Aug. 13, 2022

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by Kelly Jones (author's profile)
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(Oct. 11, 2021)


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Dear Rita,

Hey there!

Yes, it's been an awful year. Haven't you been reading my blog?

First I'm sent to the quarantine unit 'cause my cellie has COVID, I end up later in the Hole and lose my cell and a great deal of property, then I've been through hell with horrible cellies who've even hit me! It's been awful! Then there's the crazy Warden and all his shakedowns to deal with!

Take your time writing - I know you're busy. Plus, you know I can be slow myself! [smiley face]

I'm glad to hear you're still swimming and still taking classes!

Wow! I'm surprised to hear that Karel + Mariana now live so close. Do you see them often? I read some horoscope book recently which said that Argentina is a good country for my sign. I'd love to live there - or Belgium!

Your Sweat you Prayers class sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to check it out.

Your mentioning the trams reminds me of riding the "El" in Chicago. I loved living there.

I'm glad to hear that your cataracts are being taken care of. I don't think you've mentioned that before!

It's good to hear you're making friends from the dating site. Just be careful!

Sorry to hear that Leslie or Elke haven't called. I hope things work out.

It's great that you have someone who knew George to write to. I'm sorry to hear that you're still having a hard time with missing him, but I do understand it. I know it's hard. It's good that you have someone to share stories with. I hope George's dad is still doing well.

Yes, I think you'll meet someone too. You have a lot to offer any guy and you're a fun, active person.

I haven't had much luck with friends lately. I think I'm destined to be alone.

Much love + hugs and I hope to hear from you again!



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