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  • 22 years and your super close now then ever to be released. That has to feel pretty awesome? Sure it's probably scary as heck. Lots of things going on in the head. I'm sure 22 years the head is where you lived. And no freedom along with it your up ...
    on Release by Tony Justich June 12, 2021
  • Tony goodness oh my thoughts of you being in prison half your life and so dam close to being free. Oh I can't imagine how scary it really is. All I'm hearing is negative thoughts and sure it definitely comes from being in a negative investment for 22 plus years. ...
    on Time to release windin down by Tony Justich July 18, 2021
  • Tony best of luck to you in the journey you are about you to explore. Sure there is so much to indore with millions of questions and gonna be hard to get all of them answered. Just relax and remind yourself can it get anymore worse than the hell you ...
    on Release by Tony Justich July 18, 2021