May 1, 2011

All of the Lights

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Tue 4-19-11 "All of the Lights"

As much as I hate Kanye West, I like his video "All of the Lights." Rihanna is the one who makes it good for me. She is so pretty and seductive. I love her voice. I love her skimpy little non-blouse. I don't know what that strappy little thing is supposed to be but it looks great. I love the close-up shot of her eyes and her coy smile. She's amazing.

Prince Harry supports wounded vets. Of course there wouldn't be any wounded vets if there weren't any wars, and there wouldn't be any wars if there weren't any governments like Her Majesty's to send young men to fight and kill in other countries for the sake of oil and profits. But thanks for your support, Prince Harry.

Years ago I went to a memorial service for Private Matt Zeimer. He was a young man in my platoon who got killed by friendly fire at a patrol base in Ramadi, Iraq. My platoon sergeant took a picture of my fire support team kneeling at the display of his boots, helmet, and dog tags. I was foolish enough to put it on MySpace.

It later turned up on right-wing Libertarian website "" with a caption ridiculing us for being so brainwashed we'd worship combat boots. On the left I haven't heard anything but mercy and compassion for those of us who were misguided enough to fight in the government's wars.

Has the left learned its lesson from the Vietnam war when so many soldiers coming home were treated with scorn and disrespect? Is it because the anti-war movement draws so much support from military families now? Or is it because the left tends to blame society, especially the rich and powerful, while the right tends to blame individuals, especially the down and out?

I've only gotten hatred from the right, even those so-called conservatives who always boast about how much they "support the troops." A right-wing fanatic even said that I should have died in Iraq, as if I haven't felt that way a thousand times myself. These people don't care about you unless you share all of their opinions and live the way they think you should.

Tax cuts and bailouts for the rich while our country is bogged down in two, wait, three wars? What could be more unpatriotic? The government should raise taxes on the top income bracket to 90%. Of course they'd also save a lot of money by immediately withdrawing all U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead our so-called liberal president wants to make good on his Nobel Peace Prize by bombing Libya. Since it doesn't actually matter whether we have a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, I'm putting my fish on him losing in 2012.

It is a waste of time to fight for your country. You should fight for your country. You should fight against your government instead


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dldewolf1 Posted 8 years, 6 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 6 months ago   Favorite
The Left and the Right are the same thing. The Left is full of shit, and only care if they are in power, then everything is okey-dokey, even if nothing's changed. The Right is pretty honest about their intentions. The thing is their intentions are terrible. Obama can keep engaging the Afghan war, post tens of thousands of soldiers in Iraq, and bomb Libya's ground and air forces, and by what right? Does Libya not have the right to quell rebellion, these "protestors" are rebels.

The North still claims moral superiority in the the US Civil War, when they attacked the South for simply suceeding from the Union. Now what if Britian had decided to support the South, as was the prevailing notion. We would not claim Britian was humanitarian, we would have gone to war with Britian once again.

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