Sept. 7, 2021

New Leadership For Our Postal Service

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


New leadership for our Postal Services

You know I thought when all the issue was arriving with the Postal Service chief of staff and voter suppression. All the under handed things that he was doing, Trump went along with it by supporting him. Surely I thought the chief of staff was going to be opt out of office. The postal service and workers are suffering because of poor management. Some may blame it on the advancement of technology. Till a certain extinct that might well be true. What we got to realize something. Leadership is more than controlling something. A leader has to have a vision. When there is no vision, things begin to dry up in the company. Soon will crash. We need somebody who can operate our postal service with a vision in my mind. So when issue arrive they will be handle properly. Our postal service workers should be a main focus to get them paid and generating more revenue for the postal service. Not caring more on people who is already suffering during a pandemic. Individual citizen and cooperation who uses the postal service on a regular basis. I say all that to say this, 58 cents for one stamp is ridiculous, the cost of food is high, people just barely pay their rent, car notes, business is striving to keep afloat. This tax height on the postal stamps is another slap in the face for americans. We need new leadership over our postal service.

written by,
Jennifer Johnson


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