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I want you to respond by the way!! Would love to hear your side of the story!! This is just my life view!!

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By the way your son!! Who you allowed to be molested by either you or some other man!! He has talked about it! Quit lying!! Except the truth and repent!!! Just saying!!

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I know her from prison. And YES, she very much IS A DEMON. God bless you and your family for getting away from her, and hopefully she'll stay where she belongs for the rest of her miserable, worthless life.

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You are full of shit! You molested me as a kid!! I was innocent and you corrupted me!! I have been scared as a very young kid!! I am 43 years old now and would love to see you face to face and see what you would have to say today!! I don’t hate you but you need to face up to what you have done and quit making excuses for your wrong doings!! You do deserve to be in jail and never get out!! You are my family and you fucked me up!!! But I forgive you. But you still deserve your sentence!! You act like you didn’t do anything but we all know how that’s not what happened. I wish the best for you and hope you find Jesus for real!! Sorry but not sorry!! Had to get this off my chest and really want you to see this!!! By the way you are full of shut calling our family racist! You don’t know shit about who we have at our family gatherings!! Everyone is welcome!!!! Yes

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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. Keep doing great :)

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No, mom is 96!...

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correction: 'skiing' ;)

Leslie rejected me as her mom. Because I helped George, chose him instead of her. But it wasn't a choice! Taking his protection didn't mean she came on the second place. But she interpreted it as this.:( I will write her a 'moving' letter. A letter in which I explain her EVERYBODY deserves a second chance, me too, she as well.
I didn't get a New Year card nor any news. She remains silent.
I visited my mom in Brussels(she is 95 and still lives on her apartment)and there I saw Leslie's card. I call George's dad just every week. He is strong! 98 he is, and he has the voice of a younger man.:o He calls me daughter and I call him dad. :) He said: you always were my daughter. I asked on Fathers Day if I could call him dad? :)) He just got his Christmas package! Full o goodies!
Kelly, I await your news now! Take good care of yourself, eh!!! xx Rita

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hello Kelly, yes I got your letters.I still mourn about Georges death. He taught me a lot! He was an activist and brought changes. His friends were devastated by his death! I still write to 2 of his closest friends: Too Tall and Joshua.He was many years with his friend T T in one cell. He called him uncle Pete. George was a true leader! A very charismatic man too! Joshua (a very good artist!)and he made a watercolor for me of my young parents. George made two big pencil drawings: him and me and another one like an Escher, presenting his large hand, holding a round mirror where I can see him on his bed, his sink, his radio and earplugs, the cell door and window, his fan, his Tv with on the screen me sitting at the beach,a mouse (his alter ego)jumping in the sink, etc He must have worked months at it!!Almost in each letter he made a cool drawing. With humor. I've hundreds of his letters! But most of all he gave me the music!! I hear him in the songs,... Music made him survive!... Locked up since the age of 18 and he died in prison, at the age of 71,... how truly sad that is! He was a great person, in a narrow life. :( He had his mission in prisons, Kelly. On a dating site I know a friend, John, 74 and he is British. After the pandemic he invites me to England. He works in Wildlife. On the 14th, 15th and 16th of January we will hike, Veerle (pronounce as 'Varle' -a as in c'a'ge)),a woman and good friend. We've vegetarian bio food they cultivate there.It's a center in the Ardennes.(=woods)I don't know if there is snow? I've my skying outfit. Each day we hike at least 15 kilometers, that seems to be 9 miles. We had also in the past a B&B of 4 days in Sainte-Ode, also in the Ardennes. There we hiked each day 12 to 15 kilometers. Veerle took the sauna, I swam in their swimming pool.
Kelly, this is my letter to you. I wish you a very Happy New year!A warm year full of Imagination and Surprises! All the best! Your friend, Rita xx
Ps. Because they searched for somebody (Walter) on D R who talks Spanish, and couldn't find a person, they asked me to be his pen pal. 28 he is and is innocent!... :( He has no lawyer, and hardly speaks English... He is from Guatemala.

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