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Hey there! I'll copy and paste bits from Italy's own tourism website ( for you.

Since Italy is more than Rome and Tuscany.


In the heart of Italy lies one of its oldest centres, Perugia, known for its vibrant social life, university heritage and much more

A modern city with traces of its prominent past around every corner: standing atop a hill in the Tiber valley, Perugia, the capital of Umbria, is a renowned city of art and an effervescent cultural centre. Built as a fortified medieval village, it is encompassed by a mighty city wall. It boasts top-notch museums and beautiful nature, not forgetting chocolate, which it produces and celebrates at the mouth-watering Eurochocolate festival.


10 FEBRUARY 2023 - 14 FEBRUARY 2023
Cioccolentino Terni 2023: the National Chocolate Festival

Chocolate lovers, the National Chocolate Festival, Cioccolentino is returning to the magical town of Terni, from February 10th to the 14th.

Sparkling lights and glowing heart decorations will transform the streets of the historic center into one big beating heart. It’ll be like going on a journey to find love and chocolate.

So many temptations await you: from the essential Chocolate Expo with over 40 exhibitors offering sweets of all kinds, to the rich array of tastings, cooking shows, workshops, musical performances and entertainment.

For the little ones, fun is guaranteed! Beginning with an unmissable adventure in the world of Alice in Chocolate Land, with fun games and dances. In Piazza Europa there will be an area dedicated to little pastry chefs “Pasticcioni”, with pastry courses for children where they can make tasty treats.

Another highlight will be the Love Circus with juggling shows, fun, and entertainment. At the Love Point, you can take pictures to immortalize your sweetest moments of the day.


Dive into the heart of Bari, the stunning capital of Apulia that has become a bridge between the East and West.

A preeminent city where traditions and intense flavours flourish in their most genuine expression, Bari has a breathtaking waterfront and a quaint old town. A wonderland of art and history, it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight and long to return.


04 FEBRUARY 2023 - 25 FEBRUARY 2023
Carnival of Putignano 2023

The Carnival of Putignano is the longest event in Europe because it starts on December 26th and ends on Shrove Tuesday, February 21st. It is among the oldest and longest-lived in the world.

The specificity of the Event is rooted in the origins of the Carnival which, in addition to the parade of majestic themed papier-mâché floats, is expressed through a series of rites, traditions and symbols of the territory's identity. In this sense, the Carnival of Putignano has become, over the years, a known brand and appreciated throughout Italy and abroad, simultaneously opening up to change and collaborations with other Italian and foreign carnivals.

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Siyu One Eagle, I hope you are bearing up, Ive written snail mail a couple of times but the UK overseas postal sevice has been hit with a cyber attack so loads of mail has been delayed. I replied to a UCI FSP post this morning and mentioned you as an example of wrongful conviction. Okay lets see if this gets you Love to you Buffalo

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I'm not Lisa, but I'll copy and paste a bit of what is written in that website link. She's sweet to share it with you.


If you’re familiar with angel numbers, you know that it’s a sign if you repeatedly see an angel number or a sequence of them. It’s a message from our heavenly team of angels that is meant to either draw our attention to something significant in our lives, serve as a reminder of that importance, or answer any questions we may have.

The powerful 444 angel number is a sign that your guardian angel is with you and is keeping an eye on you. If you see this number, know that you are protected because it can also be interpreted as a symbol of protection.

If you see 444, it can be a sign that you need to ask your guardian angel and other people for assistance.

444 is another indicator of change. If you see this number, significant changes could be on the horizon for you. Be ready for the next phase of your life, and be assured that your angelic protectors will be at your side at all times.

When you experience difficult moments in your life, seeing the number 4 can be your angels’ way of telling you to take a break and relax. You ought to center yourself, remain still, and reconsider.

On the other side, your angels are validating your path if you are making progress toward your goals and you see the number 4.

In order to achieve our goals, number four inspires us to continue to work hard and together. The number 4 acts as a reminder to stay focused and productive in order to realize our goals because of its stability and strong foundation. The number four signifies support from the universe and angels helping you in finding the truth and your worth.

The number of days that Jesus’ ministry lasted before his crucifixion is represented in the Bible by the 444 angel number. We can also believe that the biblical significance of 444 is one of preparation and change. One of the most significant changes in history may have resulted from Jesus’ crucifixion!

In the Bible, 444 is also a reference to honesty and human decency. The English Standard Version’s translation of John 4:44 reads, “For Jesus, Himself had testified that a prophet has no credit in his own hometown.” The interpretation of the Bible verse John 4:44 can be understood to suggest that Jesus’ closest supporters missed the miracle. He intentionally avoided Nazareth on his route to preach in Galilee because he believed that the locals would not be interested in what he had to say. Jesus operated in the manner he thought was most appropriate, keeping truth and personal integrity in mind.

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Donald Deardorff aka Donnie,
Not sure if this message will ever reach you, but it's Miri (Betty's granddaughter). Just wanted to reach out to say hello and I pray you are well, mentally and physically, or as well as can be. Please take care and know you are in my prayers. I do visit the cemetery each time I go down there and speak to them since they are both gone now. Much has changed but we keep living. Please find one reason to smile each day and maintain the best you can. Always family, Miri

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Hey Kelly!

Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post. Your writing is wonderful and moving. Hope to hear more from you soon.


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Hey Perrie!

Thanks for writing! I enjoyed transcribing your post, and everything you've said here is so true. Very encouraging and inspiring. Hope to hear more from you soon!


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