March 28, 2022
by Robert Thrower (author's profile)


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all of us in the earth are within the context of the western americancentric europeancentric system of white supremacy. capitalism, and imperialism, within this context the nation of ukraine in eastern europe wants to be independent, what urkraine wants to do with their independence is to join the european union and the north atlantic treaty organization,

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the russian federation with its historic partnership with the european union wants ukraine to be a part of the russian federation and considers what urkraine wants to do with their independence as naziism and militarism, and has launch a war of attrition against ukraine which has cause a humanitarian crisis in europe and has led to the death of many civilans

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in ukraine, ukraine does not want to be a member of the russian federation because the russian federation is authoritarian, the western americancentric europeancentric system of white supremacy, capitalism, and imperialism puts forth ukraines side of this war as a war for democracy. i question how much the ukrainian side of this war is a war for democracy when the lead

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nation of this system america has a very strong antidemocracy tendency, i also blame the system for this war for making life a zero sum winner take all thing, and i am sympathetic toward ukraines struggle for independence, the best outcome for this war is for people to come together and stop it, there are many but one way the system exploits this war is by price

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gouging, a antiwar movement will advance the cause of humanity and victory will look like a independent and neutral ukraine.

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livity9999 Posted 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months ago   Favorite
The Name of Thy Holy Spirit NTR Yahawah To Whom Comes In The Person of Thy Prophets To Whom Brought Thy Holy Scriptures of Revelations To Whom Praises and Thanks is eternally due forever! This is the fellow Melanite brother Enoch Ben Gabri’al Jihad Shabazz Yisra’al Bey from back here in the urban section of Bedford Stuyvesant in the borough of Brooklyn in the Greater New York metropolitan area territory on the East within these artificial de-facto wicked Babylon corporate United States of continental Amexem who is prophetically referred as the actual Babylon ,Gomorrah, Pharaoh, Rome, Sodom as the fourth Beast who is the main bastion of blatant hypocrisy on the Planet Earth(Pacha mama) that as original Melanite brothers/sisters to address that our Creator Thy Holy Spirit IAM NTR Yahawah Is Author, Avenger, Maker, Sustainer Who Is to bring about a much more better balanced equal just true Theocratic society of Equality, Freedom, Justice on the Planet Earth which is well appreciated worthy of our Faith whether we are Agnostic , Buddhist, Christian, Muslim or simply a non-secular devotee honoring Thee in Thine as opposed to false pseudo p that has been systematically diametric structurally via vices of barbarism, colonialism, slavery which this very wicked Babylonian corporation has been utilizing since it’s rotten inception where there is contradictions like bigotry, class, color, homelessness, hunger, poverty which is the institutionalized by-product of these European devils males mainly Ashkenazi / Khazar Jews / Anglo-Saxon (British) along their brothers who have been proven to be our natural open enemy as Thy Holy Sacred Writings as revealed them despite manipulation mistranslation of Thy Holy Sacred Writings that totally condemns them further as original Melanite children who direct descendants from Thee Thy Holy Spirit IAM NTR Yahawah Who promises to return we back into our original state of being in this Solar System plus intends on destroying our open enemy with concentration on the very young who is bio-genetically the key potential to our salvation transformation back into in our own state as rulers are the basics re inheritance Theocratically which is our natural habitat whereas this Beast(devil) is the universal problem whom to be completely eradicated for there is absolutely no equality, freedom, justice nor peace but rather captivity, inequality, injustice, war as been perpetuated despite our Fall from Thine but we who have common sense re-examined logically can state since the initial emergence of this Beast(devil) emergence on the Planet Earth(Pacha mama)has been nothing heaven for him hell for us to agree that the ultimate resolution is to completely separate from the Beast(devil) along within his wicked Babylon corporate system in all of it’s conglomerates be it agencies, bureaus, companies, institutions,etc or share simply it’s eternal fate of elimination as he has demonstrated across the Planet Earth (Pacha mama) e.i. colonial ill

livity9999 Posted 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months ago   Favorite
egal occupation of stolen territories like Palestine is a prophetic lesson in that our Palestinian brothers / sisters who direct victims of colonialism as if to illustrate when our ancestors prophesied of this in Thy Holy Scriptures is the actual Garden of Eden which is the Covenant was established with Prophet Moses (Moises)(Musa) where the Tabernacle that they have defiled occupied and stolen braking a treaty to illustrate that we must follow our anicent example for Thy Holy Spirit IAM NTR Yahawah Is to fix this down further the fellow Melanite brother is to published a biograpical journal entitled “The Soliloquy of a Melanite brother” to be copyrighted translated in to several languages just now and distributed among fellow Melanite brothers / sisters so continue to take care alright. Forwards ever Backwards never!!!

Robert Thrower Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago.   Favorite
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