Sept. 6, 2018

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by Eric Wilkes (author's profile)
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Dear Kyla,
As always, I really enjoyed receiving your letter. Thanks for clearing up the question of what your interests are. I was very fortunate to have received a letter from another young lady who has the same interests as yourself. She contacted me on my blog around 6-2-12. Actually, she was the very first responder (Babcain56), and now we communicate via postage mail.

The reason I say I was fortunate is because the letter she sent (just last week) was very informative and truly opened my eyes to the different angles with which you psych doctors use to do a more effective job than what I ever knew of. So the two cents that I made mention of in my last letter will not be necessary because I was not seeing the entire picture. She chewed me out pretty good, but then again, I'm a civil engineer not a psychologist.

Well, naturally, my life isn't going in any worthwhile direction as yours appears to be after reading your letter. However, there are a few little highlights that I'll share with you.

First, there has finally been the creation of an incentivized camp. This is basically a camp where you cannot be transferred to if you've been in trouble in the past four years, and you will be transferred out if you get into any kind of trouble while you're there. It's a place for the non-troublemakers, and the living and activities facilities are noted as being much nicer. Since I qualified, I signed up to go but naturally you never knew what to expect. However, a guy in my dorm who signed up two weeks sooner than me, was transferred three weeks ago. It makes sense that that is where he went. But who knows for sure?

Second, I've been busy adding some more things to my blog. I hope you enjoy them.

Third, I found some guy in here who likes to play Scrabble. So I"ve had more to do to pass the time away. It can be real difficult finding someone who can just sit back and enjoy playing any game without the whole issue of arguing about it simply because he wants to win so bad.

Fourth thing to mention is the fact that we were in Florida have finally been given the opportunity to purchase tablets for numerous entertainment abilities. From what I hear, they are old news in other states. I went ahead and ordered one, but it will be 30 to 40 days before delivery.

Well, glad to see you know where you want to go in life. I might have a wrong perspective of everything due to the fact that I don't know your age (hint, hint). I knew a number of students back in college who were still lost as to which way they wanted to go in life. I was fortunate enough to find out when I was 13. Naturally, it didn't include having prison as my permanent address. Anyway, it definitely makes life easier... Not having the prison as my address part! I mean, the knowing where you want to go in life part.

Look, I think I just need to end it here.

Be sure to keep in touch,

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