April 24, 2011

Labels; Bombs Away; Hold Your Head Up High; The Seeds of Hope

From The Uncommon Criminal by Kyle De Wolf (author's profile)


Mon 4-4-11

"Trust, dare and be; infinite good is ready for your asking, seek and find. All that your fellows claim or need is that you should become, in fact, your highest self; fulfil, then, your ideal."
- William Henry Channing

I've been reading "Freedom's Ferment: Phases of American Social History from the Colonial Period to the Outbreak of the Civil War," by Alice Felt Tyler (Harper & Row, 1944). It's an outstanding book. It covers the history of early religious, socialist, and reform movements in America. I found it in the chapel library.


In recent days I've been skewed as a "pacifist Republican" and a "conservative anarchist." It's odd since I've also been called a "hippie liberal socialist," a "dirty Communist pig," a "Bible thumper," a "religious nut," and an "anti-government wingnut." I've even been called a "Nazi." But no, I don't have much respect for the Republican Party or the modern conservative movement.

I like the ideals of personal autonomy, self-government, and decentralization, but sadly they're not found in today's Republican Party. Today's Republican Party is all about unbridled capitalism (mixed with heavy doses of corporate welfare), warfare, and religious bigotry. The Tea Party is just more of the same. They're just Republicans in sheep's clothing.

The Democrats have slightly better values, but unfortunately they like to channel any populist or reformist impulses they have into systems of bureaucratic control that rob people of individual liberty and dominate us rather than empower us. Excuse me, but enlisting poor immigrants and queers to fight in dirty imperialistic wars is not my idea of reform either!

I'm not a party man. I'm just one of those "rugged individualists" who want Big Brother to leave us alone, but still feels that working together and sharing on an equal footing is a nice way to live. I'm a "liberal" because I believe in freedom for all people, not just straight white male Christians. I'm a "conservative" because I adhere to the oldest spiritual ideals championed by men like Siddhartha, Moses, Socrates, and Jesus.

I'm a "republican" because I believe in a system of government that rests on the consent of the governed, each and every one of us, not just the rich, the powerful, or a handful or semi-mythical ancestors who lived a long time ago whose memory has been grossly distorted. I'm a "democrat" because I believe that the least among us should have a right to participate in the making of any decision that affects his life.

I'm an "anarchist" because I believe that you don't need any rulers when you can rule over yourself. Society should not presume to tell the individual what he can or can't do with his own body as long as he doesn't violate anybody else's free will or cause harm to anybody else. I'm a "communist" because I believe that all people are equal and it's usually easier to live together, work together, and share what we have in common rather than fend for ourselves in a cruel, selfish, dog-eat-god world. All that I ask is that I be allowed to think for myself, make my own choices, and withdraw from the community when I feel that it's no longer serving my interests.

I've been told that I'm an "anomaly," a "mass of contradictions," and an "extremist." But I don't think so. I think I'm just one in a sea of millions of people who obscurely feel the same way, but just aren't sure what to do about it. Voting isn't the answer. Nobody in power will change the system. Protest, revel, make a revolution. All that we have to lose is our chains.

Kyle De Wolf

Do you have the nerve
to kiss someone
when they're standing
in your way?
Do you have the power
to take a life
cause you're having
a bad day?

Did your girlfriend
break up with you
cause she thought that
you were gay?
Did the bosses lay
you off at work
cause you wanted
too much pay?

Bombs, bombs away
until the break of day
Light up the night
with flashes of light
and blow the bastards away!

Did your truck break down
on your way to work
and no one would
give you a ride?
Did the tax man come
a-knockin' at your door
and take it
out of your hide?

Did the po-pos come
and lock you up
cause you smoked
a little weed?
Did the fatcats get
a trillion bucks
to reward their
unchecked greed?

Bombs, bombs away
until the break of day
Light up the night
with flashes of light
and blow the bastards away!

Did the white man
call you a nigger
or the straight man
call you a fag?

Did you ever get kicked
out on the streets
with all your clothes
in a trash bag?

Did you ever look
in the mirror
and wish you were
a beauty queen?
Did you ever get
seven years in jail
cause you were twenty-one
and she was only sixteen?

Bombs, bombs away
until the break of day
Light up the night
with flashes of light
and blow the bastards away!

Kyle De Wolf

When life gets me down
oh when life gets me down
so bad I want to break down
and cry
oh I've got to hold my head up high
hold my head up high

cause I ain't got no friends
when I'm hurting inside
I'm just all alone with tears
in my eye
No one will help me or lend a hand
unless I hold my head up high

God ain't always there you see
right when you need him to be
sometimes he just ain't around -
no god in town -
so get up off your knees

cause you ain't got no friends
when you're hurting inside
you're just all alone with tears
in your eye
No one will help you or lend a hand
until you hold your head up high

Hold your head up high my friend
hold your head up high
when you're hurting so bad
you just want to die
Hold your head up high

The Seeds of Hope
By Kyle De Wolf

You are a fallen angel
Soaring on tattered wings
You've got a tilted halo
And a harp with broken strings

You struggled for the crown
But you lost your home instead
Now you wander broken-hearted
Among the fallen and the dead

At times you weep for joy
At times you laugh in pain
You've always sought to find your Self
By going against the Grain

You are my Guardian Angel
I've always loved you so
In the soil of life's defeats
The seeds of hope will grow

One day we'll seize the throne
One day we'll take the crown
One day we'll wash the streets with blood
And burn the palace down

I'm just a silly monster
Take me by the hand
We could bring our little kingdom
In this sad and broken land

We could reign in hell
And be the terrors of the earth
We could plant the seeds of hope
Revolution and new birth


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dldewolf1 Posted 8 years, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
Perhaps you are more of a paleoconservative, in lines with Ron Paul. He's one my favorite politicians. He's a non-intervensionist and pro-state's rights and against the burgeoning federal government and executive branch. His positions are abused by the Tea Party, and he hasn't distanced himself from those idiots.

The Tea Party is the most ridiculous party in some time. Basically a populist-neoconservative group. They say "cut taxes", but "keep your hands off my medicare." They don't realize this country is going to collapse within the century if there is no Medicare reform or a single-payer system. It's one or the other. Then there's their soldier worship, too. Just a really ignorant group, IMO.

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