Nov. 28, 2013

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Hi Elizabeth-Anne

Thank you for your feedback. It was encouraging
to know someone was reading what I wrote.
I was about to stop but now I wont.

In response to what you wrote, I also think that
education is a vital tool for success & helps to
provide an alternative to a criminal life. There
also has to be changes in the institutions &
society in general. People who are educated & have
multiple degrees are working in McDonalds & other
places where they can't apply the knowledge they
spent years getting Enough jobs don't exist right now
for every of-age American. Nonetheless this is the
system we have & hold up as the ideal system.

Hello Paul

Thank you for your feedback. I welcome the other
view on things. You can learn anything by only
talking to people who agree with you. Based on
your promise that I haven't met smart people
because they did't use their intelligence toward a
productive life is far fetched & baseless. I say
that because a person's intelligence doesn't give them
immunity from mistakes. Einstein was very intelligent
by anyone's measure but he also built a bomb that killed
many people.
I also disagree with your view of the Chicago crime
rate. The mentality of street law & no cooperation with
law enforcement is not the result of the tragedy
that is happening in Chicago. The system there & across
the country is broken. We have to get to the root
of these problems & stop grabbing at sky high
branches. The street mentality is the effect of
having to live under those extreme conditions. Having
the ability to adapt quicker can be the difference between
success & failure or in real life terms life or death. No
person can honestly say they love the entire street
mentality & if a viable opportunity manifested that
didn't involved crime many would gladly switch their


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