Dec. 15, 2010

No Line; A Surety In Allah; That Kiss; One Letter Away From Danger; Uhuru Report; Caged Dog Effect

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


No Line

Time of manifestation: 09.09, 12/25/Obama - 2009
by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil

There is no line,
Because it's not rehearsed
A sonorous verse,
A melodious curse

Engorged vessel of love,
aching for a Nubian dove
Loud silence and crushed quiet,
In that voluptuous red,
Me, no scared

Dulcet raindrops on my
Window of a lover calling,
Falling, ... in love

Intoxicated by your yasamin-
Jasmine meathesis[?]
Steady yourself for this
Mellifluous prose,
You dynamic scented rose

Locked, blocked and
Clocked, you have the
Most sexies' pose.

Metabolize my love,
With meticulous care,
With your nefertitian

Long live this platonic
And amorous affair
Longitudinal longevity,
Algorithmically precise,
With precisional concise,
Like unloading and rolling
The dice

Your naked body, covered
With nature's choicest ice.
Let's stick together like
Two grains of rice.

I'll love you for the rest of
My life, that's why I chose
You to be my wife.

High doses of your genetic
Ambrosia, double entendres,
For double fun.

The mother of a beautiful
Daughter and son, light shining
All over you, dopaminal high,
Medicinal to this imprisoned
Flesh, metempsychosis
Shall be the end we share

This is no line!
A Prince Uhuru Productions.
manifestation ending time 16:17, same day.

by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil
P.O. Box 9900 #228971
Boscobel, WI 53805


LOGLINE: Life must not be taken for granted... because we can lost it in any moment.

PITCH: Which is exactly what Uhuru learns; haven completed the shoot on his latest film in Dubai. Uhuru gets engages to his long time friend who is an actress he has worked with many times on films.

Together they will launch his new International Entertainment and Film Production Company. Life is good and unfolding as he planned.

Uhuru is scheduled to leave for L.A. to begin a new film project. Uhuru decides to go scuba diving before he leaves the next day.

While scuba diving he finds some treasures. After bringing the loot up to the boat he goes back down ( by himself ); just when the captain learns that the storm that previously was heading away from them has changed directions and the underwater current will pull Uhuru out further into the sea.

...And that is exactly what happened after Uhuru plays a game of hide or be eaten with a Reef Shark. The current pulls him away from the boat, rubber buoy and anchor.

Miraculously, Uhuru us pulled by the current towards a small island, in which he detaches the scuba gear and swims for it. Once on the island Uhuru learns that the island is a way station and otherwise uninhabited. To his good there is a fisherman and his wife camping out on the island who is sick.

After negotiating and promising the woman a thousand U.S. dollars for rental fees the wife let Uhuru take the fisherman's small motor boat. Uhuru vows in the name of Allah he would return the boat and money.

Back on Dubai, Uhuru goes to his suite at Burj Al Arab. He takes a shower, gets dressed, and takes out three thousand dollars from the safe. On his way out of the door he gets a bottle of mineral water out of the suites mini-fridge.

Uhuru goes to the boat dock and after the dock master tells him that they can not go back to the island until tomorrow because the storm may be coming. Uhuru take the three thousand dollars he took from the safe and places it inside the water bottle and places it under the seat in the small motor boat. Standing and looking out towards the sea and island he speaks to Allah.

Surety in Allah

"Oh Allah, I promised that lady I would return her husbands boat and pay her for her generous loan to me. But you have stopped me from honoring my promise to her. Oh Allah, show me with another way to honor my promise. For I told her that there is a surety in Allah and she agreed. So if it is your ma sha Allah that I be not a liar. I turn this matter over to you. After Uhuru has prayed he walks back to his suite at Burj Al Arab.

Maybe an hour later, while Uhuru is asleep the storm comes through and the little motor boat is tossed by the wind in the water so violently that the rope breaks and the boar float away in the storm.

The storm lasts all night and stops finally at around noon. When Uhuru goes to the dock to take the boat back, he learns that the boat was lost and most likely destroyed in the storm. Visibly upset he goes back to the Burj Al Arab to get money to buy a new boat.

Simultaneously on the island the old fisherman has shaken the sickness and walks out of his tent and goes to the beach to wash up. While conducting this business he looks up and sees something floating in the far distance.

He ignores it and continues with his personal affairs. Having completed this he heads back to the tent. His wife takes her turn to go wash up. But when she gets on the beach she sees what he saw. It is much clearer what's floating in the water. It is the old man's small motor boat floating in on the waves unmanned.

The lady runs to tell her husband and as they return the boat has gotten closer to the beach. The old man swims to remand his boat and pulls it in. They discuss the circumstances and he notices something under the seat that's knocking from the waves motioning the boat. He looks and pulls out the water bottle with the three thousand dollars in it. She relates to him the promise the young black man from America made in the name of Allah.

However, stressed over the loss of the lady's boat, Uhuru arrives at the dock and heads for the island to deliver his bad news. Upon arriving at the island Uhuru start off by apologizing to the old man and his wife about keeping his promise and offer to give them six thousand U. S. dollars to buy another boat. They both laugh and invite him to sit down for a spell and have some tea with them.

The old lady then tells Uhuru a story. After she finished the story the old lady pulls out the water bottle and shows it to Uhuru. Who is lost for words? But the lady finishes the words for him.

"There is a surety in Allah. Allah has fulfilled your promise.

That Kiss
(c) Ras Atuma-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil
7/7/08, Time: 8:18 - 9:43 p.m.

That night I'll never forger
... That Kiss.

It was one in a million
But in my mind and heart
It was the first ... That Kiss.

From head to small toe
I was moved in a way
I have never been moved before
... That Kiss.

A boutique of monarch butterflies
Rumbled in my stomach
On their journey south.

Establishing a tingle
That went through me,
North, East, South and West
Oh... That Kiss.

Tidal waves of adrenaline
Coursed through my bosdy,
Arriving to my head,
In a euphoric, ethereal high...
That no synthetic can equal.
Something about that Kiss.

In your eyes I saw God,
Family and life.
For I knew that day I would die
If I could not be with you forever.
Such a power compacted in that.
... That Kiss.

"That Kiss"
(c) Ras Uhur

When you are in another part of the house,
I fantasize of your coming,
Honoring me with... That Kiss.

Then, always, as if telepathy
Made a move on you.
That fantasy becomes reality.
... That Kiss

In the mornings, in the night,
And in between,
You have such a hold on me that...

...That I'm in love with you
All over again each time
You touch me in the heart.
With... That Kiss.

So, each day, each night,
I pray to God
That my last moment on earth
Is to experience one last time
Before I go...
That lovely Kiss.

... That Kiss.

(c) Ras Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil
Chicago, IL 7/7/08
WI #228971

Contact: P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

"One Letter Away From Danger"

Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil
The KMT Scrivener

1. If Eleanor is right...

Why is it that the mental anguish and physical starvation of millions of children in this world go on unnoticed by those of us in positions, privileges and mediums of influence do nothing to solve, least of all remain silent.

2. If Eleanor is right...

Why do we only selectively see and try to address certain problems from ass-backwards positions after the effects of those problems occur when we saw and knew of the cause yet demagoguery is pleasing to the eye, sonorous and dulcet to the ears and absent of personal involvements and injuries or interests of great importances, we frankly don't give a damn, though we won't say it publicly. Because it's not PC, it's not consistent with our American machinations and our secret Machiavellian values.

In God we trust, in democracy we fuss, in mo-money we lust, in foreign resources we abuse, like a mushroom subterfuge, because when you are the worlds greatest super power, you can say without much opposition, as one famous persona say: "because muther fucker we choose", now you lose, because the American public is easy to fool, they tell you half of the truth in school, now mutherfucker stop singing the blues.

3. If Eleanor is right...

We would want a president of peace and not a capricious commander in chief, wearing tight-ass air force jumpsuits talking behind closed doors about crusading the east, silently saying Islam is the mark of the Beast, roasted-up like Texas beef, using desert fuel like rich oil men do while flying over natural disasters telling your comrade he's doing a heck of a job, while in the ninth ward dead drowned bodies lie and float up stream, as the Louisiana gator feast, Black bodies rest in peace.

4. If Eleanor is right...

Why is Oprah the only one that dedicated an hour to talking about global sex slaves and gives resolutions telling you that we are the solution, but close your eyes and blink away because that ten dollar coffee that you buy to look hip as you sip, could have saved five to nine lives, but it's not your fault, though it goes against the principle expounded by the guy you claim is your lord and savior.

5. If Eleanor is right...

Mechanical birds spitting fire while dropping five ton guano on villages that are arrested in times ago, that's the price of leaving parts of humanity behind, as we are progressively quantum leaping forward beyond our means of understanding because we are doing more damage than the theory of quanta theorized but we don't care, we are lovers of the nonce.

6. If Eleanor is right...

They say, you'll put your pen down and get yours while you can. They say "Uhuru is out to save the world"... but what they don't see and know is the world don't need saving. The world can take care of itself, it will simply reject our abuse, raise the tide and wash our shit away, but first it will send its fire from its volcanic Smith & Wesson, open its hardened geocentric womb taking back what it originally gave, perhaps in a few centuries birthing anew, but if we don't heed these ayats, then we don't see the signs on the walls, we don't understand that these signs are the letters Eleanor Roosevelt spoke when she said:

Anger is just one letter away from Danger

Let's start with the anger within.

Inspiration: From reading the letter with the title: "My mother's anger was mainly..." in the "readers write" section of the Sun, Dec. 2009, pg. 37, which cited Mrs. Roosevelt's statement.

Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil
P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805



21st Century Prisons

By Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil
A.K.A. Norman C. Green, II

A few months before the State of Wisconsin opened up the doors to its multi-million dollar Supermax prison, a secret meeting was allegedly held in which prison officials and government officials came together, off the record, to discuss how the unwritten policies (regime) at the Supermax Correctional Institution (SMCI) should be established.

The following is a compilation of shorthand notes of what was allegedly said by those in attendance at this meeting (which included the National Security Council to the White House, key members of the Mid-West Gang and Disruptive Group Investigators, etc.).

These notes were written and passed on to me by a concerned State of Wisconsin government employee and citizen of humanity. For the sake of this person's safety, the person's name shall remain unknown. However, this material was turned over to me because, as this person related to me, part of the material on display at this gathering was records and files of some of Wisconsin's targeted prisoners, and the person had the opportunity to view my file at this time.

SMCI (Supermax Correctional Institution) is called by some the "Wisconsin Death Tomb," or "The Zombie Lab." The prison is hidden off in the back mountains and surrounded by big trees. The walls inside make it seem underground (Tombs of Death), so that once entered, there is no return.

It is called "The Zombie Lab" because of the regime they use to program you into being what they want, forcing you by threat and violence to participate in their phase level system and behavior modification/management continuums. For example, one of the tools [of threat] they use is controlling the water in the toilets. [As an example of behavior modification,] they have their own selected TV programming to be used as brain washing. The regime is designed to re-program you by using the same methods used by Nazis and the Russian governments during the Cold War, but modified and watered-down. The method comes from a Dr. Edgar Schein, who is very educated on the Nazi programming used by Hitler, and this methodology is consistent with what SMCI is about.

The authors of the shorthand notes felt assured that I would make the public aware of these behind-the-door discussions. Whereas it is common policy to have these meetings recorded and open for public viewing, the secrecy makes it all the more clear they have something to hide.

Speaker: (Addressing the ideas and topic of "programming the un-wanted men in society.")

"In order to produce marked changes of behavior and/or attitude, it is necessary to weaken, undermine, and remove the supports of the old patterns of behavior and attitudes, i.e., of independent thinking and self-worth, creating inferiority.

"Most of these supports are face-to-face confirmations of the present behavior and attitudes, that are provided by those who [maintain] close emotional ties and relations. Therefore, the removal of supports can and shall be done either by removing the prisoner physically and preventing any communication with those whom he cares about, or by proving to him that those whom he respects aren't worthy of respect and, indeed, shall be highly mistrusted. Once this process has been started, he will seek those whom he feels most close to, in most cases, family and close relatives. At this point you must make communication with the outside seem impossible and he must feel that no one in society cares about him any more. You must turn his love for them (for wife, family, friends, even kids) into constant disappointment, and [make contact] inconsistent, [so there is a] lack of continuity. After disappointment upon disappointment, the [experience] of disassociation with them [will bring feelings of] hatred, and abandonment. Then this hatred must become rage in order to break him and bring him to his weakest point before introducing programming ([creating] anti-social behavior). The programming will instil in him that the only reprieve, the only way to ever be loved and cared for again, is through the programming, by turning over his free will. He must look on you as a Prophet (prison guards), and the prison as the throne which God resides on (the Administration), so that to him there is no other way to survive.

"The following methods may be used to prepare and begin the desired programming. At the Boscobel Supermax, these are the most effective methods of neutralizing and controlling the people, or outcast individuals, who hold a course or position in opposition to your way of life, your way of doing things. These people can never have the same freedoms that you and I have. The Laws of Nature and the nature of man's greed or desire, rarely meet on common ground. [can you explain what you mean by this?]

"1) Physical Removal: Physically remove the prisoner to areas that are controlled, segregated and sufficiently isolated to effectively break and seriously weaken close emotional ties.

"2) [Segregate Leaders]: The immediate segregation of all inside political or religious prisoners that are natural leaders (i.e., the natural leader is the person everyone looks up to for protection, the big brother or father figure--he is the one everyone asks questions of, legal/political and religious/spiritual guidance especially---or any advice, period). They are well educated in their own history/culture and others [things]. There is a politically incorrect term for some of these people, depending on what group they come from, and I'll just leave it at that! However, these leaders must be isolated to get at the weak and less educated. This will also serve to show your superior force. For example, in the wild, where many of these prisoners come from (but here I'm speaking of the more pleasant animals), if you kill the strongest and the fastest of the pack, it will for the moment break the pack's loyalty and obedience and strength until such time as a new natural leader steps up or is elected. Here, with prisoners, the same method must be applied, sometimes [even] death, this is the most effective [method].

"3) [Cooperative Leaders]: Use of cooperative prisoners as leaders, that is, let them be seen as ones who can speak to the Administration as spokespersons and get relief when requested, to build trust in themselves. Then use them to move others to where it is desired. It will be best to get not-so-educated prisoners. The black prisoners, or Afro-Americans, are easy to handle and manipulate like this for some rewards. It usually gets them set fairly well.

"4) [Prohibition of Groups]: Prohibition of group activities not in line with the designed and desired programming objective. This means, no contact/relations, or restrictive contact at least, with the N.A.A.C.P., or churches in the community, especially black churches (they have too much political influence). The Nation of Islam shall be considered the most threat, because Islam as a whole is a problem with these programs. However, I do caution you that it is possible to use these groups to win over certain prisoners. However, you must have total control of this group's input and material/literature that is to be used in the Administration. I encourage you not to use them.

"5) [Surveillance]: Spying on the prisoners when they have a moment to themselves or think they have a moment of peace. In certain settings, other prisoners would be used for this, but in this case you will have to put other prisoners in rooms next to the prisoner desired to be monitored, and have the informant report back private material to compile and be used to discredit, disrespect, and shame. The intercom system is one of the effective intelligence agents.

"6) Confessions. Encouraging by creative means the signing of written statements that are then shown to others (i.e., family, girlfriends, members of gangs, religions, etc.). If necessary, you have to use force and threats, and do so where it is not reportable. Remember that you cannot view these prisoners as "human beings" as the prisoners' rights groups advocate. In order for this programming to work most effectively, you must program the front line officers into viewing the prisoner as something other than human - a wild beast, an animal to be feared and controlled, not trusted at all times. [Program them into believing that] life and death depend on these attitudes.

"7) [Exploitation]: Exploitation of the opportunities or of opportunistic prisoners and informants. I can give you examples of this, but you must use your own judgement of situations, so on that basis I will not taint your mind with my experiences or examples. [can you explain this more?]

"8) Trust: It is imperative to convince prisoners that they can't trust anyone they come in contact with, even family. This can be achieved by reading out-going and in-coming mail to family and loved ones, take certain aspects of these that are personal or private and intimate thoughts, and then bring this to the attention of the prisoner. Tell him his family called the Administration and told about his complaints and that they requested he be monitored because he has written home and is unstable and having thoughts of killing himself. This will soon cause mistrust with the prisoner and his family. You will hear prisoners relate such betrayals over the ranges and to each other.

"9) Special treatment. Treat those who are willing to collaborate, in far more lenient ways than those who are not.

"10) [Punishment]: Punish those who show uncooperative attitudes toward the programming. Do it openly and embarrassingly (i.e., show force, use combative response teams in full uniform to instil fear and to encourage prisoners to be receptive of programs, etc.).

"11) Mail. Systematic withholding of mail. This becomes very important in the process of breaking the prisoner down. If you can not legitimately bar the mail, then use the non-delivery stamp to return to sender, or make the prisoner appeal the contraband mail. By the time he receives the mail, emotional stress will already have developed. If this happens often enough, he will become discourage about writing and receiving mail, due to all the trouble he will go through. Also, there may come times when destroying the mail altogether will prove effective for those prisoners who seem to be less responsive to the less extreme methods. It also will suffice to demonstrate in front of a prisoner that you are in total control and that if he does not act according to your wishes, he will never hear or receive outside communications. This can be displayed by taking mail that has compiled to this prisoner and showing it to him. Then, once he apologizes or submits, etc., the mail is his. This will be effective, because he will relate this to other prisoners and the fear will be developed throughout the institution.

"12) Contact: Preventing contact with anyone, whether non-sympathetic or in agreement with the method of programming and the treatment/regime of the prisoner. This includes but is not limited to family, wives, kids, and even prison staff. When necessary, false behavior reports will be necessary to keep a prisoner at the point of breaking, by keeping him from receiving a family phone call or visit that might give him esteem and high spirits. This shall extend to his Attorney visits as well. They can destroy weeks of programming.

"13) Disenfranchisement. The disorganization of group standards, principles, ethics, and creeds. This shall be done by showing them that the doctrines of beliefs they embrace are not effective, and are false. Do this by finding dissenting materials, or if necessary, create the materials. It is in the nature of all human beings to hold faith and belief in something. However, once that element no longer protects, nourishes our needs, desires, and instead now inflicts pain, the person will become weak and give way with their beliefs or faith. Then you can replace them with your own system of beliefs and faiths, doctrines, creeds, etc. This was most effective during slavery. I encourage you to study the slave methods, as they will be valuable in this programming, especially among blacks. We have found in governmental studies that the blacks in America still maintain psychological programming from slavery very much active. Why do you think they are so easy to manage, and please--e.g., [look at] the dysfunctional families. Thus, your black prisoners will be receptive of the programming.

"14) Abandonment: Building a group conviction among the prisoners that they have been abandoned by all and totally isolated from their social order. (Note: many of these items will overlap or be reiterated as some of the same methods. Nevertheless, it is of great importance that you reinforce the program to be most effective.)

"15) Undermine: Undermine all emotional supports.

"16) Obstruction: Preventing prisoners from writing home or to friends in the community regarding the conditions of their confinement.

"17) Restrictions: Making available and permitting access to only those publications and books, music, and TV programs that contain materials which are either in conformity, neutral to, or supporting of, the desired new attitude. One element of dissent can cause hope to spring up.

"18) Maze effect: Placing the prisoner into new and ambiguous situations for which the standards are kept deliberately unclear and then putting pressure on him to conform to what is desired in order to win favour and a reprieve from the pressure.

"19) Weakening the spirit: Place the prisoner whose will power has been severely weakened or eroded into a living situation or complex with several others who are more advanced in their thought programming reform, whose job it is to further the undermining of the other prisoners' emotional supports. Make all of them hate him and him hate them.

"20) Invalidation: Use techniques of character invalidations, i.e., humiliations, revilements, and shouting, to induce feelings of guilt, fear, and create suggestibility. Couple these with sleeplessness, an exacting prison regime and periodic interrogation interviews for allegations ranging from suicide, gang activities, and unsolved crimes like murder. Continue to feed the prisoner that you know they did this or that. Continue to use past conduct on the files to instil guilt and shame. Never let him forget that which he has done. Use the names of victims of crimes to weaken him in the early hours of the night. Throw water in him and make him sleep wet in the cold to build discomfort. Use titles unpleasant to him, like "offender," "defendant," "ward of the state," "girls," "bitches," "fags," "homos,""nigger," etc.

"21) Insincerity: Meet all insincere attempts to comply, with the pressures of violence, and denial of food and mail.

"22) Consistency: Repetitiously point out to the prisoner, if possible by both staff and prisoners, where he has in the past or the present not lived up to his own standards, values, faiths, or creeds.

"23) Contention: Turn all natural religious or gang leaders against their second in command or trusted members.

"24) Power struggle: Create power struggles between members of religious sects or gangs, to weaken their structures and stability.

"25) Legitimacy: Those in gangs who are legitimately trying to change or be part of the community are to be rejected. This will discourage others from leaving the fold [and joining the gangs], and continue the justification to confine and discipline those members who are accessible. (Note: when a prisoner is labelled as a gang member or leader, the public will care less about his treatment in prisoner. So use that to your advantage.~)

"26) Rewards: Reward submission and subservience to the attitudes encompassing the programming objectives with a lifting of the pressure and with acceptance as a human being.

"27) Support: Provide social and emotional supports which reinforce the new attitudes.

"Now, unknown to yourself, you have not only become 'programmers', but the programming which you will be using was just applied to you. If you recall, or when you go over your notes, you will notice the repetition of certain methods. This is by design, to instil in you the acceptance, rationalization, and de-humanization of those you will be programming.

"Thank you very much. I will be available for questions."

"After the Supermax doors opened"

The following is a personal account of the inner workings of the state's pride and cruel trick on humanity, that was spearheaded by the governor.

The public's opinion has been but a beacon of light to guide, and too often to mislead. However, it has led not only humanity, but in some cases the government and her trust of empowerment, to the agencies that are created.

The Supermax prison, as the name keynotes, is a place of the highest and most extreme deprivation of human rights in the State of Wisconsin. It is not only claimed, but it is the irresistible truth, that SMCI (Supermax Correctional Institution) was created and conceived with the sole purpose, so proudly claimed by the governor, to inflict that pain back on the "criminal defendant or offender" that the offender has allegedly inflicted on society. I need not point out that this is an evil purpose or motive behind the building and running of the nation's now most oppressive prison and exaggerated security concern. Indeed, it is the reason there are claims now in the intermediate and Federal court, [that have] got the governor calling on his friends to bail him out, as he stated just recently, "I'm from Elroy." [it does not make sense, can you explain how saying I'm from Elroy means he is calling on his friends?] It is obvious, he is not only "set trippin'," but he is calling upon all of his comrades from "Elroy" to assist and undermine the litigation.

In a nutshell, [the governor wants] to cover up the crimes that on a daily basis go on in this $60 million dollar prison that he built in order to, as he called it, house the "toughest of the tough." Or [was it built] in order to create jobs for this rural community to whom he promised to bring jobs--of course, in exchange for votes [and because they have a shared] heritage and background. Not to mention, [was it built] so he could claim a decrease in the unemployment rate, because he would be creating jobs for poor whites, and locking up poor unemployed blacks, Latinos, and indigenous people. We see not only an opportunity to gain monetarily [through a cover-up], but the need and justification to suppress any unfavourable publicity, [which could bring public opinion to want] the discontinuation of this failed experiment.

This attitude encouraged by the governor is what created the present abusive and oppressive environment. While the SMCI officials claim to have the public interest at heart, most if not all of the alleged security concerns (For example, the inspection or random inspection of mail) are employed to secure the jobs of these officials who cut the corners and violate the law. The suppression of [communication with] prison advocacy groups outside the prison and the black listing of prisoners' mail to and from these agencies, serves no legitimate penal objective or rational security measure, let alone a justifiable concern.

However, one can concede, or concur, that there exists a real concern. And that concern is that those official misbehaving will lose their jobs. We shall not coat over the fact that to many of these guards, these jobs hold high aspiration and career advancements, and [financial support] for those who have dependents. Which places the need and greed right at the front door. Speaking of the front door! It is claimed that before SMCI opened the front doors, the bad and oppressive image followed here from the [evil conceptions] of the mind that [gave birth to] the idea to build it.

Those involved and those who had investments made haste in trying to dismiss and dispel public [concern]. So, once the first cargo of human beings or bondaged slaves arrived, the security concern arose at once when the complaints began to be filed about the inadequate and inhumane environment. But it was not the security concern of a legitimate public interest or penal objective. No, the concern was in creating and maintaining job security. Why the concern? Because, as previously mentioned and as will be stated later on, the inhuman image put all those gaining monetarily on "stand and point" - [on alert]. When the first cargo of prisoners came to SMCI, the officials in Madison as well as at the prison knew beforehand that the prison was not in operative [condition yet]. But due to the loss of money from not being open, to public grandiosity, and to the pressure on the governor from those he had promised jobs, SMCI's response in this moment of crisis was total censorship of all outgoing mail, legal and otherwise. This was so that they could bring damage control in to clean up, where they had failed to do it correctly [in the first place]. From that moment on, SMCI officials and the "Borg"-like staff (so-called intelligence collectors) and clean-up department (ICI system) has responded to every legitimate and even trivial concern with oppressive measures. These measures, as they are employed to this [writer], and to many more similarly situated, shall be [described] herein as follows:

SMCI structured team system in the unofficial regime

Although SMCI is disguised as a penal institution, the illegal practices and conduct of the officials of covering up and concealing human rights and civil rights violations, reveals its true nature, or at least turn it into nothing short of a criminal enterprise. All of this is done in the name of securing and maintaining their jobs, which means to keep SMCI operating and open by all means necessary and at all costs. The common mind-set used to rationalize this illegal conduct was to say over and over again to oneself, and the prisoner, "I'm only doing my job." Thus, in the name of the job, they committed serious deprivations and went along with criminal conduct. Imagine a Nazi war criminal telling a Jewish tribunal, "I was only doing my job as a soldier."

The SMCI echelon is as follows, based upon what I have been able to ascertain by pure observation and by conversing with unnamed staff:

The unofficial regime echelon is divided up into a "Team System," or just teams. There are four teams operating at all times, on all shifts in the prison. The team system is formulated to respond to any crisis that arises out of unofficial conduct by the staff, not by prisoners (i.e., conduct which is not authorized by statutes or consistent with the law or legally permissible by the laws and constitutions, etc.). The response is meant to keep the crisis from spilling out of the prison into the courts, to prison advocacy groups, families and others that would respond to the violations or other unacceptable conduct, with influence on public opinion that would be unfavorable to SMCI. [I rearranged the statement above to make it more readable, so make sure the meaning is correct]

The "Primary Team" consists of Warden Gerald Berge, Deputy Warden Peter Huibregtse, Security Director Boughton, Program Director Vicki Sharpe and her husband unit manager, Linda Hot Stuff [*name inserted from you notes], unit manager, Hompe, etc., and unnamed.

The "Secondary Team" consists of captains and lieutenants who are selectively picked, such as the likes of Captain Reed Richardson, Capt. or Lt. Biggar, Grondin, etc.

The "Third Team," called "field supports," consists of selected sergeants, such as the likes of Sgt. Mason, Sgt., Bowdy, Sgt. Hoffman, Sgt. Kussmrul, Sgt. Snodgrass, and Sgt. Krackey. Equally important, with their own special department, are Sgt. Wetter, Sgt. Bast, and Sgt. Loskot, who maintains the tight censorship of mail, and whose duty it is to make sure nothing damaging leaves the institution if possible.

The "Fourth Team," called "frontliners," "front line officers" or "contact staff," consists of C.O.'s mostly selected, but is not limited to those. It depends on the action to be carried out, which will decide which C.O. will be employed to carry it out.

Now, the "Primary Team" will create an environment, disturbance, or situation by which they will send certain contact staff in to create chaos among prisoners on certain ranges or wings by various acts explained throughout this report. These are the so-called "shock tests," which the primary team will, by unofficial policy and procedures, send the contact staff to perform. For example, Ms. Hot Stuff has been clocked [what does "clocked" mean? Does it mean "caught" or "observed"?] creating policies and rules on her office computer, frequently. She has been clocked making policies while standing at prisoner's doors with the "shock compressors," and when asked to see the policy or rule she is enforcing and claiming the prisoner has violated, her reply is, "I'm going to make it up right now." Then off to her office she will go, to type up an internal policy and rule [for the] emergency. Flyboy has been present several times while such [policy-making] has taken place.

To offer one case in point, contact staff (the Fourth Team) will be instructed by the Primary Team or a member of this team, to go into the room and take all of a prisoner's legal material that is [involved] in a pending court date, being fully aware of this. The primary will instruct them (contact staff) verbatim on exactly how to respond when the prisoner objects, reacts, or responds to the "shock." The contact staff objective is to go in, take, and come out, sometimes with force and sometimes not. If questioned, their response is, "I'm only doing my job," or "You have to talk to the unit manager." If the prisoner is not content with the shock test just employed upon him, the Third Team is brought in to give support to the contact staff. The same theme is reiterated. However, if the selected members of the Secondary Team are called in, a show of force and violence is deemed to follow after the prisoner has been provoked. This team is considered the "Shock Compressors" (supra with Linda Hot Stuff), which is the unofficial title. However, when they are forced to write up paperwork on these provoked attacks, in the event that the Shock Compressors hurt some one and the matter of illegal acts is likely to be investigated, they call this an extraction gang or team. Notice the composition of this word, i.e., "extra-action."

Note: In the year or so since SMCI has been open, the Shock Compressors or cell extractions that have taken place in this small length of time, are more than for all Wisconsin prisons together for the past two year period. If they record them, the record shall reflect, or their logs, that in the year 2000 alone, [there was a cell extraction] almost every day, and for the days of absence, three to four in another day make up the loss.

Now, this Shock Compressor team will have beaten up prisoners for merely passively disobeying a staff ego ["order"?], or for calling a staff by their name. Or, especially when there is a certain female staff who a male staff likes, the latter will look for the minutest reason to call on a Shock Compressor.

Most of the conduct consists of the Primary Team keeping the contact staff in direct confrontation situations with the prisoners by changing policies and making new rules, sometimes every week. Most are never in printed form. For example, see the Alpha rule books from the time period of April, 2000, to the present, or from the initial opening of SMCI to the present. June 15th, Revised, June 28th, Revised, July 6th, Revised, and recently, July 13th, Revised. As well, see the new and old Alpha canteen list and purchase form. This process of making procedures and rules so ambiguous, makes even seasoned staff who have been part of the DOC for five to ten years, find themselves confronted with avoidable dilemmas and confrontations.

The Primary Team, in creating pandemonium, use the following tactics by way of the contact team. Create ambiguous memos and rules to circumvent the laws, regulations, and administrative codes. These memos, created on internal computer, are given out selectively, if necessary, or they use the yellow notation stickers. They then have the contact staff remove or steal them back from the prisoners so there is no record, or just to harass the prisoners. Further, they create false memos and only serve them to selected prisoners to claim new restrictions. After they set him off, they go in and retrieve it or remove it off his door, or confiscate it upon him attempting to mail it out.

Further, all prison advocacy groups are now banned and black-listed. There is no existing list (or so I'm told), so staff or the Primary and Secondary Team ban them as convenient for them. The only exceptional mail received by these groups is those that can be traced back to staff, if they destroyed and didn't deliver it [what do you mean by this? Please explain]. Other than that, all mail to and from [these groups] is destroyed without notice or any form of pre- or post-remedy, contrary to the administration's own policy.

A similar practice occurs with legal mail going to and from the court. Mostly, there is intentional delaying of mail to miss dates and time lines. Also, there is sending of requested certified mail through the regular mail, and opening of legal mail outside of the presence of this prisoner.

This [four team] echelon was formed for no other purpose but to commit unofficial acts and conceal them.


The Dalai Lama teaches us that: "Genuine compassion is based on a clear acceptance or recognition that others, like oneself, want or desire and shall have the right to overcome pain, suffering, and torture. On that basis, one develops ..... concern about the welfare of others, irrespective of one's attitude to oneself. That is compassion." From the Power of Compassion. [is that a book?]

Dear Reader! Prisoners who are locked down and isolated for almost 24 hours a day, sometimes for years on end, in tiny, damp, smelly cells, with almost nothing constructive or otherwise to do, will reach out for help. Most of the time [they will reach] out to courts before they will to their immediate staff, even before they reach out to some family members, or to a psychologist. Some may just follow the easy route and strike out any way they can. It's only logical that guards will retaliate.

Prisoners who complain about the conditions of their confinement do not generally get much sympathy from society, but sympathy is not the issue here. From society's long-term perspective, there are sound reasons for prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment. People who are abused and treated with violence are those most likely to treat others abusively and violently.

Under the SMCI system, many prisoners will soon be on the streets. Confining people under conditions of extreme violence, fear, and hostility, and [then] releasing them into society, is the equivalent of throwing a ticking time bomb into a crowd. This is exactly what Gov. Tommy Elroy and others are trying to create. The explosion will set off a blast that creates the precise effects they want: Enactment of new racist laws and crime bills. Abridgments of constitutional rights that will be selectively applied and enforced. Building of new prisons to imprison the poor Blacks and Latinos. Hiring the poor whites to serve as guards, or modern-day slave overseers.

The question that now must be answered is, do the prisoners in SMCI have a "Magna Carta"? If not, then there is no force and meaning in language, and the words of solemn treaties, such as civil and constitutional rights for prisoners, are an idle breath, which prisoners may [regard as little as they do] the passing wind. Let the noble Reader reflect and recollect, that these treaties [should be held as such], and that there is a saying among nations, as among women and men, a Golden rule: "Let us do to them, as we wish and [would] have done to us."

As this reader, and as penologists and others in this field across the nation know, this exaggerated security concern is in its very essence oppressive in nature. While the false prophets (politicians, governor, etc.) are grand at such proclamations, however, maat (truth) reveals to us that these oppressive measures do more to create security concerns than to remove them. The highest court and lower courts in the State of Wisconsin have illuminated these very facts to those zealots trying to appeal to the public with rage against crime, with ill gain in mind, and with demagoguery of Shaitan.

The facts of the matter make it incumbent upon us to see through the illusions they try to make out of reality. In Eighth Amendment cases, the Supreme Court decisions have all set wisdom [in front of] the face of the prudent seeker [of wisdom]. [The Court has found] "that when one is controlling a prison of such intrusions [do you mean "intrusiveness"? doesn't make sense], the environment there is ripe for the creation of the exact "named" behavior and environment is, and very well ought to be, a crime. But even more, if our present world society has truly matured in her humanity, her response to such public official misconduct is:

Outrage and Non-acceptable!

The Caged Dog Effect

By P.P.O.W., Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru
A.K.A. Norman C. Green, II
Boscobel Supermax, 12-2-Y2

Everybody born in the stolen land (America), I'm sure, has grown up in a community where there was one dog whom everyone feared that, if it ever got loose, it would bite someone.

The interesting thing is that in spite of this fear, almost every kid in the community that comes past this dog "will" and does agitate it, and it will agitate them. Even some teenagers and grown people get in on what would appear to be "meaningless fun." Every day, every wee, this is done, every month. After a while, it becomes so ingrained, that this relationship (between them and the dog) [becomes] one of "love and hate." The kids take their anger out on him by hitting him with big rocks, making him run and cut his nose and mouth on the gate. The dog knows every one of the my sight, smell, and sound - soon, maybe, even taste?

Another interesting thing is, both the people and the dog fear each other, which very well contributes to the dysfunctional relationship. More so, they both bravely demonstrate this fear under the false pretense of courage. They both know that "the gate" will actually prevent either one of them from proving just how brave they are.

So, they continue on with this daily ritual that makes both of them look very silly. Two animals that have allegedly been domesticated, yet very much beasts, challenging each other to see who is "king of the jungle."

If we could actually hear this dog's thoughts, feelings, and what its intentions are if it ever get loose, this article would be much more interesting and terror-filled. What is clear, however, is that if this dog gets loose, he knows its worst and most hated agitators. Like most animals, they have an almost perfect memory when it revolves around threatening situations. There's no doubt that this dog will bite someone and viciously hurt them.

Now, as experience has shown, there are a few exceptions where this dog got out and had the opportunity to strike, even on these kids, but actually just scared them rather than biting them. But, every dog is not the same. There is, and will be, that one dog that will exactingly [take] his revenge. On that day, the community will never have visited such somberness.

All the kids now crying and scared, the community now demands that the dog be put to sleep. Still more, very few ever admonished the little kids from messing with the dog. Now the fun is over, everyone wants to blame the dog, when it could very well have been prevented, had these same people admonished these kids and made peace with this now demonized dog.

Every person in America has seen this done, or done so themselves. The Caged Dog.

Now, I have one question before the conclusion of this article. Which animal could be even more dangerous when once agitated with this same Caged Dog Effect? When constantly being harassed and daily abused? "A Human being."

This is what I see happening every day at the Governor's Supermax prison. Prisoners more and more are becoming that "encaged, enraged dog." What's more, this Caged Dog Effect is magnified in human beings. Where their nature is not as instinctive as the dog's is, they have a capacity to process information faster and with greater emotional effect. The environment alone causes unknown damage, and mental damage that can never be measured. This is because humans can articulate these pains to a greater degree. While we will never know if the dog has these same or similar emotions, zoologists have recorded animals committing suicide in an effect to free themselves from bondage. This is evidence that humans are not the only animals that process environmental information like this.

Within the Supermax, the Caged Dog Effect is creating mad dogs. Unlike the real dog who got loose by accident, these humans turned mad dogs will be released on the community like an owner sending a pack out to kill.

Now, we must emphasize that the appropriate and proper thing to do is not to put these young men to sleep or continue encagement, as the unwise and ill-informed community did in the dog pathos. No, the prudent thing to do here is to get involved and prevent these people from being turned into monsters.

This [(turning these people into monsters)] is one of the primary objectives of the Supermax. Its resident psyche, Dr. Snapple, supervises this pilot program. IF the objective, or goal, is carried out, these mad dogs leaving here into society will create pandemonium, so that the Governor will feel, and will be needed to act as if, he is solving society's ills, thus creating new laws and jobs (prisons) for economically unstable, poor rural communities.

This is part of the Governor's solution to the unemployment problem. Look closely. Lock poor urban inner-city people up, who are jobless, and give the poor jobless rural people jobs guarding the now-imprisoned poor inner-city urban people. If one combs through the statistics, one will see an actual decrease in unemployment, which is the claim to fame of the Governor. But what is transparent to the poor urban people and those in prison, is that the statistics are traded one for the other. The Governor's master plot, or plan, is to lock the Blacks and Latinos up. They are expendable. Instead of creating jobs for them, which would cost the state less money, he creates prison cells for them. Because he goes against all wisdom and logic in his solution, this shows the underlying racism in this system. Why else would he care so little!

The issue is that this Caged Dog Effect will further create the crisis situation the Governor wants, [in order to] culturally condition the people to accept this disguised racist's unemployment and population control [solutions]. If any investigation were to be initiated at the Supermax, they would find that, out of the 330 prisoners recently housed there and receiving this Caged Dog Effect, at least 20 of them are being released into the Black and Latino communities within a 12 to 16 month period. And these prisoners, at least ten of them, are constantly mistreated and [are] intentionally [created with] hate being built inside of them, so they can be like that dog who one day got loose. Just like the dog, they all may not get out and "bite." However, all it requires to bring the lynch mob out to kill, is the biting of one misguided and vengeful dog. Or, in this case, Supermax prisoner.

Dr. Snapple profiles these prisoners and instructs the staff how to effectively create the necessary environment to create this caged dog to be released as the agent of the Governor's racist population and unemployment program. This Caged Dog Effect is well known throughout the scientific community, especially in the psychology field.

Over three decades ago, Dr. Phillip J. Zimbardo proved how the Caged Dog Effect created macabre [behavior] in citizens/students who volunteered to play both guards and prisoners in a prison experiment. The results were that the fake guards, who once were meek, compassionate people, became abusive thugs with state-sanctioned authority. The student fake prisoner became inferior, nothing people, many of whom wanted to commit suicide. And it was only a fake situation. Imagine this happening every day, without calling it quits.

Around this same time, the prisons in this country were being told by both professional psychologists and judges that these environments create destructive people, and that the [environments] were in their very nature unconstitutional, per the Eight Amendment. [These environments were deemed] cruel and unusual punishment and inhumane by the United Nations Human Rights Bill.

The irony is, these same [people] now get tough on crime, and prison politicians are, mostly, the same so-called liberals who fought hard against these same kinds conditions. These people, and they are many, have sold out, have become the same thing they once despised, "harlots for money and power." And Dr. Snapple is no exception.

This article is to be printed in the American Journal of Psychology on Prisons in America (Stolen Land). All rights reserved to Price Atum-Ra Uhuru, A.K.A. Norman C. Green, II, a political prisoner of war in the oppressive Supermax prisoner in the State of Wisconsin. Within the essence of maat and 28 U.S.C.) 1746.
[Notary signed]

"Philosophy for the outcast class of people!"

By having no rights, we shall inherit the rights and privileges of a future humanity.

By having no one who cares and fights for us, we shall fight and speak for ourselves.

By having no political and economic might, we have been legislatively erased. But by Allah's grace we shall rise like the invisible ink on the corrupt crime bill.

By rejecting 21st century slavery, we have arrived at a universal freedom [of] mind and soul.

By the introspection of the self, we find and become in tune with rectitudes far superior to those [dictated to us] by those who claim to dictate.

By having courageous faith, our thoughts, dreams, wishes and prayers penetrate through steel and concrete doors.

By being and becoming improved men, the games and plots they make will only end up becoming evidence against them on the resurrection and judgment day.

Minister of spirituality of
Pat em samat, servant to Allah,
Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


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