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Drawing of a little person with wings and a big smile. They're extending their arms for a hug. The cartoon hearts makes it seem like they're blowing kisses.
(original drawing courtesy of Trans-mission)


My name is Kelly. I'm a "vintage" Libra/Dragon originally from Texas who's interested in making new friends.

I love nature and being outdoors. I absolutely adore flowers of all kinds, but my favorites are white roses and tulips. I am also a definite animal lover, especially dogs and wild birds.

I am very eclectic in my religious beliefs and follow a Pagan/Wiccan, Buddhist, and Hindu path.

I enjoy yoga and dancing. I cannot keep still if I hear an old disco song, but I also love modern club tuns.

I'm a very loyal friend who never forgets birthdays. I'm a great listener and enjoy meeting all kinds of people from all over the world.

I'm estranged from my relatives (my parents are deceased) and have practically no outside help. I have been locked up since 2004 and my release date is 2026.

I crochet and make jewelery when I can, and I read a lot to pass the time and take my mind elsewhere.

I look forward to hearing any responses. Love and blessings!

Kelly Jones
Federal Correctional Complex
P.O. Box 1000
Petersburg, VA 23804
United States

Colored magazine clippings of various flowers, many of them being light pink or other warm colors.

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