June 30, 2017

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The Prison System Wants You!
(Sept. 18, 2016)


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Nate's News 20 June 2017

Nate A. Lindell 2017
P.O. Box 9900
WI 53805

Greetings Hippies!

It's been a while since I said what I've been up to, so, here I will do so... for the 1 1/2 people on the planet who care (there's gotta be a 4th grader somewhere who's enrapt by my truth telling, hence, 1/2).
Hope ya like the eye crack to the left, er, above. [arrow to celtic type drawing] Next post I'll have a more complex hexagraph - contrary to it's pop definition, a "hex" sign symbolizes good luck, calls for good luck, in Teutonic pre-Christian tradition; the more intricate, complex, the more potent the "magic" - I just think they look cool & are a fun puzzle to draw.
Okay, what I've been up to, other than drawing hexes: mainly writing a 78-page suit that comprehensively exposes + challenges the mental + physical torture employed by the pigs in my joint, with 20-some exhibits in support (e.g. drawings of this joint's cells, units, etc., editorial by Obama condemning solitary confinement, descriptions of the "Biderman's Coercion Methods" they use to try + brainwash us here, declared torture decades ago). You're likely thinking 78 pages! You're nuts!, that the suit rambles on; but it doesn't: if you've read my writing you know I don't waste words. It's 78 pgs. b/c there are over 25 kinds of restrictions/practices that these pigs use - some, in themselves unconstitutional - to effect Biderman's Coercion on us, or try to.
No other suits challenging segregation conditions even tries to demonstrate how the administration is psychologically (and physically, physical torture wears on one's psych.) torturing prisoners or that the type of torture is Biderman's Coercion Methods. So, the suit is

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or should be ground breaking.
Due to my massive debts, I must reply on our fledgling free WI Mov't to raise the $ + make the copies needed to file the suit. You can see a copy of the entire suit (once they scan it all in, probably by July 5th) and offer financial support - much needed! - by e-mailing iww.milwaukee@gmail.com
Yep, I joined the Industrial Workers of the World. They're against exploiting anyone, +, being an anti-bully, I did that. And, it's clear that all the abuse that goes on in the world, including in prisons, is done by "people" who's excuse is always, "I'm just doing my job" (just chasing $). The system has people tolerating + creating miserable lives in pursuit of $ : "I need more $, so I can buy more stuff, then I need more $ to store + use this stuff..." like that Reagan-era anti-cocaine commercial.
People blind themselves to the hypocrisy + injustices perpetrated by our system...b/c they're "too busy" chasing $. Politicians are bought + then inflict or permit oppression on the poor, thanks to $.
Personally, I've lost friends due to money, them caring about chasing it than relating with me, it costing too much to maintain our relationship.
Etc., etc.
Conclusion: capitalism, as it exists at least, causes of facilitates countless crimes against humanity.
Moving on, but still concerning $....
I also, recently, filed my petition for a supervisory writ, asking the WI appeals court to make a lower court pass my complaint (about the WDOC illegally taking prisoners' $) on to the District Attorney for an investigation. You can look it up on www.

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wicourts.gov , Appeal No. 2017 AP 001039 W
Those above - noted litigation efforts, + many more, drain my psychic energy. I'd much rather draw or write poems, songs, etc. But, someone's gotta do it....
This next week will be "me time", spent on drawing, writing some poems, recuperating...then I gotta do a Petition for cert. with the U.S. Supreme Court...lots of fun.
All this legal prose has sucked my creativity up too. Sorry, to you dedicated followers. I will, however, "soon" post a long piece that'll explain how humans will evolve into cyborgs + why there's nothing we can do to stop that..., which, I know, sounds crazy... to those who haven't thought about it, even though it has been happening since the first tool was made + has exploded with the creation of smartphones - stay tuned it.
That's it peeps, gonna do some yoga, pace, get ready to write some poems.
Anyone who wants to help me in my endeavours may do so by buying up to 30 postage-embossed envelopes from:
sent to
Nate A. Lindell #303724 WI Sec. Prog. Fac
1101 Morrison Drive
Boscobel, WI

P.S. Right before this post you'll find a pretty awesome self portrait of mine. Share it if you like, or tattoo it on your butt

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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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