Dec. 18, 2016

Letter for Daniel Tutka

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Letter for Daniel Tutka
written 4 De. 2016

Howdy Daniel,

That was fast, them posting this and your replying, but it took 2 weeks for me to receive your reply.

I'm not in touch with any of our old friends, but I do know where your old roommate lives (He wrote me several years ago after his mom died, then stopped writing) and where my old roommate lives. He's in Madison and is a respected therapist (saw him on the news as an consultant). Unfortunately [redacted]one we knew forgot about me, forgot who I was—some, I learned, thought I was putting on an act, as if I was a serial killer or something. People love monsters; takes their attention off their own misdeeds. With them, they only saw my crime. When I went to prison, it was outta sight, outta mind. The LaCrosse Media did, however, publish my apology titled "Why I Did it" (google it). Still, nobody got in touch with me after that.

Through a prison pen-pal sit, I connected with a really cool girl (30 years old) in Seattle, Washington. She's become my best friend. She's beautiful, smart and sexy. Shares that with me and I sorta act as her pen-pal therapist. I've learned a lot about psychology, etc. while in prison. Let her know how a good man should treat her. She set up my Instagram page: PromethusWrites (same title as this blog). Check it out. Follow it, and she'll follow yours back. Her name's Archelle.

She's been my one friend for the last couple of years.

You're a good dude. I know that. So your wife is lucky. If you'd like to send me some photos of you and your family, an easy way to do so is through I am curious to know if you got fat. :D

Send your email addrss to mine: Archelle runs it too.

By the time you get this, Vol. 1 of EM Daer, my other poetry collection (with some fine drawings!) will be posted on A collection of short stories: 16 Criminally Insane Tales (only three are currently in it; I'll put the rest in when I can afford it, as they charge me to post stuff) will also be posted with some new art. I'd appreciate it if you will post both of those along with Em Daer vol. 2 which we already talked about on too. Same thing, list them as FREE so a lot of people will read them and get exposed to my writings.

You and I both know marketing, and you are right that a long completely worded book turns people off, especially nowadays. But then there's Murakami and his 1084; I'd like to punch him for making me read 150+ unneeded pages. A bestseller. What I can do is end vol. 1 of my bio at an earlier point, before I was sent to this supermax, around 300 pages. I might even make vol. 1 FREE on wordsmash because it'll build an audience that will pay for vol. 2, vol. 3, etc.

The things that go on in prison and that I've been through are so crazy, shocking, stupidly inhumane, violent. See how The Walking Dead is popular? You watch season one and must watch the rest, even though you hate it. It pisses you off. That I know is how people will react to my book. I tell it like it is, with my ironic sense of humor.

All that said, remember when we all went to the porn shop and a guy there tried to pimp a cow to you? I've told that story many times. Laugh every time! :)

See an essay about my childhood in Parental Incarceration, Routledge 2016, ISBN #978-1-315-64[redacted]-1. You'll understand more.

Thank. Be well.


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