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From Prison Dad by Robert Pezzeca (author's profile)
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Dear Jillian623,
hi how are you? I hope well. I have to admit I was surprised to receive your response. Mail is very slow but I received it on xmas eve. I would be more comfortable discussing this thru email if thats ok with you. My email is robertpezzeca@gmail.com. Please feel free to email me at your convenience. I was in prison for 3 yrs, 2 months and about 2 weeks when Justine lost her life. She was my world, she was my everything but even I knew I couldn't be who she needed, who she deserved, from within prison. She deserved to be a mom, to have beautiful babies. She had so much pressure put on her from her parents that she miscarried and lost our baby and I saw how it destroyed her so I pushed her away. So I take the blame, I take the guilt and I accept responsibility for this. I have grown and changed so much. My last letter from her was summer of 2001. She was saving up to buy a car, she wanted to come see me. She wasn't able to let go of me and she needed to have some type of closure in order to move on in her life. I would have given her what she needed. I'd give my life if it would give hers back to her. Justine was the most amazing human being I had ever met and had the honor of being loved by. She wasn't just beautiful on the outside, her inner beauty shined even brighter. She was the kindest, sweetest, most compassionate human I have ever known and the world is a much worse place without her. I'm sorry but I do not know you or your brother. I know she tried dating people after I pushed her out of my life. She just wanted to find happiness again. I wear the guilt of her death daily and some days it feels like a weight on my chest knowing I am the cause of her downfall. I ruined the best person I have ever known and I cannot forgive myself for that. But I am trying to do more with my life, better things. If anyone is interested in helping an amazing non profit org. Please look up Project S.A.V.E. This organization was created by Arlana Brown in SW Philly. Arlana is a 25 yr old young woman who was the victim of a violent assault at the hands of her boyfriend. Arlana created this non profit in order to help other young women who are in abusive relationships. Her email is: projectsavephilly@gmail.com. I have been fortunate enough to get her a meeting with our states 2nd lady, Mrs. Gisele Fetterman, wife of Lt. Governor John Fetterman. Arlana will go on to help alot of people but she needs help from the community. If you are a young woman in need of help, please email Arlana, she is on facebook and Project S.A.V.E. has a website. This is an org. that hits home for me and I will help & support in any way that I can. I read the story of 18 yr old Abington, Pennsylvania teen Morgan McCaffery. Morgan was just a baby and she was murdered by her abusive ex boyfriend. So I have committed myself to helping Project S.A.V.E. in any way that they ask. I will use all of my political allies to help. I have NO idea how to help get grants for this but Project S.A.V.E. need finding in order to help more people. If you know of how Project S.A.V.E., which is a certified non profit, can obtain grants/funding to help young women, or any woman, who needs help, please email Arlana and let her know. Her story is powerful.
Jillian, I wasn't a good person when I was with Justine. I was a troubled kid but she brought out the best in me and I brought out the life in her. I mourn her death daily. I still look at our prom picture and remember her daily. She was so elegant, her smile and laugh lit up a room. I have never met anyone as special and precious as her. I'd like to know who you are and to talk with you more. So please send me an email and all email are forwarded to me within 24 hours. My sister forwards them all and I promise to respond. I have grown from someone I was ashamed of to someone I am proud of. Justine was my world and I will continue to honor her memory and never forget. Take very good care of yourself and I'm sorry its taken so long to respond. Please email me so that I know you received this. I would love to hear some of your stories about Justine. Thank you. Grateful, Rob
*email me: robertpezzeca@gmail.com
ps: do you have any photo's of her? I would be happy to share some of mine with you.

I am not my crime, I have grown to become so much more.

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