March 23, 2013
by Ralph Stokes (author's profile)


(My Pen Pal Ad!!!)

Name: Ralph Trent Stokes (#AY-9034)

Middlename/Nickname: Trent

Age: 50 Birthday: February 8, 1963

Email Address: or

Falsely Accused: Robbery Murder

Sentence: Death Penalty

Race: African American

Seeking: Friendship, Open To All!!!

Physical Description:

Height: 5-11 Weight: 220 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black

Musical Preference:
I love R&B, Jazz Music and can get into other types of Music as long as it's good to my ear.

Favorite Books:
Smoke, Fire and Angels, By: Mark Robinson, The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration In The Age Of Colorblindness, By: Michelle Alexander, Confessions, By: John Grisham, Jail House Lawyers, By: Mumia Abu-Jamal, Eye Of The Hurricane: My Path From Darkness To Freedom, By: Dr. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, A People's History Of The United States, By: Howard Zinn, The Framing Of Mumia Abu Jamal, By: J. Patrick O'Conner, Reversible Errors By: Scott Turow, Dreams From My Father, A Story of Race And Inheritance, By: Barack Obama, The Innocent Man, By: John Grisham, CHOICEZ, How They Impact Our Lives, By: Aginah CarterShabazz, Messages Of Life From Death Row, By: Pierre Pradervand, And All Dean Koontz just to name a few.

I have always been a lover of Animals, a quality of life that I learn to appreciate from a very young childhood. Also most recently I've become very interested in the art of Origami so at the present I spend a lot of time when I can trying to learn as much about it as I can, when I'm not busy with my case. So is there anyone out there who can share with me whatever they have on this subject?

Sports & Recreation:
I enjoy sports such as Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, and have recently become interested in Soccer, but it's a little hard to get into since it don't come on T.V. that much plus I don't really have anyone to teach it to me, well I do the best I can.

Dreams and/or Wishes:
To meet and maybe make some life long friendships no matter where they might be in the world. To hopefully bring some light and attention to my situation here on Pennsylvania's Death Row, Please do check out my website listed below.

A bit about myself I like hopefully new friends to know about me:
I'm a caring understanding person, open minded and easy to talk to. I was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where most of my family still live. I'm single, never married, nor do I have any children. I have a couple of nieces who I love very much and are the next best thing to having my own children. I love to learn about other Countries, Peoples and Cultures around the world and I'm interested in corresponding and developing long term friendships with good hearted people who are against the death penalty no matter where they might be in the world. So for those who are seeking unconditional friendship, who are interested in maybe developing a long term friendship with me, that can allow me to see the world through their eyes. I assure that I'll reply to all email and snail mail letters that I receive, so I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon, contact me by email or at the address listed below:

Mr. Ralph Trent Stokes (#AY-9034)
175 - Progress Drive
Waynesburg, Pa. 15370-8090
Email: or

A Very Important Note:
For those who may first decide to email me first, I would like you to know that if you're comfortable with it, I would very much so like for you to send me your snail mail address as well, within the body of your email, because I would also like to correspond with you as well by way of snail mail. Is this alright with you? Now, if you prefer only email, I must admit at times it might be a little delay in responding to your email, but I assure you I will respond to any and all email or snail mail letters that I might get from you.

Note: This Manner of man is currently in the last rounds of his fight... If you so desire to read more please do go to:

The Last Round

Also for those who have a Facebook Profile then please do friend me and join my groups which can be found at:
1. My Facebook Profile: Ralph Trent Stokes
2. My Facebook Group: Free Ralph Stokes
3. My Facebook "Like" Group: Free Ralph Stokes

Now if you do friend me & join my groups please do send me a message and let me know where you found me at?


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Rita Posted 6 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
hi Ralph,

I just read your profile and can give you an email to get some information about their procedure for innocent people.

This is the address to contact:

Innocence Project
40,Worth St. Suite 701
New York, NY 10013

email to:

I will send you a letter.

kind regards from Rita

We will print and mail your reply by . Guidelines


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