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I'd like to read the whole book as I have a personal interest in this true story which affected my life in the worst way and led me down a path of self destruction and prison. See, my name is Michael Owen's Jr, and my mother Susan Owenswas the woman he was charged with murdering that night on Dec 22nd 1994. I was only 11 when it happened and now at 35 I still have only heard bits and pieces of what happened or stories with peoples own personal spin on it. I'd like a chance to here his story.


Michael Owen's

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Hey there, stranger. Between the Bars scans your blog post and puts it online for us to read as images. I just finished transcribing (re-typing) it so other people who can't view images can read your thoughts online too. Hooray!

You requested for someone to comment if they have read this post so I'm obliging. Though I'm not sure if it will reach you or if you're still incarcerated since this blog post is pretty dated (2011).

Are you still keeping up with the writing projects? What do you do to combat writer's block?

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For all these reasons Rob, I believe Pennsylvania D.O.C. made a fast decision, perhaps simply based on economics to cheapen and speed up mail processing and prevent loved ones and criminals from spraying poison on the paper for inmates to ingest to escape reality. Additionally, I have also personally known of K2 overdose to death both IN and OUT. How they obtain the deadly poisonous product is a matter of debate. But punishing the entire system for the sins of a few is cruel and unusual, in my humble opinion. I could give many, many examples where U.S. Postal Service mail has changed the life of the inmate positively and facilitated reentry and coping with seemingly hopeless sentences.

I will email this to you Rob, but I also want it published. Only a grass-roots effort to address this bad decision is the way to protest it. I will assist your effort and make these emails, but I am a resident of Indiana, and public officials only care about the opinions of voters. I understand this personally in writing many public officials about the use of enhanced sentencing, especially habitual offender designation, and mandatory life without parole for non-violent crimes involving interstate crime that results in life without parole. My letters, hand-written, have been responded to by form letters that inform me my opinion is valuable but they have no authority of D.O.C. policy, judicial, or custodial issues.

Rob, Catholic is my identity, but spirituality is my interest. I would be happy to assist you in any way to get closer to God, more centered, or peace in a very unpeaceful place. And I appreciate your heartfelt response to a Hoosier from Southwest Indiana. Today, my prayers rise up to you and my other friend on PA D.R., K.M.

Your brother in Christ, I remain, Father John Pfister

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The company processing the mail assures no information will be shared with anyone, but we all know of multiple instances when digital information is hacked; hence, it is not secure despite precautions to the contrary. Systems lack perfection.

One of my pen pals, like you, were raised Catholic. In his particular life on Pennsylvania D.R., he began practicing another faith not inconsistent with Catholic values. He is deeply spiritual and an astute observer of D.R. protocol and culture. He sent me a copy of one page of my letter that I had mistakenly put in his mail, to let me know that another guy in another state missed a highly technical page in an argument over doctrine or dogma. Seeing a digitally reproduced copy of my letter was surreal…it was me…sorta. But not me as well. You see, digital images may be manipulated using readily assessible graphics software.

Now I’m not saying this will happen, but is the possibility there? Yes. Furthermore, if someone on the IN is fighting for life or freedom in the court system, it discourages them from exposing the truth of their life for fear the digital image will be used in a way not intended…by the state.

I will email a copy of this missive to Claire Shubik-Richards, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Prison Society I am also emailing a copy of this letter to David Lee Preston, Justice and Injustice Editor of the Inquirer, and Mensah M. Dean, Reporter of Unjust Systems, and Kristen E. Holmes, Modern Life Faith reporter, and Cassie Owens, reporter of cultural trends and Jessica Calefati, Investigative Reporter and Michaelle Bond, Bureaucracies reporter and Claudia Vargas, Agent Accountability Reporter

About me: I am interested in offering spiritual advice, support, and direction to the institutionalized…especially the sick and dying, those in hospitals, those in nursing homes, hospice, homebound, those in local jails, and by U.S. Postal Service Mail, to those beginning the two-year process of reentry, and those who need an ear in long-term segregation, life-without-parole, death-row, restricted-housing, and the criminally-ill identified, stigmatized and segregated. My experience spans 20 or more states and I hear and understand the very different experiences of D.R. in Pennsylvania as compared to Texas, or California, or Indiana.

End page 2

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Dear Rob and to any and all concerned…

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2,220,300 adults were incarcerated in US federal and state prisons, and county jails in 2013 – about 1 in 110 in the U.S. resident population. The 5-25 rules says U.S. has 5% of the world's population, and 25% of the world's incarceration. To deny them love from the OUT is unthinkable.

Is it possible to estimate the effect or the numbers of U.S. Postal Service mail that have consoled, comforted, brought up to date, stated feelings, questioned the will of God in their suffering, said happy birthday, I’m sorry, or the sadder pathetic dear john letters, the laying of blame, feelings of resentment, or frustration with separation?

This, my friends…is humanity. Complex, polyvalent, and REAL, that is, the letters exist as a moment in history where one human being reached out to another human being…in most cases…with the love of Christ, Allah, or God.

Everyone knows the power of “mail call.” The physical absence of the actual item is like seeing a drawing of your mom and dad, not the picture they sent. It’s bad enough a picture may bear the scars of tears, but a poor reproduction is like looking through the mirror darkly (Paul), those actual pictures received…I have been told…are like gold. Further. letters are a source of identity…the other inmates know someone on the out cares through the time given.

Pennsylvania D.O.C. decided to “outsource” the U.S. Postal Service function by utilizing an out-of-state processing company who would scan to digitize the U.S. Postal Service Mail to inmates, and send them a color, printed, copy of the mail.

Firstly, as you will read in Robert’s letter posted above…this presents a number of problems for the inmate that reduces the AFFECT of receiving snail mail on the IN. In my spiritual guidance through the U.S. Mail Postal Service, some of those seeking spiritual advice or affirmation tell me a letter is read many times, before and after the response and even again at the response to the response.

I have chosen for several reasons to use hand writing as my means of communication: it shows my time commitment, it reveals parts of my personality that spell check and grammar check cannot quantify, and it allows me to be PERSONAL without being CLINICAL. I can pray a written letter. To digitize my handwriting maintains a digital record of my attempt to get to the core emotions of crime/punishment, rehabilitation through grace & breaking the cycle of drugs & poverty. Personal thoughts, sometimes raw, sad, and critical observations of the childhood or the alleged crime agreed to by plea agreement, or in the process of modification or appeal. This digital record breaks my right to privacy assured to me under the banner of the U.S. Postal Service as legal, helpful, and sometimes I must be told things in the childhood of the inmate that points to abuse of people who dearly love their incarcerated.

end page 1

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Hey Crazy? What’s up this is Crystal aka CaCa I was reading your stuff it’s good girl imy so much I’m sorry I haven’t wrote but I hope your holding it down it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve been home I’ve been good no issues no jail or anything just a little heartbreaks but I can come back from that write me back I’m a hit you up on jpay!! I talked to Marbel today she’s not doing to good but tell Nesso I said Hj I love all of ya !! You helped out when I was there all the love and smiles you brought to me! Keep you head up!! Love you

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Thanks for writing such a beautiful expression of love! I finished the transcription for your post. God bless.

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Hi Rob I'm just posting this reply to see what happens. You asked me to get in touch with Heather but I'm not sure if she'll get notified if I comment on the thread. Just testing to see...

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I really like this! The way she's framed is really nice, how she become the top and left border for the artwork. It reminds me a little bit of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" in the way that she is in a rectangular space.

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carmillasDamask Posted 4 days, 20 hours ago.   Favorite
I used to feel a little hopeless about this kind of thinking; I mean, being a defeatist and thinking that people wouldn't be able to understand or even care about people in the basic necessity sense. A lot of people seem more concerned with "hearts and minds", whatever that means, than providing physical resources for people. I think empathy should be taught, taught because we as people can't ever lose sight of what matters on the day-to-day, week-to-week priorities of the underprivileged. it's something i forget myself sometimes.

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