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Since you accessed this site through Between the Bars you already know I'm in prison; also with a few keystrokes you can pull up the information about why I'm here. But what that information won't tell you is who I am, what kind of life I have lived, what kind I'm living now, my thoughts, what drove me to be here.

It's not that I think my life story is so interesting that people will want to read it, but I've been asked many times in my past to tell it or put it on paper.

So I guess there are a few poor souls out there who might enjoy getting to know me. I suppose most men when they get to a certain age (mine is 50), think we have pearls of wisdom and insight to pass along to others, especially the young--if only they would listen.

I just know that when I was 17 that I would have listened to someone like me, so wise and cool (start laughing here). That's another trait of me: no matter what, we are forever young and cool.

Anyway, I can only hope that in all of cyberspace that a few will see and respond to my site. My physical address is:

Joe Gaillard 331557
4460 Broad River Rd.
Columbia, SC 29210

A big thanks to M.I.T. and the Between the Bars program for providing me this opportunity.

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