May 14, 2017

Letter to Daniel Tutka

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Letter to Daniel Tutka, dated 28 April 2017

Hello Daniel,
I'm not sure that you understand the conditions I am in, or your motives for offering to help then not doing so.
How did you come across my blog anyway? Were you randomly searching the web, or did you look me up?

Dan, if you were in a boat, going past a drowning person & said you'd be right back to help them, but never did so, do you think that'd be okay?

As I said before, you are not the first person to offer to help, then not do so. You won't be the last. As I also said before, saying you want to help & actually helping are two different things.

In here, yes, I'm astoundingly busy. Legal writing consumes most of my time/energy. I'm always behind schedule. Then I write journalists about inhumane practices, like a guy who tried to hang himself last week, or the article being posted on my blog along with this letter to you. My only visitor is a Christian lady, a good person who I discuss prison issues, poetry etc. with - I'm not a Christian & she accepts that. (She's married & can't buy or send me stuff, per rules. We're friendly, that's it.). I can't see outdoors from my cell. Guys around me yell all day, & at night; some smear their shit. Most people go crazy here. For some reason I remain rational, although I get violent urges towards the "people" keeping me here.
Go to, look for the survivors manual: survival in solitary, to get an idea what its like here, and why offering any help and then providing none is... a cruel thing to do.


P.S. What do you do over there? Do you run your dad's business now?


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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