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Welcome. My name is Darryl, and I am a voice out of the ordinary.

I come from the ghettos of Baltimore City. Naturally, I'm inside looking out, contemplating what life should have been, if I would have, or if I could have learned from the first mistake.

These days are filled with hate of the condition I made for myself; love of the memories of people and places that are but shadows of my dreams; and a continuous search for strength to persevere in my hell on earth.

I'm your age, or was, or will be; and nothing was more pivotal in my growth than music. A sense of community, the older generation, the civil rights struggle, and childhood comradeships that molded me into a man.

I intend to share my experiences in a compilation that is titled, "Love Still Exists". "Love Still Exists" is my life in the form of poetry expression of the love, hate, and perseverance that make me who I am.

You will laugh, cry, and stomp-down in the real world, like it or not.

Holler back,

[tiny black-and-white photocopy portrait of a man with a shaved head.]
AKA "D7"

Darryl Gwaltney-Bey
30420 Revells Neck Rd.
Westover, MD 21890

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