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  • I don´t know what to write really, exuse my writing, I´m norwegian so sometimes the spelling is not so good, I just wanted to tell you that your drawings rock, keep on posting them and I will make sure to read all your blog posts :) And also post a ...
    on Untitled by David Troupe Nov. 16, 2010
  • It´s very difficult to read this letter, it´s blurred after beeing scanned. Can you please write it again in darker ink or with a thicker paper, exuse my spelling I´m norwegian and not so good in English writing. -OrphanNorway-
    on About Me by Malcolm Holliman Nov. 16, 2010
  • Hello johnnie. When I read your story it was almost like reading about my own life, exept I´m a woman, a little bit younger, norwegian and did not spend so much time in prison as you. I have a poem that I would like you to read. Since I can ...
    on Untitled by Johnnie Jones Nov. 17, 2010
  • A new trial is comming up, my lawyer tells me they will use this against me and that I´ll probably lose again. I lost the 3rd time also. I wanted to go to the Human rights court in Brussels My lawyer told me to wait, she wanted to try The ...
    on Untitled by Johnnie Jones Nov. 17, 2010