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  • This is gorgeous. I can feel the power and intensity in your words and in the way you wrote them. I hope that you get to Jasmyn, or find another person who makes you feel even more in love. Do not give up on love. Hold onto the idea of ...
    on Ever Missing Jasmyn by Carlos Brown Jan. 10, 2017
  • This is absolutely stunning. Reading this, my heart ached for your situation. "Steeper than nineteen years of ink shy of life Bleeding from letters sent faithfully With answers seldomly received This story was conceived from my scars Emotions are razor wired and barbed" These words spoke to me especially. They ...
    on I'm In Too Deep by Carlos Brown Jan. 10, 2017
  • You are more than your number, I hope you always remember that. I am so inspired by the fact that you have found your weapon in writing. Censorship is bullshit. Your writing, is not. Keep living, keep writing, keep keeping on. Love and Light, Maya
    on Department of Corrections by Johnny E. Mahaffey Jan. 10, 2017