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  • Dear Jennifer, I finished transcribing your letter and I really appreciated your perspective on how angry people seem to be everywhere. I love that you're advocating for peace and mutual respect. All the best, Cris.- Austin, TX
    on Can we live without dissension? by Jennifer Johnson March 18, 2022
  • Dear Jesus, I enjoyed transcribing your beautiful poem. Your writing is amazing and your your penmanship is equally impressive. Keep on writing. Your work is such a treat for us readers. Kind regards, Cris.- Austin, TX P.S.: I also speak Spanish. Do you ever write in Spanish?
    on Smile For Me Beautiful by Jesus Andrade March 18, 2022
  • Hola, Jesus! Well done, another beautiful, heart-felt poem. Keep'em coming! Best, Cris.- Austin, TX
    on I Asked For Your Name by Jesus Andrade March 18, 2022