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The Prison System Wants You!
(Sept. 18, 2016)


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Letter to Daniel Tutka
Dated 14 Feb. 2017

Hello Daniel
Don't EVER worry that you might have offended me! If you did, I would tell you so, not just go silent on you. I would not want someone to do that to me.
Often I worry that I have said something to offend a person I meet. I know it's not a pleasant feeling.
Dan, I know your honor is good, so I'm glad as hell that you contacted me. I haven't met many people like you since I've been in prison; most people want to use me in a way that is not mutually beneficial.
The kind of love you have for your wife & she for you is the kind of love I was referring to in Pg. 10, at the top, in my post titled "Response to Alyssa's Questions...." I fear it's becoming rarer in this age of computer social networks and apparent media-promoted shallowness, cowardliness, irreverence for & disbelief in love. You gotta "believe in love," like the country song goes, for it to be possible
Anyway, these emails, on my blog, are slow because I must mail them this letter, they must send it to the place that scans it onto the blog & e-mail you that it's on. Then you leave a comment & in a week or two, they mail me a printout of your comment, which it's quicker if you mail me a regular letter at:

Nate A. Lindell #303724
WSPF P.O. Box 9900
1101 Morrison Drive
Boscobel, WI
53805 U.S.A

or an e-mail using jmail.cc

Let me briefly tell you how it is in this place. 1) I'm in segregation/solitary confinement, & have been for over 13 years (at the moment, I am writing a suit for myself & everyone else here to end it);
2) I did have a T.V. It was the prison's T.V. Recently they took back all of their T.V.s, including mine. So, I can have a T.V., but I do not now have one.
3) I do not have a job, nor can I have one as (1). They give me 9 dollars a month, but take it all for court debts/fees I owe, as I explained in - see the attached two pages of my Trust Account statement, which show my debts. I actually won some of those suits, but I didn't win money, just ended illegal policies/practices.
The suit I'm about to file for all of us, I will win money on and end the inhumane treatment of us. (See my December 2015 post titled "What Conditions Are Like In Solitary..." to read & see drawings about my living conditions.)
Daniel, you mentioned Dostoyevski, and you must realise how much my case was like his Crime & Punishment: both in college, both poor & desperate, both victims were older & hit in the head. His book was so real that I couldn't finish it, fucked my head up. Anyway, as I said, you must read my post, put up 13 March 2013, "Why I Did it" & my essay in PArental Incarceration, Routledge 2016, to understand how I was raised, the truth about my mom, etc. I wrote those things to help other kids, hopefully.
What would help me a lot is: A) buying credit for me on prisoninmates.com, where I have a profile (Nate Lindell#303724), which you can do through www.prisoninmates.com/product/18/fund-an-inmate%27s-Balance-on-Account , using PayPal. That way I can put on more of my writings & pay to be a "Featured Inmate".
B) Somehow getting my poetry book on ^, Em Daer, Vol. 1 (the best one) published, such as on smashwords.com, so my story gets out there. You too should read it! You'll understand my situation better!
C) Order me these books (not from Amazon, because they don't send me a receipt/invoice which I must get to get the books): 4th edition of Prisoners' Self-Help Litigation Manual (get from oup.com), Boston Manvill, Oxford U Press, 2010; from Hamiltonbook.com, item #277092x Vintage Type & Graphics $6.95, item #6532837 Cards that Pop Up, Flip + Slide $5.95, #4622278 Clinical Neuroanatomy $9.95 <- Hamilton book.com
D) from www.JLMarcusWisconsin.com, using PayPal. I don't have + need: #8107 Adidas Voloomix Sandals, Size 14, $17.68, #532-19 Roget's Thesaurus, $5.26; #8039 5-pack Envelopes (six of them) $3.15 x 6 = 18.90; I want, don't have: #N8355R ClearTech T.V. $179.98; #4662 Rug $13.13; #4674 Multivitamins $18.64; #4495 Koss CL-24 earbuds $21.90.
Thank you for any help you provide. Don't send anything else, without first asking - I'm restricted in what I can have.
Regards, Nate


[Multiple Trust Account Statements for Lindell, Nathaniel. A. - too difficult to transcribe accurately here]


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