A. Mitchell (author's profile)


Cloud and Tree
By Isaac A. Mitchell (all rights reserved, 2010)

In the Martial arts, one is taught to be in the moment, to be fully engaged in Mind, Body, and Spirit with one's Adversary. One way to Achieve this state may be described in the words: "Make yourself as the cloud crossing the sky, and as the Tree rising from the Earth".
The Cloud moves with grace and precision. It flows softly across the sky, though it moves at great speeds. Make every movement swift, yet you must appear to Float as you accelerate though the Action. Your Strike is smooth and sure, though quickly meeting its Target. This takes practice and repetition. Move slowly before great speed and power is applied. Contemplate reaching the Target as you move. To be applied effectively, you must Master the Art of moving smoothly and fluidly, yet swiftly.
This is a forward movement of the whole Body. Your Body is the Foundation from which the Head extends as a branch extends from the Tree Trunk. The Trunk lends its weight to the Branch. The Branch is Solid, yet Flexible.
The Hand is attached to the Forearm via the wrist joint. The Forearm is attached to the upper Arm via the elbow joint. The Upper Arm is attached to the Body via the hip joint.
As the Branch Flexes, so also do the Roots of the Tree. The sure movement of the Roots gives Power to the Trunk. Thus, the Roots Stabilize the Trunk which, in turn, Stabilizes its branches.
When the Branches move with the Force of the Wind, they Bend and Flex, yet they do not Break. Against Gale Force Winds, they Flex and Bend, yet remain Strong, Implacable and Resilient. The Tree is not uprooted, but Supports the Trunk and its Limbs even against all of the Power of Wind and Rain. Even the Cloak of Snow cannot upset the Tree, though it Bows like an Aged Man. Then, The Tree Flexes its Core, and the Snow is thrown loose. (Meditate on this deeply.)
The Cloud and Tree exhibit no emotion: they simply Exist. The Cloud Floats; the Tree Stands. They Bend. They Move. They Flex. Yet, they do not Break.
The Cloud forms, dissolves, then reforms. The Tree Grows, Expans, and Reaches. The Cloud carries Thunder and Lightning; the tree possesses Strength and Stability.
When United, the Cloud and Tree are Irresistible and Inexhaustible, Impenetrable and Inexorable, throughout every Action in their Resolution. When united they are neither easily defeated nor dissuaded from their purpose. The Unity of Cloud and Tree imparts Calm Focus and Ardent Strength. The Property of the Unity of Cloud and Tree is Active Stillness, Static Dynanism, a Movement Without Motion - it is the Nonmoving-Mover. (Think on this carefully.)
When One has successfully internalized this state of be-ing, he will begin to exhibit outwardly all of its attributes. (There are many other Attributes not expressed on this merely Foundative description.)


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