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DanielTutka Posted 2 days, 10 hours ago.   Favorite
Hallo Nathaniel

How are you.How is your every day routine.
It is all fine in Poland.
Holidays time for my kids a 2 months school brake.
They are so happy without a school but franklie speaking it is a great moment for everyone of us, no hustle of getting on time to school and all afterschool activities.
The summer this year is very hot- beeing consider as the hotest of 70 years.

I have visited prisonexpress but could not find your essay either am clumsy or did something wrong, i would be happy to ready it and share my opinion.

By the way did you hear about the polish writer Jerzy Kosinski+?

What your plans what you do now what you aiming for ?

Looking forward to hear from you
Best Regards From Poland
Keep rising.

Posted on The Prison System Wants You! by Nathaniel Lindell The Prison System Wants You!
Arnold Posted 4 days, 10 hours ago.   Favorite
Dear Jennifer, this is Kenneth again, sorry to bother you. About African-American drama as people like to say, you are correct. I see it every day. We make it to the top and we don't see anyone else. Out here it s typical,black people hanging out on the bus stop, selling and buying drugs.i had a good friend steal ten dollars from my mothers room while she was in the bathroom and I happened to be outside to get the mail! Yes, at my moms house!. I live next door with my cousin. I'm afraid its all about getting what's mine and the rest of you be damned if you will excuse my language. Sometimes I don't believe that we as African-Americans have gotten along since slavery, when it was to merely SURVIVE. And then for some it was for their own questionable and inscrutable purposes-TO GET AHEAD!!By telling on others! Don't you see? Has it come full circle? Will this president take us back to earlier injustices or will we do it to ourselves? We don't want anyone to have more than we have. I see it every day. Jealousy is one and money is the other and they go together to make us crazy,even with drugs, to sell more than the next guy and to have more, where does it stop Jennifer? Thank you, Kenneth C.

Posted on The Inner Racism With Your Own Race by Jennifer Johnson The Inner Racism With Your Own Race
Arnold Posted 4 days, 10 hours ago.   Favorite
Good afternoon Jennifer, how are you? This is Kenneth from Kentucky, Lexington. we lost contact and it was my fault for not being there for you so please accept my apologies. I was the one who had the heart transplant in 2014. Ive had a lot to take care of since then;an aging mother,she turned 90 this past May 24th. Also my late aunts son Earl who is disabled. My son Christian is in San Diego in the Navy and about to head out to sea. I truly hope that all is well for you and I just happened to see your request for help retaining a lawyer concerning your case. How did I see it? randomly in my E-MAIL. I don't know how it got there. Anyway we see the current President or is he a dictator wanna-be? Look at what he is attempting to do,upsetting the apple cart is putting it mildly. He is attempting to rearrange constitutional norms and to create a different reality for the United States, one in which human rights may be curtailed if we aren't careful and if we as a people dont safeguard our constitution. The GOP doesn't have the backbone to stand up and say no to 45, I wont print his name.As African-Americans we should be on the alert for what is happening to us .Whether we are responsible for actions we commit, regardless, we should NOT be shot like animals in the street. I believe due process may be on the way out. I sense that a return to earlier injustices and discrimination for African-Anericans and other minorities will return. How are your children,Peanut and your daughter? I hoe that they and you are well, God Bless and I hope to hear form you again soon. Also I hope that you can forgive me for my negligence in my correspondence and my assistance. Thank you , Kenneth C.

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Jennifer Johnson Posted 5 days, 7 hours ago.   Favorite
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Posted on Presence Etiquette by Jennifer Johnson Presence Etiquette
Antoine Murphy Posted 5 days, 7 hours ago.   Favorite
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Jack Branch Posted 5 days, 7 hours ago.   Favorite
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Jack Branch Posted 5 days, 7 hours ago.   Favorite
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scrip Posted 5 days, 12 hours ago.   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Good luck

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LynnEspinoza Posted 6 days, 11 hours ago.   Favorite
I hope this finds you in good health! This is absolutely beautiful, you’ve described the very corruption of where our so-called “humanity” turn into hypocrisy. Your mind is well beyond those inside or outside the prison system and you’ve touched more souls than you know. I Pray the outside world comes to its senses and welcome you with the same open arms. Also- happy belated 35th birthday Chris! Got anything in mind for your bday?(:

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Sigard Posted 1 week ago.   Favorite
Hailsa! Awesome reply I needed to read this today. Mental warfare at a peak for the past few days. Why is it that we ( or I ) have endeavoured into this study of psychology? Is it not to know yourself? And then what? For some it's a Behaviour modification. Such as my self.. the state of mind I'm in now, a year ago would have me neck deep in a bottle BUT that is out of the question for now. You ever see a guy fighting with himself verbally? And we use to think now there's a nutcase. But the thing is we all have this self talk going on in our heads only most do it in a less conspicuous manner.
Thank you for post the Tarot lessons as well. I enjoyed them immensely. The breathing exorcise being compared to a Bellows wow spectacular. Yes Behaviour Modification. My Behaviour is being modified. My reactions are different.
As for your Psychology class. Secular academics as a school/ class ect.. for the most part is a compromise of one's own imagination to the dictates of a controlled environment. There are rules even for proffessers that the guide lines must be adhered to. Going outside of those brings about the loss of employment. Same as in the Clergy as we both know. You did well in not compromising your Value for his bullshit. Again Behaviour Modification. To walk out was good enough I think, rather than to head butt the poser in front of all those witnesses..
Anyway waiting on the mail man here.
In Frith, SIG

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