April 27, 2013

Daily Journal (March 25-31, 2013)

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


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Daily Journal - March 25-31, 2013

Monday March 25,2013 5:17am Been up
since 3:30 Just Finished Cleaning the
Floor, sink and toilet made the bunk and waiting
on breakfast. I'm going to work on some stationart
this morning, write a letter and exercise leg's abs
cardio and may even do some push ups. Other than that
just have to see what today holds.
6:48am. Just finished writing a letter. I'm trying to raise
money for a lawyer. Chow was late. They still haven't picked
up trays. That's sick how that 17 year old kid, killed that 13
month old baby. Someting is wrong with the human race.
9:10am. Just finished an ab, legs exercise session. I'll do cardio
later today. I've been getting dizzy and a headache. I hope this
goes away. I'm going to lay down.
11:35am. Just finished lunch. I've
been sitting here reading the
bible doing some research. I'm
thinking about leaving this alone
showing all the problems with
the bible. In fact I think I'm
going to write church's and
see if I can find some assistance
there. Only problem is 98% of
these preachers are con arist
using the churchs to rob the
poor. I had to put my music
on to block out the dumb and dummer.
Their watching the price is right
and talking to the T.V.
12:55pm. Just did a 40 minute
cardio workout. Fixing to do
some work on this new station-

Ronald W. Clark-March 25, 2013
Page 2-Daily Journal

ary and then maybe some writing. then go from there.
2:29pm. Canteen truck just came in it's too late for them to pass it out. They'll do that tomorrow. I've been working
on some stationary and watching these christian shows.
Con artist selling books and other stuff so they can sow reap and hoard money. Christianity is a mess with all
these false lying deceiving prophets.
4:49pm. Just finished eating. I broke my tooth on a chicken
bone. I'll have to get fixed next time I see the dentist.
That will be my last piece of real chicken. The guy I was
dealing with found some one to give him more. I've got me
a little stew cooking right now. I'm fixing to lay back and
watch the news, then eat and wait on showers and hope
for some mail.
Tuesday March 26, 2013 5:22am. Just
waiting on breakfast. Made the bunk
cleaned the cell. I recieved a few
easter cards last night and two
letters, one reeligious. I'll be answer-
ing them this morning. I'm act-
ually reading the religious
pamphlet right now, so I can
respond to it. Here's breakfast.
8:11am. Just finished a letter to a christian. Think I'm going to
walk for a little bit and then go from there.
11:20am. The just called rec. I told them I want to go. We will
see. I've been writing all morn-
ing. I still haven't exercised.
I need to do that work on
this stationary. I've got

Ronald W. Clark-March 26, 2013
Page 3-Daily Journal.

a lot to do, but this one letter has had me in the bible
all morning.
12:46pm. Waiting to see about rec. I've been standing at
the door talking witha guy several cells down. Just
talking about the streets and Jacksonville. This broke tooth
is driving me crazy! And of all things, I break it on a
chicken bone.
1:14pm The just pulled recreation. I didn't get to go.
So I think I'll do some art work. I really need to exercise.
4:21pm. Just put the art supplies up, waiting on dinner.
I'm going to eat, watch the news and hit the
bed. early. I hope to get woke up at mail call.
Wednesday March 27, 2013 5:22am. Nurse just came and took
blood. Which means I'll see the Doctor next mont. I got
one letter last night, so I'll do some writing this
morning. Made my bunk cleaned up. I got up at 4:30
Breakfast should be here any minute. Well set up my writing.
10:59am I've been writing all morning.
Reading the bible and writing christian
orgs. A lot of these preachers are
con artist. Stealing from the
poor so the can
afford $1,000 suits
drive $100,000 cars
and live in $1,000,000
homes. Many will

Ronald w Clark Jr
March 27,2013
pg 4 Daily journal

hear the messenger (jesus) but few will follow the
message. For a true christian is crucified with christ
and he/she no longer lives,but christ lives in them
i started reading and studying again to show the
promblems i have with the text but no ,its pulling
me into preach it. but i cant i dont have the
faith. but i see the christian faith as a mess.
They trample the blood of christ under foot,using the
sacred blood to can and manipulate,and have turned
the faith into a low life corrupt billion dollat industary.
Oh well i need to exercise sometime today . i also
need to work on some new stationary. I need to
put this bible up. iam going to listen to music and
walk for awhile.
12:58PM didnt eat lunch,gave it away, ive been sitting here
doing art work. which iam fixing to get back to
1:41pm canteen just left,i didnt get everything i ordered still
havent exercised. i really need to do that.
4:45pm Got my food heating over in the
sink. ive just been messing with this art
all day. im fixing to lay back
watch the news and
wait to shower. iam
first tonight i hope
to stay up and watch
survivor tonight,but

Ronald .W.Clark
March 27,2013
pg 5 Daily Journal

i dont know if ill make it till 9pm.Iam tired
well iam fixing to eat and watch the news.
Thursday March 28,2013 5:02am been up since 3:40am
cleaned the cell and all,read my mail. i got 3 letters
in last night. one from my mother who let me know
our vists are restored. So happy to hear that
iam fixing to start writing. iam going to be writting
most of the morning. i got some of my new
stationary in,it didnt turn out as good as i hoped
it would.Larry has 13 days to live,well heres
9:27am Just finished a nice exercise session,i did it
out of anger cause these two idiots are up talking
and getting under my skin.Iam thinking about putting
in to get off this floor.I can now move to the other
end of the building,that idiot C.O. is gone from over
there. And i should be off hightened security any day
now.iam thinking of putting in to move.cause these
two idiots are getting o my nerves. i have
to keep the music blasting to block
them out. i really wish all of these
cells were closed in. really
i dont need to talk
to anyone. Accept
when i go to the rec yard. once i was
on a floor by myself

Ronald W Clark JR
March 28,2013
Daily Journal PG 6

for 30 something days. I seen an officer three
times a day,when they fed me i didnt have
a radio,tv,or anything to read,so that was kind
of rough. but I'd take that over listening to these
two talking. well i need to do some writting .i've
written 2 letters. I have a couple more to write
11:22am Just finished eating lunch,its something called
Yakosoba noodles meat and other stuff i thrown together
i put a soup and cheese with it, it came out good. Iv'e
just been sitting here writting which iam fixing to
get back to first iam going to walk for 30 minutes
1:25pm Just finished cleaning the cell bars and floor
i wrote another letter to a pastor. I've been under
the ear buds listening to music. i just dont want
to listen to anyone or talk to anyone. They got on
my nerves so bad this morning,usually i dont let
them get to me like that. I broke my razor this
morning shaving. The screen broke, I've had it for
8 years. I got my moneys worth out
of it. Iam going to have to buy
another one.
1:35pm They just came
down and asked if i
wanted to go to the rec
in the morning. I said yes and the
captian was here so

Ronald W clark
March 28,2013
Daily Journal PG 7

I spoke with him,showed him my moms letter
saying my vists are restored. he said that he
would have to contact my classification officer
and get it in writting from her. cause like i
told him if i've got vists, then i cant be on
hightened security. Well i think iam going for a walk
for awhile and then decide what to do next.
3:18pm They had a tour group come in,but they didnt
come over here. This is my stationary with the tiger.
It didnt come out as well as i'd have liked. Im tired
and ready to go to sleep. At about 5pm iam going to
wash clothes,bath and get in bed. I'd like to watch
a couple of these basketball games
but ill probably be sleep
before they come on,well im
going to walk and may be do
some more push-ups.
4:26pm Just finished eating it
was a processed patty,but
it was cooked and not that dead gray looking crap.
I'm fixing to do some
push-ups,wash clothes
and bath.
Friday March 29,2013
6:30 am Been up since
3am. Just been sitting
here writting.Got a
letter from a christian
last night.but many
proclaim themselves

Ronald W Clark
March 29,2013
Daily Journal
PG 8

to be christians few truly are. For many have heard the
messenger but few will follow the message, i've got to clean
the floor and get ready for recreation. i got another
letter to write and severalo comments to respond to i
also need to exercise today. Time to get going.
7:36 am They just called recreation. they said I'll be going
out this afternoon. I just finished a letter to that
senator. I'm suggesting on how to secure the security
of these institutions by implementing 2 new laws. would
be good for everyone I'm going to do some more writing.
11:12 am Just finished doing some walking. I wrote a letter
before that. I've got some reply's to write. I think I'll start
them shortly. I'm going to rec at 1 pm.
till 3 pm.
11:33 am The mail Lady just picked
up legal mail. I'm writing a Reply
to collard greens.
12:14 pm Just waiting to go outside,
They will be here in about 45 min.
Can't wait to get out of here.
I haven't been outside in 7
3:38 pm Just got back
in From recreation.They said ill be going
out this afternoon. i just finished a letter to that
senator. I'm suggesting on how to secure the security
of these institutioins by implementing 2 new laws.would
be good for everyone. I'm going to do some writting
11:12am Just finished doing some walking,i wrote a letter
before that I've got some reply's to write. i think ill start
them shortly. I'm going to react 1pm
till 3pm.
11:33am The mail lady just picked
up legal mail I'm writting a reply
to collrdgreens.
12:14pm just waiting to go outside
they will be here in about 45 min
cant wait to get out of here.
i havent been outside in 7
3:38pm just got back
in from recretition
I'm tired . i walked
almost the whole
time. i stopped and
talked with the sgt
joked around with
him some. My mp3
player was picked

Ronald W Clark
March 29,2013
Daily Journal PG9

up about 12:30 and they still havent brought it back.
I hope they get it down here soon.I'm ready to go
to sleep. were last in the shower tonight so i want get
my shower until 8pm. Im fixing to sit back and
relax for a bit.
5:32pm still waiting on the mp3 player to come back.Ate about
an hour ago.I'm tired from being outside and walking.I
am ready for bed just as soon as i shower.well iam going
to sit back and watch the news and wait on the mp3 to
come back.
7:08pm Got my mp3 back about 15 mins ago,Im
listening to my music. just finished washing clothes,
now waiting on the shower and mail call.
Saturday March 30,2013 6am just finished cleaning
the floor. Got another cricket in here. last night was
screwed up. They started showers at 6:13.but officers
were called away to do other things. so they were
short staff.guys were getting stuck down there in
the shower for 40 minutes. so i didnt go,i
bathed in here.You dont want to get
stuck in that shower that long
it is nasty down there dont
touch the walls,bars
nothing. and once
one of the guys get
out of the shower, you
have no choice but to
get out.cause unless
both showers are running
you cant get hot water. This whole building

Ronald W Clark
March 30,2013
Daily journal PG 10

is screwed up. and its only 20 years old.mail came
at 10:20 last night. i just put it on the desk and read
it this morning. i got 3 letters in but there from orgs.
i,ve got enough to keep me buy today. I,am fixing to
write to serveral church's,mom,anne,and a couple other
people. need to exercise and then go from there.
11:09 am I,ve been writing all morning letters request slips
and replies. ive still got to set up and work out here in
a bit. i,ve still got alot of writing to do.I need to
do some art work. Maybe able to do that in the
12:53pm. Just finished exercising. Wasn't a bad session,
but it could have been better. I've been under my ear
buds listening to music since 5am. I haven't talked to
one single person. Well I said, goof morning to one
of the officers coming through. Well I think I'm going
to relax for a few minutes, and then either wash
clothes and bath or write.
4:26pm. Just finished eating. I'm sitting here
wathcing ESPN 30 for 30 on ABC. I'm going
to do some more writing at least one
more letter. then wash clothes.
Sunday March 31, 2013 5:13am
just waiting on breask-
fast then I'm going
to do some writing.
Already made the bunk,
cleaned the floor. I'm
going to start writing now.
9:36am. Been sitting here
writing all morning long.
I jsust stopped and ate a soup, drinking a cup of
coffee now. I'm going to write a couple more letters.
Need to exercise. I hate having hari on my face and
not being able to shave. I've got to get another razor.
11:39am. I took the mean off the lunch tray and made
buritto's using canteen items. There heating up. I'll each
in a bit. I'm still writing. I've been writing all morning.
I'm under the music to clock out the idiotic conversat-
ions. Last night I seen a show on Bill Moyers on the
death penalty. You could probably see it by going to
Bill Moyers.com its worth watching. Back to writing.
12:43pm. Just finsihed eating. Those burittos were really good.
I could eat them every day.
3:32pm. Just been watching the basketball games. The
Gators' are losing badly. I got to shave and get that
hair off my face.
4:37pm. Just finished eating dinner. Hot dogs. I'm fixing
to bath wash clothes get in bed and call it a day.
made it through March Just another
month on Florida's Death Row.


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windydays Posted 6 years ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years ago   Favorite
Ron, why don't you get off every Christians back? We aren't perfect, never will be, impossible. It's about something different. If you think every professed Christian is God walking around, that is wrong. Jesus IS God, not a man - they are one in the same and it is truly a loving way to save us. God is to perfect/sinless/HOLY to encounter lie among us, so he came in the form of man. I am sorry you missed that in your reading. As I said before - I don't think you are given the ability to understand or feel the love of it all. Read about Moses on the mountain and why he shielded his face when God appeared. Jesus was in HELL those days fighting satan for our sins. Question for you, sincerely, where did you think He was?

Three people ONLY went to heaven without dieing first, interesting stories, little trivia. See is you can find that. :)

As far as all these robbers in churches, preachers, etc. Well, there are those in prison also who try and scam churches for money alongside writing gay porno for money as you said you did. No one is perfect. Is all the money you get truly earned and deserved? See.... cast stones at your self also. Question is, and the bible clearly says this many many times.... our father is a King, should King's children go without? Well, you never replied to my comment.... but thats ok. your Christian friend you mention..... please know that he is like all of us, we sin, it can not be helped. The blood covers that..... and sadly we must always remind our self that it is not to be taken for granted, because it is given to us in mercy. Please be careful with your words...as I will mine, and neither want to lose any grace and mercy towards our life. If you are so interested and eager..... LISTEN... be open, as the Holy Spirit is trying to talk to you, and He won't always knock at your door.... try not to read it all so literal, the Old Testament is over, it is about the New and also Revelation, Paul was in prison writing that. You have a lot of casual spending money on your account - buy some real books from Amazon.... NONE NONE of us can find all the truth and meaning about the bible without reference.

windydays Posted 6 years ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years ago   Favorite
Part 2

Max Lucado is a great start...... "And the Angels were Silent" will explain in every detail where Jesus was 3 days. Max is a hugely popular, famous writer and his org. will donate/send for free to you in prison! See not every one is a scam. And to close, may I say, my family has written an inmate there over 18 years, he said "you have your problems, BUT, you will always help another fella". You are caring, compassionate.... allow yourself to be loved. Being a Christian does not mean all wrong is turned right, it really means..... "Live your life like you know the end of the story.....because you do." And if you really want to explore... well, you need to... because the written bible, is hard to understand, I personally have to get out 2-3 reference books to even read a chapter. Is your bible one with foot notes and cross reference? Needs to be. Set yourself free and live some..... you would be a good mentor.... for the youth, life is not over for you there........ and I appreciate what you do share food wise etc with fellow inmates. My friend gets about 50.00 a year only on his account. Feel blessed because you are. Write : Multnomah, 8435 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97220 for Max books, ask kindly if they will donate to a prisoner in search of answers....

windydays Posted 6 years ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years ago   Favorite
Try and not be so bitter about God, until you fully realise the dynamics here on earth now and why, you will not be able to understand that until He comes again, evil is still trying very hard to win a losing battle.... don't be mad at God for where you are, He did not put you there, satan did. Be mad at him, for all the worlds crimes even YOUR own ! Cuss him for where you are... and to yourself for being weak enough to listen... love is not about tying people to a post and saying you will love me regardless. Love is free will, how ungratifying would it be to God to create the world and MAKE all us of love Him.. such a sweeter love is to know hey, they chose me, they chose to love me! You are hating the wrong source.. actually giving credit to satan by doing that. Don't feed his army, he uses you like a little pawn and so enjoys it.... he wants you to commmit suicide, die, be miserable, because he is. Live....

e.swift Posted 6 years ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years ago   Favorite
Your research on the bible is very interesting, I think you are right in saying that it has many flaws, but I think it relates more to people taking it too literally and applying next to no context, than the actual context.

windydays Posted 6 years ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years ago   Favorite
windydays aka happygolucky :)

ndschram Posted 6 years ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years ago   Favorite

I really enjoyed reading your letter. Your discipline and motivation deeply inspires me.

I don't blame you for being skeptical of the Bible. There is some crazy stuff in there and some crazy people try to use it for their own good. I am not a Christian myself but I grew up in a Christian household. If only fraction of the Christians of the world showed the strength and fortitude that you have the world would be a greater place.

I really enjoyed the artwork on your stationary. I loved seeing the same drawings more than once and seeing the great amount of detail and subtle difference from one to the other. I am a musician by profession but I also like to paint. I am not any good at all but it really makes me happy to do.

I am so happy you made it outside. You are so strong for keeping so motivated for so long without ever being able to walk around. You're strength is a marvel of this world.

God bless you,

Hooker Posted 5 years, 12 months ago. ✓ Mailed 5 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
Damn so many stupid people raised by other stupid people and taught to believe a silly fairytale about a man in the sky being born by a virgin, and other crap stolen from other older religions... and here we go, poop this book out into the world and with so many stupid people around (much more now than there were 2000 years ago) they will keep the shit alive for a long long time.

The sad truth is that humans are parasites on earth, all they do is use and destroy everything they have around them. We should and we will be extinct, because we are scum.

And when we die we won't see anything and no evil man in the sky is going to punish us.
I am horrified at the idea of heaven, spending eternity with stupid people-sheep that I try to stay away from on earth? These people are scum and a true hell to be around.

Ronald W. Clark, Jr Posted 5 years, 11 months ago.   Favorite
(scanned reply – view as blog post)

Ronald W. Clark, Jr Posted 5 years, 8 months ago.   Favorite
(scanned reply – view as blog post)

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