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tenzintenzin Posted 3 days ago.   Favorite
Hello Christopher
Hope you are fit and well and corona free.Its a solid spring day today. I should get the mower and and attack the garden but I have zero energy. The lockdown is a terrible thing. Supermarkets limit shopping, people are panic buying. Stuff is rationed, for some reason toilet paper is in short supply.
Work wise I’m retired. Medical retirement my back and hips are messed up. I used to work in central London in a travel shop. Had my heart set on writing but never pushed hard at it. Wrote a few screenplay and had short stories published. My daughter is very artistic hopefully she makes something of her life doing what she loves.
I’m glad you get out and about with the ground work. Some people shut in 24 7. Thing with this virus and the prison is you are in one of two positions. Either it will protect you because you are isolated, or it will run rampant through the facility.Hopefully it will be the first one. It seems to be the elderly that are affected here. Although our prime minister has it. The regular flu can drop you on your arse pretty rapidly, that’s a killer too.
Weather wise the UK got a couple of heatwaves last year, 35c which is very hot. I’m not a fan of heat. When I lived in India you couldn’t go out at midday because the heat would kill you. Couldn’t breathe, air quality was horrible. The UK gets a lot of rain. We had only one day of snow here in the south east, so that was good.
Hope you are good, look after yourself.
All the best T

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tenzintenzin Posted 3 days ago.   Favorite
Hello Antoine
Hope you and your are good and free from this modern day pestilence Coronavirus or whatever they call it.So we are in lockdown. Police make me furious. Police cars running the streets, picking up people in groups sending people home. Before this virus the police were nowhere to be seen. If you are the victim of crime you get sent a postcard from them and they can see you in six weeks to report it.
Exercise wise have you heard of something called, and this is probably the wrong spelling, burpies. There’s an exinmate called Wes Watson, currently taking the internet by storm. And he got super fit during his time in the California department of Corrections. He suggested that people stuck inside do burpies in their cells. It’s a way to be strong and build up stamina. You stand in one spot jump with your arms straight then drop to the floor into a press up, then bounce up from that. Something lime that anyway, ask someone they’ll probably know.
In UK jails people tend to come out of the, thinner and fitter, nothing much else to do. We do;t really have basketball here. They’ve tried to introduce it several times but the British do t really like it. I used to like watching the old team Harlem Globetrotters. They were great. I was surprised at the outpouring of grief for Kobe, he seriously made an impression on peoples lives. Was more upset about the deaths of the children in that crash. Child deaths are always worse than adults. American football is picking up a following here. I don’t understand it, there’s a lot of stopping and starting. I like rugby.
The hardest part of a prison stay is the period of time before release. People pick up on it, you feel pressured and other people envious of you will pressure you. Keep your head down and, as they tell racing car drivers, don’t look at the walls, focus on what is in front of you. If you look at the walls you will hit them. Going to post some snail mail to you tomorrow, hope you get it soon.
Looks after yourself and those you love.

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jenny.halteman Posted 3 days, 16 hours ago.   Favorite

I transcribed your letter and am very sorry to hear about how inhumanely you are treated in solitary in TX. No one deserves to live amongst such disgusting unhygienic conditions, and there should certainly be no excuse whatsoever for you to not get your weekly allotted time outside of your cell.

I am sure you are well aware of the state of the world outside the prison system currently. COVID-19 is running rampant and politicians are mucking things up with that as well. I live in a fairly safe part of the country, but am in a state in which the numbers of the infected are rising rapidly. It is only a matter of time before the novel coronavirus hits my part of the world. I hope it is staying outside the walls of your prison.

Thank you again for writing. I have only begun transcribing for Between The Bars, but plan to take time out of my schedule to frequently transcribe posts in an attempt to make your voice more heard amongst activists and politicians. I know it is not much, but I hope that my efforts can help you in some way.

In solidarity,

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Julia Posted 3 days, 17 hours ago.   Favorite
Dear Robert!
I just really hope all is good with you, or at least some. Just remembered this way of reaching out by btb, and the possibility of sending a poem your way. It's a bit dark, but it's a bit dark times too. I am fine, staying mainly inside.
Hope to have your news soon, Julia

Psalm 150

Some folks fool themselves into believing,
But I know what I know once, at the height
Of hopeless touching, my man and I hold
Our breaths, certain we can stop time or maybe

Eliminate it from our lives, which are shorter
Since we learned to make love for each other
Rather than doing it to each other. As for praise
And worship, I prefer the latter. Only memory

Makes us kneel, silent and still. Hear me?
Thunder scares. Lightning lets us see. Then,
Heads covered, we wait for rain. Dear Lord,
Let me watch for his arrival and hang my head

And shake it like a man who's lost and lived.
Something keeps trying, but I'm not killed yet.

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Antoine Murphy Posted 3 days, 21 hours ago.   Favorite
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SocialJusticeisBiblicallybased Posted 3 days, 21 hours ago.   Favorite
To model Social Justice some goals would be appropriate to pursue: Teach Right from Wrong, Respect for Life, Forgiveness and Mercy - teach by example and demonstrate these values by actions, stand with victims and their families and loved ones, support help for offenders and their families and loved ones, build community of diversity, rally for programs that offer alternatives to crime in high risk areas, and listen in open dialogue for issues and improvements. In reality, we strive for the unachievable...a truly humane humanity.

Chuck, the conditions of your incarceration are an outrage opposing every advocate for social justice and change.

In our hope, we think a grass-roots movement might force law makers to act. Or we think by fluke an important person will take up our cause and rescue us. But in reality, as Roger Waters liked to point out, “It’s all just a brick in the wall.” Meaningful change must be local but from the top, down. Therefore, the warden must do good, be good, advocate good conditions and treatments, treat family and others good, treat victims good, treat offenders with the worth of dignity of each human person, pay staff fairly, reward good behavior, maintain transparency including the conditions, and so on and so forth. Management must buy-in and the ground floor CO’s must use respect as a means to positive change. Offenders also must buy-in by playing their part in acceptance of responsibilities and obligations, expected of all, in group living.

So my suggestion is to write the governor and the warden about the deteriorating condition of your camp. Stop all this talk of be unworthy to maintain...I call bunco on that one. To live with honor and dignity afforded you is not free, nor should the public expect it to be. But this is America where we strive for the right...truth, freedom, and the American Way. That fight like cats and dogs to say...we can survive in this dog-eat-dog world. It’s why we pay taxes and why I would pay more taxes for us to act like humans act now -- towards pets. Pets have what we ourselves will not pay to be “civilized” towards all God’s children. Think we have eradicated class and race stratification? Surely, you jest. Don’t you look at the numbers?

Dear Governor of Texas and Warden on Death Row Texas...if lightening should strike and you read this...let me just say this: For shame! FOR SHAME!


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ABTranscribes Posted 4 days, 19 hours ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. I loved the way you mentioned that it is a testing time and we should pray to God. I believe in God but am not really religious. Yet whenever I am in distress, I feel myself calling out to Him and He immediately reaches back for me. He is my savior and help who never lets me down.

I would love to know more about you as I am new to this blog. I am ABTranscribes. Hoping to read more from you soon. Would love to transcribe it for you.

Take care and stay safe.

Until next time.


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