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Heart 2 Heart (coming soon)
By Donald R. DeBose

From one heart to another, you will get to know the real and sincere me as we travel this journey together. I've proclaimed my innocence since day on (Dec. 25, 1997), but the justice system failed me then and now. Though I have been knocked down a few times, the fight in me refuses to allow me to remain on the ground. I continue to get back to my feet.

While on this journey, it's been a real eye-opener and forced me to grow as a person and as a man. Being self-educated, I've come to know and understand that we can travel a long way and do many different things, but our deepest happiness is not born from accumulating new experiences. It is born from letting go of what is necessary and knowing ourselves to always be at home within. True happiness may not be at all far away, only requiring a radical change of view to find it. I learned this from a wise woman, Sharon Salzberg.

So to be at peace and to maintain my peace in the midst of darkness and lost souls, I hold onto the positive things that fall within my reach and learn from the things that we consider to be negative. I firmly believe we learn from all walks of life and every situation, whether good or bad.

Those of you that follow me on B.R.B and soon will know that I am pouring my heart out from California's death row (San Quentin State Prison). At this juncture of my legal fight, I have come across some big potholes in my road of pursuing truth and my freedom. Now, with nowhere to turn, I stand at the mercy of you to believe in uncovering the truth, asking if you can make a donation via money order or online at My address is:

Donald R. Debose #P48000
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94974

This will help with mailing legal documents to lawyers, funds for investigators to investigate my case properly, which the California's Supreme Court refuses to properly fund and mail legal documents to federal courts throughout the United States.

I will keep my followers updated and well informed on all legal matters and what's going on in my life. It would be nice to hear what everyone has to say. To speak my mind because it does speak back! :) God bless, and approach each day with a smile and love in your heart.

[two photos of author. He is wearing two pigtail braids and has a thick beard. One photo has him wearing a black coat and glasses. The other one has him dressed in a blue button shirt and a belt buckle.]

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