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  • sHALOM blessed ramadam brother or achi in Hebrew. Manyof the black Hebrew IsrELITES have sold out. I am with Immortal Technique whose lyrics I told you about. King SElassie I Jha rastafari is my father. Same as him I am here to reunite jews chrsitians and muslims. Everything I wrote ...
    on Re: Solitary Confinement, Mental Torture & Psychological Warfare by LaRon McKinley Bey March 22, 2023
  • Shalawam brother PErrie long time no say its Michelle I am not mad anymore like you said Jesus can heal and protect me I am a messanger. The hopi native americans propecy a true white brother comes now to help get their land back. Red Elk a shamnic Chrisitan like ...
    on Comment response by Perrie Thompson March 22, 2023