Aug. 26, 2018

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The Prison System Wants You!
(Sept. 18, 2016)


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Letter to Daniel Tutka

7 Aug. 2018

Your letter's question made me feel like Bill Murray in The Razor's Edge. "What are my plans?" "What am I aiming at?" My plans are to take over the world and I'm aiming at the warden's head with a rubber band gun. Wanna help?

Seriously, you do realize that I'm in prison and the swine running this place have no testicles, are scared of their own shadows, hate those who sue and write about them, and are constantly trying to set "resistant" prisoners up to either be assaulted by another prisoner or to discipline him for assaulting would-be assaults. Then they put and keep me in solitary confinement.

I've been in solitary confinement since 2015 this time. All I can do is read, write, and draw in here. I can't publish anything without outside help and only Camiller is helping so far with that. Dear mother who testified against me has been no help, especially since an essay I wrote about her abuse was published. No one in La Crasse cares. No one in America cares—other than for their own agenda.

My plans are to find outsiders who care for and will help me, and, hopefully, I can help them in return by giving them royalties from what they help me publish.

I have no idea who the Polish writer Jerzy Kosniskit is nor do I know what happened to him. I can't access the Internet, Dan. I've read a collection of Nabakov's stories and Kafka translated into English—my closest grasp of Polish writing and they're not Polish.

Sorry I'm not cheerful. Lots of frustration, years of being lied to and about, deprivations, empty promises.

I'm doing what I can to connect with genuine people, and I've found that they are very rare.

Wish you the best with your children and family. If you want to help me, you can order me 25 stamped envelopes from


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