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  • Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. I'm Sarah, and my community service organization at UC Berkeley is transcribing letters, so when I saw yours I knew I had to do it. I wish you the best, fellow bear!
    on Before Incarceration; Prison menu; photos; letters of support by Michael Singh April 30, 2021
  • Hi Michael! I hope you're doing as well as possible right now. I've read all of your blogs now, and I really appreciate your work- this poem really impacted me as a young Asian American. I'm proud of you for achieving this goal, and you inspire me so much. You ...
    on Published! by Michael Singh April 30, 2021
  • Hey Michael! I'm so glad to hear that my mail makes you happy :)) The community service organization I'm in is called Circle K! We actually do a lot of work with incarcerated people, so I'm so happy we've started with Behind the Bars since we've gone virtual. And I'll ...
    on Comment Response by Michael Singh July 23, 2021