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Olgatrig Posted 21¬†hours, 44¬†minutes ago.   Favorite
The nice answer!

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Youar3fvckd Posted 1¬†day, 13¬†hours ago.   Favorite
I bet this post is geared towards the 5 year old boy you forcefully raped. SICK

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Youar3fvckd Posted 1¬†day, 14¬†hours ago.   Favorite
Listen, sorry but also not sorry for saying this but you belong in prison for what you've done. You know what you did to more than one person. Your tears mean nothing to those who are scarred for life.

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arcadiaego Posted 2¬†days, 23¬†hours ago.   Favorite
Hi Kelly, thanks for your extensive update. I hope I've transcribed it accurately! I hope you are able to get your property back at least. I write this just after the summer solstice in the UK and send you many blessings.

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arcadiaego Posted 4¬†days, 20¬†hours ago.   Favorite
Thank you for sharing your tribute to Peggy. I hope her cats are doing OK.

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arcadiaego Posted 4¬†days, 22¬†hours ago.   Favorite
Thank you for writing, Jennifer, I hope I have transcribed your thoughts accurately.

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Lucas_hollingsworth Posted 1¬†week ago.   Favorite
Hi we moved and I won't say where we live but mom does know I have talked to you she says she doesn't care I still play chess and I had a girlfriend and two girls numbers cass doesn't want to talk but I would like to don't expect it to be often but I'll talk every now and then I just want to know you more than what I still remember

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Rita Posted 1¬†week, 3¬†days ago.   Favorite
... women dance barefoot. For about two and a half hours and we pay 20 euros. From 7.30 till 10 pm.
Kathy leads the disc jockey. We can even do yoga or something else on the rhythm of the music on a mat if we desire this? We drink water, etc
We are many people and we have a big darker area, but with lights on the floor...
Wished you were there, Kelly!
Later on, I return home with the tram. The tram stops just at the church, and the room is just behind that church.
I'm very often on a tram you know! Many buses here too. Trains, etc
On the 12th and the 19th of August I will be operated from cataract. :( I will then see as new.
They put new lenses in the eyes. It takes a quarter of an hour to do that, but one has to put eye drops for a month, several times in the daytime. (!)

I know Andre, and the man had two liver transplants!
He's 68 and is divorced with 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. I knew him trough a date site; he contacted me. I was invited at his floor apartment with a garden. To eat mussels! They were good!
He's just a friend, not a man to have a relation with. That is certainly very valuable as well! :)
Not any sign from Leslie; and not a call either from Elke...
Although we had a good contact on the celebration of Lynn, on her Springtime feast.
Lynne, a pen pal from George contacted me! George's dad gave me her address. I am so very happy we can tell stories about George, my soulmate!
I miss him so very much... Sometimes I cry... one can't withhold those emotions inwards. You've to let them go. :(((
Not one day goes by not thinking of him, Kelly.
Every week I call his dad, my 'dad' now. In September he'll turn 99 years old!!
He likes to reach 100. :))
He is such a darling brave man. :o

Every day I see on my profile on the dating site so many men, younger, older, but no one appeals to me.
But I am confident, one day there will be a man I will love. Until that day...

How about your friends, Kelly?
I hope you meet the one that is "meant" for you!
So, we can tell each other, eh? ;)

Much love and friendship wished.
Kind regards from Rita, your friend. x

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Rita Posted 1¬†week, 3¬†days ago.   Favorite
Always good to hear from you, Kelly! :)
Why an awful year? Can you explain me any better?
I still plan to write a letter, but so much is going on lately!...
I need to write to Rubi, on DR... to Joshua, 43 and George's good friend!
He wrote me he has a great job with lenses! He is a "final inspector". in the Dixon Industry Optical Lab.
He expects to leave prison after November!
I too wrote a letter in his favor. :)
Sometimes I've a talk with his dad, Dana; he then gives me his updates.
I still swim in the pond; the water is excellent now!
Karel x Mariana live now in my bloc.They bought this apartment. They live now 6 months in Belgium. Then they return back to Argentina. They like it here. Karel likes to leave this country! But her mom has Dementia...She has a brother and a sister though, who take care of their mother. She calls up her mom just every day.
Oh yes, about every Monday evening and on some Fridays I go dancing.It is not Biodanza anymore. It's called: Sweat you Prayers. :)
Free dancing on all kind of music. Men

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Kelly Jones Posted 1¬†week, 3¬†days ago.   Favorite
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