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  • Hi Daniel, I read your blog text several times to let it sink in. The American Dream... I´m not an American, so this dream is to narrow for me. Your three main importancies are a general human dream. A human hope. Because, how else gain more harmony in the world ...
    on Untitled by Daniel Labbe Oct. 12, 2011
  • Hi Joe, nice to meet you here. Here talks a reflective man and proud father, when I read your blog. Most thoughts come at night you write. All the great mystics speak of the ´dark night, where all happens.´ At night we meet with our greatest dreams and fears I ...
    on First Blog Post by Joe Gaillard Oct. 12, 2011
  • Hello Johnny Your 'cry' here, made me sad. A young man, 5 children, in prison, a divorce... Incarcerated, not being able to participate in lives of loved ones. It's hard. But you know, there are different kind of prisons, where the bars are not seen but are there. You cannot ...
    on Divorce Woes by Johnny E. Mahaffey Oct. 13, 2011
  • Hi Wayne, My name is Marianne, of the same age, and living in The Netherlands. Here in Holland everybody complains about the short times offenders have to be in prison. I personally do not think that 'the more time, the better', but when breaking the law, that there will be ...
    on Writings From Behind the Bars by Wayne Shipman Oct. 13, 2011
  • Hi Wayne Can you tell me more about Operation Gratitude, please? Kind regards Marianne The Netherlands
    on New Writing from Wayne Shipman by Wayne Shipman Oct. 13, 2011