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FatherJohn Posted 43 minutes ago.   Favorite
Dear Robert,

I like you are outraged over the new mail policy. I have already received return mail three weeks old marked cannot forward. Why could this company not receive the forward mail? Because not one bureaucrat who give a mouse's eyelash worth of care to see that a personal mail, the last bastion of civilized communication, is delivered to a soul in need. It's transferred to digital and then back to print or to a monitor the cuing line of which is controlled by association rules as to time and which line.

Additionally, it becomes unreal, surreal, an echo, of the original penmanship loving prayed as faith or hope. To hold it, touch it where you touched it. To see the smudge where your hand rubs the paper. To read with concentration not at a monitor while ten guys behind you are yelling to hurry up and you don't have the nickel to print it.

How many IN have love ones on the OUT? I am telling you, if Pennsylvania is allowed to trample on the rights of human dignity, value, and worth, than the rights of no state is sacrosanct.

The only BIGGER crime is the poisons these criminal enterprises are being allowed to spray paper with. Terrible Terrible Terrible...Shame on you! Tell your loved ones on the IN that people on the OUT are dying every day from the myriad poisons and bug sprays being passed off as synthetic.

Lord have mercy on anyone so desperate they are willing to die for a buzz. So sad...Lord have mercy....

Pennsylvania is first. How could a guy spread the word this is against constitutional rights? Can't NPR do something about this? How about Radio Lab or Ear Floss? Anyone know Ellen? Any activist will do....Please comment if you have information of who would be good candidates for a mail campaign to restore snail mail.

"Oh the humanity."
I remain,
John Pfister

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Antoine Murphy Posted 6 hours, 7 minutes ago.   Favorite
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Datnigga99 Posted 6 hours, 37 minutes ago.   Favorite
Piankhi has received your message. I'm sending you the synopsis for New Media 3.0 (NM3.0). Shadow Scribe & NM 3.0 are two sides of the same coin. Kind of support resource/ Tech group. We make it possible for a prisoner activist to create and manage their own online digital media platforms using BtB's mail- to- Internet- to- mail system. I'd like you to attend learn more about NM3.0 and our collaborative design process for BtB, and help to further are collaboration with PAPCO and WODZ project. Piankhi tells me that you are the man for the job. If you're still involved in IO and you want to manage your Facebook page or elsewhere we may have the solution for you.

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Kelly Jones Posted 13 hours, 33 minutes ago.   Favorite
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Milo Rose Posted 23 hours, 37 minutes ago.   Favorite
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amazingsweetsound Posted 1 day, 3 hours ago.   Favorite
Dear Jack,
I'm glad you're getting closer to getting out. I hope you're excited to get out, too. Is there at least a vague estimation of your release date? Do you have any plans for when you get out?
As for community college classes, I'm going to take it really slow. I have pretty bad social anxiety and I dropped out of high school because of mental illness and physical chronic illness, so I'll probably just start with one or two classes. I really want to take an American Sign Language (ASL) class. I already know some ASL, but I want to know it fluently. I don't know anybody who uses it, but I just kind of feel like... There's a whole culture of people in America that use a beautiful language that I at least want to be able to understand. Also, I never know when sign language might come in handy, you know? No pun intended.
I've been really productive and studying for the GED tests a lot, which is nice! I've also even been lifting weights and working out, which I pretty much never do. It's funny because my world is kind of collapsing around me (my parents are getting divorced and my mom is really not taking it well, and my sister has been kind of self destructive), but I'm really thriving. I almost feel kind of guilty, honestly.
What's with the PREA for sexual harassment? I don't mean to pry for details and I won't judge you either way, but were you the sexual harasser or the one that was sexually harassed? Again, I won't judge, I'm just concerned for you.
A lot is changing in the world, in both of our worlds at least. I think they're for better, too. As always, I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful month (or however long it will take until I can get your response).

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William D. Linley (David) Posted 1 day, 19 hours ago.   Favorite
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Gillian Posted 1 day, 23 hours ago.   Favorite
Hello, my name is Gillian, and I am researching to publish an essay about the systematic racism in the prison system. I’ve worked with non-profits to uncover specific issues in the prison system that we can work to alleviate. I wanted to reach out and ask if you would be interested in answering some questions about what you’ve experienced. I know this may be a sensitive topic, so please if answer where you feel comfortable. If you want to describe events but feel the need to use “Jane/John Doe,” please do. Your name will not be used.

What is your race/ethnicity?
What age were you when you first enter the prison system?
If you don’t mind me asking, what was the first crime you committed to put you behind bars?
Were you given a cash bond?
How many times were you in and released from jail?
What prison are you in now? I.e. max security, death row, etc.
Are you treated differently in the facility than those of other race/ethnicities?
How are your friends treated?
Do you know anyone of a different race who has committed the same crime as you, but has a different sentence?

Thank you for your time. I really hope that this publication can shed some light on the systematic racism in the justice system. I want to use my career to helping those who feel left behind by the government, and your answers could be the first step in helping someone else.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Jack Branch Posted 2 days, 6 hours ago.   Favorite
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hey homeboy just checking up on you have not heard from you in a minute..i hope all is well. ive got mad love for you bro keep your head up and always know you always have my

LOVE/LOYALTY/RESPECTS coming your way full blast

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