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Pro life

I am so tired of men politician running their campaign off of pro life. First of all a man will never understand what a woman body go through when the are incest, rape, or their baby stand a chance coming here with a lot of health problem. How can a man tell me as a woman when I been rape or incest I need to have this baby when it was a man. Are a Pastor tell me I need to have this baby when I was rape by a person in the Religion Culture. Say I have this sickly child where is the Politician to help me foot this large health bill? and my child suffering pain. Then we want to turn to the bible say thy shall not kill but then the same Politician and religious leaders believe in the death penalty (eye for eye tooth for tooth ole testimony. alot of the people that go to these death chamber are christian you haven't forgiven the person who harm the person you love.
God is a forgiven God who are we to play the judge because when we say death penalty - the Lord said vengeance is mines. When we say pro life. the Lord said vengeance is mines. Who are you God. How can you tell a woman what to do with her body it is belongs to the Lord of husband if she married. Something we don't know when stop crossing the wrong bridges the Lord has to step in our government. Let's not be hypocritical in our dealings.
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