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Hello Alyssa,

Thank you for contacting me on betweenthebars.org! I understand that you are doing some research and would like my input on numerous questions. Thank you for considering me and it is my pleasure to answer your questions.

You have asked some really great questions. I really want to make are I answer your questions with the best answers but please know that your questions can be answered many ways depending on perspective. I understand that you like the sociological perspective, so I will try to use it in answering your questions. Consdiering you are doing research, the sociological perspective may be ideal, but please know that sometimes a more defined and personal perspective would be suitable. If you would like a more defined and personal perspective, I encourage you to write to me directly at the contact address provided at the conclusion of this blog.

Question #1: What are ways that some men deal with missing women?

Answer #1:
Alyssa, please know that each man is uniquely different and therefore, deals with missing women in their own unique way. Although there may be many similarities, no man deals with missing women exactly the same way. There is no typical or general way every man deals with missing women.

I think the way each man deals with missing women depends on circumstances and on the mind-state of each man, especially in the particular moment(s) each man is missing women or a woman. Some men may miss everything pertaining to women or a woman, while some other men may only miss parts of women. Some men miss a womans' smile, her femininity, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, dreams, ambitions, individuality, beauty, intelligence, charisma, power, and the like. Then there are some men who only miss what a woman has done for him or can do for him; in which these men simply just
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objectify women.

In either case, there are men who either decide to avoid women or decide to try to fill the void with women. In dealing with wiht missing women in either way, some men find it healthy and enlightening or unhealthy and detrimental.

In avoiding women, some men may focus their attention, time, energy, efforts, and/or resources on things that will keep them busy at the task at hand and not on missing women. Perhaps these men may pursue employment or work more meticulously on the job or increase their work-loads; pick up a hobby; read a book; watch a movie; listen to music; exercise; engage in conversations pertaining to sports or politics or something other than women; and/or socialize with family, friends, &/or loved-ones. Some men deal with missing women in extreme ways, such as become depressed; aggressive; violent; anti-social, and may even either sleep excessively, diet poorly, disregard personal hygiene and health, and perhaps attempt suicide or actually commits suicide.

In trying to fill the void with women, some men may focus their attention, time, energy, efforts, and resources on things that will satisfy their void. Perhaps some men may pursue pen-pal services, dating services, and/or online social media outlets. Perhaps some men may pursue Internet search engines and/or sites to find,


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