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  • I'm very proud of you Dan, I admire that you are able to rise above your struggles and adversities, and build a positive foundation. I believe that everyone deserves second chances, and I admire you for being persistent and building a positive life. Your story is inspiring. I'm proud of ...
    on New Life Anxiety by Daniel Labbe March 1, 2021
  • I'm so sorry for your trauma and for the fact that these evil people exists in the world. It sickens me that people would abuse children, and that this disgusting material is on the web. I hope the person gets caught and I hope more strict laws get passed. I ...
    on I Tried To Warn Everyone......I Told You: by Joseph Dickey March 1, 2021
  • I feel terrible for how terrible the prison food is. I hope something is done about this. Nobody deserves disgusting food like that, every human deserves three solid nutritious meals per day.
    on Prison Food Still Criminally Awful by Charles Douglas Owens, II March 1, 2021