May 22, 2021
by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)


May 11 2021
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Dear BtB
I am writing to let BtB and
others to know prison Acts. has given
out a vaccine, I was given my lot
dose of Modern on 4-7-2021, I was
laid in after 28 day period to get
my 2nd dose but told I would be

I'm not saying this to
refuse it being I've taken flu
shots for the past 15 years, not had
the cold since... But what bothers
me is right after I was given
my last flu shot we were to have
a covid test and out doctor said
this was March 2020... 6 moths
later in Oct I has just gotten a
flu shot and at the end of that
same month I'm given another month
same and I'm told I'm positive for
sars-Covid2... I'm like yeah had a
flu shot not even 30 days/

I have all the flu papers
given to us, I mentioned to the
nurse I'm told nothing?

I write Aug post Also
with the American Prisiton Writing
Archive in Clinton, NY also goin over
drop a submission us well
most read there postings. Also...

I know I've not posted in
quite some months, we all here at
French Robertson got A IRS gift, I
myself after 30 Calendar years
was given two blessings, I do
thank the President Biden for them
to... I'm sure most are against
a convicted main of myselfd who was
sentenced to die by tax payers
money... was blessed to get off
Texas Deathrow...

let me give those who do
read this a bit of my story of
how did I get to be where I am
now, in 1989, I convicted of double
murder, in H town. Most who known
10615 Atwell dr. S.W. know of H town.
It was where I grew up, Cythinia Ann
Parker Elem: Edgar Allen Poe, John J.

I was married, had a
son, and a nice job, but drugs
and other things ruled my world, I
lost it all,,, I regret it but as
most realize we can't turn that
clock back... right for 22 years
I sat on TX death row in 2012
and 2015 I signed for two Caps. Lifes
I'm in Gen, Population its easier to
find me go on my number
is 19965733...

we all make mjistqakes I;m
no different... who recognize 10615
Atwell Dr. write me... my addrewss
is provided, I'll share it all to

til then... God Blewss, Stay

Please Submit this!

Thank You B.t.B.

Euy S. Alexander 1996573


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