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  • Jesus, I have really enjoyed reading your posts! It takes me back to a time when I once told one of my ESL students at Southeast Middle School in Winston that he was truly a gifted writer! I was captivated by his stories (remember "Charlie"?), but soon young Jesus went ...
    on Mama, Your Child Cries No More by Jesus Andrade Dec. 5, 2013
  • I just made a few edits to take your poem back to what (I think) you intended. Great job, Jesus!
    on I Remember You by Jesus Andrade Dec. 10, 2013
  • Jesus, I was so surprised to hear from you! Your letter was so beautiful and touching, I could hardly read it through my tears. You can't imagine how profoundly it affected me. It's humbling to think that I may have played a part in helping you recognize one of your ...
    on Mama, Your Child Cries No More by Jesus Andrade Feb. 2, 2014
  • Hi, Michael, Your story was quite intriguing -- enough so that I checked out the AVP website as you suggested. The information and videos are very enlightening and have really started expanding my thinking. I teach in a high school, so understanding a little more about the root of violence ...
    on My Introduction to AVP by Michael Winsett Feb. 8, 2014
  • Hi, Jesus! I'm so glad to see you're still writing! "A Kept Secret" is now one of my favorites! You breathed life into the wind! All of your work is wonderful, but something about this one speaks to me differently -- maybe because I can relate to it so easily. ...
    on A Kept Secret by Jesus Andrade March 15, 2015
  • Hola, Jesus! I'm so glad to see that you're writing again! I wondered why I hadn't been able to find any recent stories or poems by you. Your work is just as beautiful and meaningful as ever! Congratulations! I think of you often, always sending along my best wishes and ...
    on Smile For Me Beautiful by Jesus Andrade July 23, 2022