Jan. 10, 2021

How can you hate me

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


How can you hate me Part 1
I am so tired of the hatred, stride and division that is spreading all through our lands America, United Nations and continents. It's spreading like cancer from the pullpit to the communities- then to the White Hous, Congress, and Senate. To also other nations and relationship of all type, recently I had encountered with a lady who said she is a Evangelist. So we build a relationship with her. We all started to read the bible and pray together. So my sister in law died living her 11 years --- --- -- night--- at christmas. Then I have two bunkmates from hell. That is constantly causing strife and division on the hallway. Causin others to mistreat and talk to me any kind of way. So I am going through a storm. Tired and weary. I am praying. But I need to vent. This Lady told me to go pray and that I was gossiping and judging people when I said people can be fake. That night there was a church hurt. Cause what I had to say was not important to her. But when we go to Jesus he listens to us and never rejects me because I have a relationship with. Sometimes we think we have build long lasting relationship with people. But what do they do reject and hurt us. We even think sometimes in a marriage. I love him and he loves me. He or she goes to prison forget all about you end up with a guard of the same sez because they start fullfilling their needs. You don't even matter no more they hate your guts because you are no use to them. Reflect back to this woman of God. She stop prraying with me and basically accused me of being used by Satan. I speak to her because that is the love of God that is in me. But on her end she treats me like the enemy now. I often think about these men as on Maury Prich how can you deny your baby. For a mother why are you out there sleeping with more than one man without protection. Do you care about your body and children. The same man or woman you supposedly had steamy sex. Say you had a good time but now you hate each other. Do that make sense? Absolutely not. Like a man or woman in prison in hail has a mate on the outside their supposedly be a strong connection between the two. The mate is constantly be in contact with the mate on the outside of prison. The mate even put money and come to visitation saying how much they love their mate. How they are waiting on their mate to get home. But the secretly the mate hate your in prison. In the dark they have become cold in the relationship. Went out in got a new --- ----. She is pregnant just that quick with his baby on He has gotten another woman pregnant. Where is the honesty? I -- out of sight out ---night. Their is so much hate, strife, and division does it. Our lands, dying rapidly as result of the hatred, strife and division that is reult into jail and prison time but mainly through violence and death. One political leader can't stand teh next. Would do anything to get in a seat of authority. Talking bad about one another. Ex wives or girlfriends and co-worker spreading false rumors to destroy the person character who does those seats in U.S Senate (Osoff and Warnock) deserve those seats. I dislike a spontaneous combination these people running for office all of certain the ex-want to come out of no oh he sexual assaulted or he abuse me in the past. Oh really why now? Moving a long what has Warnock done for the people, ears all open. Governer Cuomo did what for New York. Thank you sir. We don't have time for side orders that don't match the main dish next-moving along-what's next we got to get this economy --- and get this cov.19 under control. President Biden you song Hunter did this-Sorry people we are not taking no side orders that don't match up with the main dish stimulus act, vaccine, cov-19 and economy Have a nice day a reporter that want to be negative toward democratic and president elect Biden and Vice President Harris and Republicans that want to negetice toward new administration (no side orders unless it matches up with my main dish- Have A NICE DAY. Stop spreading hatred, strife and Division in our government. How can you hate me? It amazing how you have those who hate on the ones who have their ducks in the row) Even in our communities business booming at certain stores, mall, restaurant or the communities coming together . The sun shining boom here comes some hateful person in our community Macon killing after killing, Robbery after robbing, Vehicular homicide, or hit and run accident. Gang affiliate killing, bad drug bid went wrong. I want to speak to rappers who is putting out this music. Back in the day when we had LL Cool J, Wil Smith, Tribe Called Quest etc.Nobody was rapping about the crips, blood, gangster disciple or molly, pills etc. or drug dealing. Some people was rapping poverty, love education etc. Some rap about drugs etc but it was not graphic as is now. What we putting in the atmosphere create our environment in communities. As artist pop, RNB, country, Rock Alternative, Electronic or Metal. Music is lifeline to our communities. What are you putting out is hatred, strife and division? What are you doing in your ministry? Who is cheating on their wife or husband? Who is jealous of the next sister or brother till they hate them. I want to leave you all with some major profound knowledge that will create a better way of thinking and better environment.
Do we know the damage it causes?
Proverbs 10:12
Hatred stirs up dissension
but love covers over all wrongs- Love inspite of please

Don't let nobody church tell you just anything Romans 16:17 I urge you, brothers or sister to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceives the minds of naive people


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