June 10, 2021

The Conversation Never Had

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date: 6/3/2021 11:41:35 PM
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Tagline: "Where would the Human species be in the evolutionary/revolutionary track with out the conversation???"
#theoneumiss; #just-a-convo'away; #I-miss-u; #What-if-we-onlyb-gone; #i-wish-had-met; #underbetter-times; #theone-u-never-had, #spendthenight.

1.) I had thought as a result of the covid pandemic that my conversation / socialization would have been plenty; that I would be enriched in new opportunities of emailing new friends and exciting & meaningful dialogues with new people; that I would have plenty of time to write more blogs, read more books, learn more languages, study more spiritually, talk on the ph#, Zoom weekly and release the poetic flow.

2.) Instead of an increase, my daily output/input has decreased. And I find myself longing for the fulfilment of these Human institutions of culturalization; all these MEDIUMS make us better Humans; and are an acquired skill set that we have cultivated over the span of our arrival as the superhuman and master of all w purview.

3.) Those of us blessed to have not lost any one to the Covid Monster may not appreciate what it is like to not be able to talk to someone again, though this would account for any lost regardless of it being a covid death. But a covid lost is unique in that this is new and not something that we could have dodged by individual volition.

4.) The one thing that I have done repeatedly throughout the pandemic is to recognize the scarcity of time that we have in this world. And while have not done the things that I wanted to do, I have never lost the notion of how important they are to me and to the Human culture.

5.) For me the one conversation never had is/was not to, will not be, due to my lack of effort or time, God willing. But due to the fact it require two or more to compose a proper dialogue. While sometimes a convo -with-the- self is/can be meaningful, it's just not the same. Soliloquies aside, the human brain would never brought the soliloquy out the cave if it could survive by itself.

6.) And that is why I miss conversation with Catholic girl, of course that would be her avatar, when you have a good conversation with someone it release dopamine which anchors to the image you have of the one you are conversing with. And if you add music or a drink with that, the experience can be something you never experience before, I have had the pleasure to experience this with/and w/out other influencers and I like the natural. I like to call it the "Doja cat", a neologism I made while composing this right here.

7.) Being in prison having a good conversation with anyone is rare, and even more so with the preference of your choice. Conversations on the phone have inferior affects on the richness in which I speak but they too can have the doja cat effect in which I speak.

8.) The musical selection as background ambience is very important, for me the I.B.'s (isley brothers) are the No#1 play list. But that would be contingent on the relationship, the stage and even the mood at the beginning of the convo. For me, my conversation with a woman have no borders, I can talk about anything and everything under the Sun and never overstep or be disrespectful or intimidated or feel the need to rise the ego. My manhood never feels threaten or emasculated. Some of my best conversations have been with women, and I admit there is an inherent bias in that I was attracted to most of them. However, even my conversations with women that I hold in reverence, I find to be more interesting. One of my spiritual/philosopher teachers, help me see and test the range of my convo. Her many years of existing and her depths of learning in the Japanese culture/Zen allowed me to go international with my dialogue. Such diversity allowed me to also pin point my flaws and correct, adjust, iron out and culture my skills towards that unreachable perfection.

9.) I close this essay with 12 songs that are headliners in my master mack play list.

(1) "I want you to know me", By: Bobby V, on: Disturbing tha Peace

(2) "Your secret love", By: Luther Vandross, on: Discover Further.

(3) "Let's lay together", By: the Isley Brothers (I.B.'s) & Ronald Isely, on: Mission to Please.

(4) "Secret lover", By: I.B.'s, on: Eternal.

(5) "Spend the night (ce soir)", By: I.B.'s, on: Rhino Hi-Five: Isley Brothers.

(6) "Amazing", By: Tank, on: Now or Never.

(7) "Every moment", By: Jodici, on: Every Moment.

(8) "Run away", By: DVSN, on: Morning After.

(9) "Let's fall in love" By: I.B.'s, on: Winner Takes All.

(10) "Must be nice", By: Lyfe Jennings, on: Lyfe 268-192.

(11) "The Chosen One", By: Jaheim, on: The Chosen One (DMD single).

(12) "Turn ya out", By Tyrese & Lil Jon, on: Alter Ego.

until it's had


so until this pen weeps again, Stay F♣cus, and Stay LO♥€™


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