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Good luck

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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

I did not know about Beltaine, but after looking it up, I am intrigued to learn more. Thank you for letting me know about this holiday.

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GN22 Posted 1 week, 4 days ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

I hope to see if your idea of utilizing AI will be considered.

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JoePutin100, (Took THIS long to get your comments!)
Still LOLing at the screenname. :) Your comment to Tervin over "the Parent Test: Addendum" post says a lot more, and I replied to you there in a combined response with AbolishBorders. I really appreciate your insights and general vibe. Thanks.
No one has commented on this post for a long time. I'd tried to speak to reasonably with Tenzin when she first appeared here, but she shot back with more toxicity and I decide to leave it alone. I regretted it for a long time, but I'm trying to make-up for it by setting the record straight over at "Parent Test." Who knows, maybe some of this unpleasant exchange will be of some value to a reader or two. I hope others follow your lead and comment, though! It's always nice to see people reading, but it's EXTRA impacted for everyone to see people take a stand against this kind of bullying, and frankly, the ignorance of assuming that prisoners necessarily did what the cops say they did. We often didn't! Thanks again, Dym.

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Hello Richard

Nice to hear from you and hope you are well.

Will be heading to the cemeteries here later this month and one stop will be your Grandma's. You,your brothers and mother were always in her thoughts and prayers. So wish she could have seen you before she passed.

So wish I could have reconnected with your mother. As a child I absolutely adored her.The last time I saw her was when your family moved from Monroe.


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itzelmarissa Posted 1 week, 4 days ago.   Favorite
Date: 4/25/2023 4:25:32 PM
Subject: Sean Riker: A Postcard From Texas, April 25@8am

Hey Brother,
I received your postcard telling me know you're still alive. Thank you, but it leaves me with more questions. I was surprised to receive the postcard because our mail has to go through a mailing service now. I think I got it because it was a postcard without a return address.

Here's my new address:
Sean Riker #567232
Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
POB 189
Phoenix, MD 21131

You have to spell out the WSPF above. I know, a bitch.

Although you didn't sign your name, I knew it was your handwriting and you mentioned the special a day, which is our great-grandfather's birthday.

I was watching that rocket take off too. I saw it veer off course and I knew it was malfunctioning, but the media was saying that's normal and I was saying, no, you idiots, that's NOT normal. Anyway, now it has a special meaning because we watched teh same thing at the same time.

I moved over to the restrictive housing unit a few years ago. They closed the unit I was in for years and turned one range in RH into GP. Holy shit, it was sweet. So quiet that I could read a book without interruption. Almost three years of almost bliss ended when they opened up the unit that was closed and moved us back to it. I moved back in the cell I was in. There was dust on the walls and cobwebs in the corners. My paint scuffs were still on my desk. It was like opening a time capsule that'd been sealed for three years. It was strange and kinda cool. Now it's back to noise and semi-controlled chaos. I'm so uncomfortable over here. I am back to feeling like an alien from Mars. I just don't fit the Wisconsin inmate criteria.

I hope you made it back into that program thingamajig. I was mad you got taken out of living the dream...

I still wait for your help. I have hopes daily. Every day I think of you, Brother.

Take care. Communicate with me. Tell me a story about your current life.

With Love & Respect,

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itzelmarissa Posted 1 week, 4 days ago.   Favorite

As I sit in a prison cage for my 18th year of my 50 years to life sentence, I am ashame I once participated in the genocidal culture of gangs. It breaks my heart to hear how our young people are murdering one another in honor of gangs. For too many generations we continue to lose our children to prison and/or senseless gang violence. when will we decide enough is enough?

It is my belief, that only us who understand and lived the gang culture can stop it. How? First, by telling the unequivocated truth about the fruitless and calamitous nature of gangs. Those of us in prison know the truth. And the truth is; we have thrown our lives away in honor of gangs who have taught us nothing but how to fail, destroy, and victimize our communities and families. Now we perish in prison cells, miserable, feeling shameful, missing our families, fed up with prison and, facing the dire reality that many of us will die in prison. But yet many of my fellow incarcerated brothers, still get on the phone with our youth and pretend to be thriving gangmembers(we all know what I am talking about). when in reality we are dejected, depressed, and hate each and everyday we wake up in prison, especially those of us with life sentences.

Unfortunately, due to misguidance, many of our youth idolize and look up to us in prison. which gives us an opportunity to use our influence to tell our youth, "there is no joy or honor in rottening away in a prison cage!"

So my question to you is; how much longer will you sit idle and enable our youth to follow us into lives of Jail Cells and coffins?

With that said, today I call on all of us who know better, to do better! By telling the truth, to our youth!


By: Perrie Thompson
Incarcerate Author of "Striving To Be A Failure"

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itzelmarissa Posted 1 week, 4 days ago.   Favorite
The people on TV are like the little dude on Paradise Island, but instead of "De Plane, De Plane," it's: "De Base, De Base!"


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