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  • Dear Michael Lucas; I really enjoy the letter you make about the Warehouse. We only have a Life to live and we need to learn from our experiences and forgives our past. We all deserves a 2nd. chance or a 2nd. opportunity. "If life give us lemons, we made lemonade" ...
    on Special Warehouse Surprise by Michael Lucas Aug. 28, 2014
  • Dear Patrick: Sometimes people that have the freedom never look for the love of God. They think they have the freedom to chose between good or bad, take the easy or the hard way of doing thinks in life and they never have the time to thank for the things ...
    on Hope Within by Patrick Rathsack Sept. 3, 2014
  • Hi There, Man can keep your body in bars for any decisions that you make for good or bad but your soul and your mind those always can fly apart. Evelyn Marcano
    on Untitled by Otis Lee Rodgers Sept. 3, 2014
  • Dear Mr.Ceso; I must say you are a valiant man, making this letter and tell everyone that you were one of them and because of your circumstances you learn that this is not a good thing. Thank you for tell your true and stand up for all the people that ...
    on Bully by Nasir Wali Muhsin Sept. 3, 2014
  • Dear Mr. Clark, "Beautiful work and good technique. I like it." Evelyn Marcano
    on How I Came to Be Interested in my Craft by David Clark Sept. 3, 2014
  • Querido Sr. Pérez, Me encantó la foto con los gansos. Yo jamás me hubiera imaginado que hubieran gansos en la prision, que van de visita y son afectuosos al ser humano sobre todo si son libres y pueden volar a donde quiera. Yo provengo de una isla tropical llamada Puerto ...
    on Penitentiary Geese by Luis D. Perez Sept. 3, 2014
  • Beautiful family memories.
    on Untitled by Jennifer Amelia Rose Sept. 4, 2014