Feb. 19, 2020
From Prison Dad by Robert Pezzeca (author's profile)
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Juvenile Lifers Being Freed
(Jan. 13, 2020)


From: Robert Pezzeca #DX1148
Smart Comm/Pa DOC
SCI Forest
Po Box 33028
St. Petersburg, Fl 33733
Feb. 6 2020
email: robertpezzeca@gmail.com
instagram.com/emancipated stories project (I am not my crime)
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Thank you for your comments. I wish there were more people in the world who thought as you do. There ar e so many people who say people don't or can't change but they refuse to look at themselves and see their own change. Just because someone is a certain way at 20 doesn't mean they will be that way at 25, 30, 50. But the level of vengeance in Pennsylvania is so high, no Republicans want to consider change. I took a life, I killed a man and tried to cover up my crime. I owe people, his family, society, so much that keeping me in here for another 40 ears does no one any justice. Are you from Pennsylvania KC? Pa had the most Juvenile lifers (521) in the nation. Right now 224 of them have been resentenced and released from prison. Not 1 has committed a violent crime and been returned. A few, less than 10, had trouble readjusting to outside life but that's understandable after decades in prison. But they all have it together now and so many are very productive members of society. One of my best friends, Jamar Sowell, he was a juvenile lifer who did 25 yrs in prison. He was released 2 months ago and is thriving. I was 21 years old. I seek that 2nd chance at life while I am still able to be a productive citizen. Pay taxes, help people, so much I want to do. I have a plan to work with kids in juvenile detention centers, hoping to reach them before they end up here. That's where I went wrong. When I was a teenager, I had no guidance, no positive male role models, peer pressure in a Juvenile jail is rough, but people grow, change, I am not a lost cause. My life is not worthless.
I am in contact with dozens of lawmakers who want to change our system for the better in Pa but we are a republican dominated legislature and they have the power in my state and they do not support change. Some do but most don't so we are stuck in the same failing system. We need the republicans to get involved, all politicians should be ordered by the Governor to visit a prison. Speak to the prisoners, visit every part of it. I have personally spoken to dozens who didn't know a lot of the things I showed them. So many think that we have good cushy lives and everything is free, until they learn most prisoners make $15-20 a month working and do not have enough money to even pay to go see the nurse when they are sick or hurt. Education in Pa state prisons is a joke. If your family cannot pay for college courses, 90+% of all prisoners are not eligible for a college education. We have no job, we have no education after a GPD but society doesn't know or care to know so we don't get the change we need. Thank you for reading what I write KC, please feel free to ommnet or ask any questions. Take care & please keep reading. Ciao.


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