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  • hey how are you doing hun? I guess you could be doing a lot better if you weren't there. Anyways, I read ur blog about you voicing your opinion and I thought you made a lot of sense in what you said. You are absolutely right there are too many ...
    on Ya Know, Every Now And Then I Just Feel I Have To Voice My Opinion.... by Daniel Baker Sept. 17, 2013
  • this is a very nice picture. I think it is very creative. love the tats too by the way. hope to maybe hear from you. I wrote your address down so I can write to you. You seem like a interesting and maybe fun person to talk to. My name ...
    on Untitled by Luke Whitehead Sept. 17, 2013
  • Hello good afternoon. How are you doing today? came across your blog and found it very interesting to talk to you. I guess ur das could be better if you weren't stuck in there with nthing to do and nobody to talk to on the outside world, that does suck. ...
    on Untitled by Robert Hartman Sept. 17, 2013