April 5, 2022

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by Eric Wilkes (author's profile)
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Well, it's about time
(Jan. 25, 2022)



Dear Julianne,

First of all please allow me to apologize for the amount of time it has taken to reply to the comments you left. Believe it or not, I attempted to answer you on my tablet back on 2/16/22. However, the JPay system for some reason misinterpreted the message I sent as being under some kind of fake name to communicate with a possible inmate. I've had this account with Between the Bars on my tablet for 3 years now. At any rate, I've tried to get this resolved through BtB, but they can't do anything. I'm also trying the process of writing up a trouble ticket, but who knows what will become of that.

With as much as I have been wanting to answer your message, I realize I should have just done it the old fashion way like this, but I had no idea the correcting of this problem would be such a lengthy difficulty. I certainly hope my being late doesn't change your curiosity about me.

As far as you not knowing anything right to say, just the fact that you left a message is alright with me. I remember letting one of my previous readers, who had a brother in prison, know how a prisoner loves nothing more than hearing his name at mail call. (Continued on next page)

I had slacked off a bit with my blog, because I've been busy writing a book. So what you read was basically a recent change we've experienced here, and so I decided to throw it on there real quick. Hopefully it will ignite a little interest in the minds of my readers (obviously it seemed to work with you). I can truly understand your confusion, due to where they split the page. It really didn't seem open for comments at that point. I almost always end my papers with my nickname - Maze. So when you're reading other comments, just keep an eye open for that before you stop reading.

Well, I hope my answer to your question doesn't cause you to think any less of me, but at least you'll know I am honest. So, yes, I am doing a life sentence. It's definitely an experience that can cause you to think much like you described in your first reply: feeling like a no one, and no one who matters. Perhaps we can change all of that for both of us if you continue to keep in contact. Oh, and don't forget, if you hate the idea of having to wait up to a month between each message, you could just go ahead and become a contact on my tablet. Those messages take less than a day. Just something to keep in mind, because I'm not absolutely positive I will ever get my BtB account on my tablet again. I really hope to hear from you soon.

(Okay. Now I'm done)


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Julianneashford Posted 1 year, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
I was wondering if I'd hear from you. Your right it takes awhile . I don't reply to many post I read. I don't read to many either. Only ones that catch my attention in about the first sentence. Or even just a sentence from the middle. If it does then I start reading away. I'm sure it's been quite a experience for you being behind bars then with a life sentence. Your mind has to regroup itself on a level?? Sure what do I know. I can only imagine how the mind has to get right on the same page as reality. Being that freedom once was to freedom won't ever be again. Not sure how long you started your sentence . Probably don't matter if I know or not. Kinda curious is all? Curious how come your doing life? Not sure I need to know. I probably don't need to know. Curious is all. Where are you housed at? By the way your hand writing is amazing. Very neat and well worded. Me I'm no body and my writing sucks. Typing sucks my finger getting pins and needles. You go by Maze you say. Why is that? I'm full of questions . I'm not sure why. Not sure it matters if you answer or not. I'm not a person who ever asked any questions to or about anything in my life. So it seems weird as hell to me that I asked you questions. I do know a very few people who like to question . I'm well I was not that person. Look at me I'm asking questions. More because I'm curious about you. I hope you don't take that any kind of way. I'm just a girl who can't sleep most nights. Bord most nights. Sick most days . My life sentence is cancer.Anyway I trust no one and I never cared to asked anyone questions probably because I really never cared about anyone long enough to care to ask . I didn't think people had feelings or maybe I just didn't care. Cancer changed me just a little bit differently. So maybe I really do care. I just don't know. I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself. Not that it matters but maybe you can understand why I responded to your post I read. I cant remember what it was I responded to. That be brain cancer. It's not to far gone it's working its way now that it's full blown in my bones. Organs come right behind bones. Kidneys/ liver. Matter of time. I'd say within the new 6 months. But hell who am I to sat. 4 in I was told 5 years . But then it returned they say once that happens it can be less than 36 months. I just don't know but. Bird you with my nonsense. I appreciate. Heck maybe your ok listening to my world for a minute.im starting to fall asleep now. I'll be looking forward to have a letter back from you. Til then I'll be waiting

eacrisos Posted 1 year, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 4 months ago   Favorite
I transcribed this for you !

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