May 28, 2012


by Nasir Wali Muhsin (author's profile)



Dear Bullies!! I write this humbly but with a vehement tone! I'm
a grown man now and for years I've seen you int he school yards,
on the play grounds, on the street corners and in the gang ways...

I've watched you take, rob, threaten, humiliate, frustrate, and
manipulate those boys, girls, women, and men, treating them like
play things, disrespecting them, and stealing their joy...

You walk and stalk the land, chest poked out, head up high with a
threat at hand. Often you think that you can't be touched or that
"you da man/woman," but on the inside you are just like your victims,
"weak, tender, scared, and vulnerable."

Seeking refuge in some tough buy or gal image while every day you
pray to God you don't meet your challenge or bump into revenge... trust
me it's out there and its retribution is vehement, you'll never
be able to withstand it because your "toughness" is only superficial.
On the inside you'll fold and wither into a shell, tucking into your own
scary hell...

I know you!!! I know you well because I used to be you... So I know
you pray on the weak. You clique up with others who think like you
think. You do this to make yourself feel stronger or better than
your victims...

The only trouble is, YOU'RE NOT!!! The difference between you and
me is I decided to turn the bully on myself! I bullied myself into
no longer being a bully... Yeah! I punked the bully in me until I
was no longer a pimp, good, thug, gansta, playboy, or a "tough guy"!
Bet you didn't know that all those terms there can be used in place
of the word bully... I know them because I've used them too...

Now that I'm older, much wiser, and can now declare myself a true
man who hates bullies, I've teamed up with the hundreds of millions
who are also against bullies!!! I even have a few other heroes on
the team! (Just look over my shoulder at the accompanying photo)...

If you're a bully, you will be stopped. You will be stalked, and
you will lose the battle. You'll never be a true bully and truly
strong until you turn the tide on yourself and bully yourself into
seeing the person you really are...

Whatever you decide, you better know that you're being stalked, hated,
and outlawed by millions if you choose to be a bully. But if you
shape up and get your mind right, you could join the team and b
on bully patrol with us, protecting the kids, adolescents, young
adults, and women against the thugs, bullies, pimps, ganstas, goons,
and abusive fathers and mothers, etc. etc...

To those of you who are or have been victimized by the above
mentioned, please know that I'm here with millions of others to serve,
protect, and stand up for you!!!

And if you're one of the hundreds of thousands who hate bullies,
please state your claim on this blog post and make it know to the
world and especially to the victims...


Ps.: This is also my "Official Vote" to make the movie "Bully" a rated (P.G.13)
movie... There is (no) way in the world that it should be rated anything above
P.G 13... I f you ask me it should be played in every classroom at the begging,
middle and end of each school year from 1st-12th grade as the message is
"Timeless"... Nevertheless, me, plus 100 of millions coupled with the superheroes
in the accompanying photo are here to stay as we fight bullies out of existence
and like mentioned, if you or someone you know are a victim of bullies or if you're
an ex-bully or need help being [?] [?] story on my blog or you could e-mail your
stories, thoughts, concerns, questions etc to me at or on
my facebook e-mail of ceso sprewell and for a more direct dialogue with me on the
subject please contact me via email at:
Ceso Sprewell Nasir Wali Muhsin
Post office box 9900/ w.s.g.f
Boscobel, Wisconsin 53805

[Photo of Nasir Wali Muhsin in front of superhero theme background]


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BlackInk17 Posted 9 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
Dear Mr.Ceso;

I must say you are a valiant man, making this letter and tell everyone that you were one of them and because of your circumstances you learn that this is not a good thing.

Thank you for tell your true and stand up for all the people that need your words, and your support.

I think you have found your propose in life and is a blessing. You are an admirable person.

God Bless You and I vote too for the make of the movie "The Bully"

Best Regards,
Evelyn Marcano

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