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Granny always said, "you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse."

Uncle Chris always said, "let's put some lip stick on this pig...roll it under the spotlight...and make a sale." (while laughing heartily referring to a repo)

Uncle Ricard always told his kids, "Fair? The Fait is where you sell your pigs."

Confidential to Dymitri. I'm always embarrassed of myself to go to what me and my brothers refer to as "trough feeding." This is the endless buffet where morbid obesity is a phone call away from doom and despair.

Your images of civilization are vivid and realistic. But to the heart of your point...should I be the city planner...festive or patriotic is not the image that will sell (it is just not believable).

TV has taught us the most sophisticated color is a long shiny black SUV. It signifies darkness, literally and stealth, figuratively and despair, allegorically and wealth, metaphorically (gotta keep it shiny!)

But here we have tan and white and white/black.

I am thinking a big head picture of the president may be more significant than the stars and bars as indicative of "us." Comment brother.
John Pfister
May 24, 2019

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It may be easier to reach me and write me on here if I don't respond in mail uncle. Mucho respecto your niece. And can you re explain to me why my race is the way it is and why would my dad say I'm Italian ? I been thinking about doing a swab test for my race . . I called Stan and finally talked to him savanna and Tiffany don't like him talking to me though so they block me and his number and calls. Well hope you are good. I'm still try to get a divorce. Ugh I should have never got married. Worst mistake ever Josh don't let me see the two youngest of mines and it's been killing me. My health has gotten alot better I'm on stomach pills and anxiety pills xanex the doc gots me on and it helps sometimes do you know if anxiety runs in the family ?

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Jeanette.medrano Posted 2 days, 4 hours ago.   Favorite
Hey Uncle . Things with me has been ok I guess I moved here's my new address 1911 7th Street west apt#3
Bradenton FL 34205 . I been so stressed out and going thru alot . I started working back at Burger King and a hair salon. Lol . I got your last letter but I'm so fucking busy that I have so much going on . I want to go back to school but I can't right now. I've been cutting my wrists here and there but I'm getting better . I'm off of drugs. I left the town I was in when I got the second to last letter with the poem and I left we're I was at I had Mexican cartel after me. The life I was doing and things I last told you put me in danger but I'm safe now. I'm trying to get my life right one step at a time though .

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Erne2017SPO-T Posted 3 days, 14 hours ago.   Favorite
22 May2019
Dear WG:
It is biting Whispers. VMs HPP
I have had 5 reaches from inmates on East Coast. One very very big one requesting a full Library in their Chapel. We are working on that cycle. They have full signed authority to do so by DC.tHEY ALREADY HAVE ALL BASICS. We are working on audio/visual material and big dissem materials for the one prison. This should make u happy my friend. Your postulate is strong. ARC to you. soon we will have many inmates doing ext courses at this office from that one facility. No word from CMR... per Sarah he completed FOT. I read McC's SS at Monday night VM meeting. lots of heartfelt smiles. He writes so well. A joy to receive his communications. Travis is doing well. Seems quite happy. He told me today he is writing you today. sitting at his desk after yard duty for the house he lives in. He writes or acks me quite regularly. Sez he doesn't do BtBs. can you resend last writing of the activies in SPO I lost my attach' case Friday with those comms in it. omg. Just finished yard mowing and my ride-on battery went dead. MEST darn... Vms are planning a neighbor clean up in my zone this Sat 25 sticking giving me grief...signing off. ML Erne xo KRC KSW ARC

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Thank you. It's really appalling that the system has consistently refused the basic dignity of a meaning to life for incarcerated people, including education. People will argue that the system is meant to make people contemplate their lives, but it really is not true, and just seems to show the ignorance that almost everyone in america takes for granted.

You and many, many others in the united states are the exact people who need forgiveness, as you say, the most.

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Calhoun25 Posted 6 days, 7 hours ago.   Favorite
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Hmm, your parting question is a deep one: "What do you think you'd Do, Be, Have [after escaping exile]???" (I really like your allusion to Homer's Odyssey.) I'm not sure how helpful my answer would be, since I have difficulty imagining such a long exile. Nevertheless, I'll try my best. I suppose the first thing I'd do is try to get established. I know each state has its own prison reentry programs. I'm not sure which ones are good, but hopefully at least some are. I'd check with a social worker for these programs, or perhaps check the internet. (The website lists reentry programs by state.) I'd probably be happy with a simple job, even if it weren't amazing, because I'd primarily be interested in trying new things. Visiting national parks, such as Shenandoah or Grand Teton National Park, would be exciting. Joining new clubs with new people would also be engaging. I hope my thoughts are somewhat helpful, or at least not unhelpful.

Alright, that's all for now, William. I'd enjoy reading your next response, should you write one. With your Odysseus reference in mind, I am tempted to label your responses as "travel logs". Anyway, take care, good luck, and--again, with the Odysseus reference in mind--bon voyage!

Shabbat Shalom,

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Calhoun25 Posted 6 days, 7 hours ago.   Favorite
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Unfortunately, as things stand, the world is far from shalom. It is shattered, as evidenced by the atrocities you mention: Indigenous Americans being deprived of their land, Africans being forced into slavery, and defendants being wrongly accused or poorly represented. We humans regularly fail to give others their proper due, and often in gastly ways. However we respond to being treated unjustly, it still stands that we were treated unjustly, at least as a historical fact.

That said, how we respond can be vital for our personal well-being and moral character. You mention "learning from experience" as the only rational response to being treated unjustly. That is an interesting position! I agree that education is sometimes the most rational response. But would you ever consider reaction--i.e. trying to change "external" conditions--as rational? For example, would you ever judge organizing against unjust working conditions as rational? Another way to put the point: How passive (or active) is "learning from experience" for you? I understand that education is often very active. But would you count trying to change "external" conditions as education? ("External" conditions include how others think and behave, how impersonal systems operate, and how nature operates absent human intervention.)

I think you're spot on that "Lady Justice is blindfolded for a reason". Reality involves so many competing claims to justice. How ought we to arbitrate between them? Society has only so many resources, and sometimes it is impossible to satisfy all claims to justice. Just consider these three kinds of injustice: Unfair healthcare practices, unfair police practices, and unfair housing practices. How much should society focus on each one? It cannot give 100% of itself to all of them. I often worry how to balance competing claims of justice. As I've heard, there are smart thinkers who try their best on these problems. I wonder whether they've found any interesting solutions. At any rate, it might be too difficult for society to focus on rectifying injustice, since government officials are not "held to the highest level of scrutiny", as you write.

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