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Blog of the day, 10/1/2022

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date: 10/12/2022 2:39:34 PM
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Blog of the day 10/1/2022 [ Also submitted to prisoner express for publication ]

word theme : Growth .

" I hear you talking about you Winning but I don't see the Growth "


By: Ras Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil aka Mr.Norman C. Green, Jr


. These rappers and street hustlers claim to be wining and catching bags ; But catching bags and wining is not the

same thing as personal and communal growth . Growth of your family and the communities that you claim to be rep'ing.

2. As a believer in the concepts of Growth and Development , in the plethora of its many forms , I have a Shaykh's life of

experience of what is true growth . Materialistic growth is an illusion of true growth . It only reflects what is inside the

indivisionals and the community . tangibles are an exression . expressive of what we are trying to say as a human being ,

and as a society . True Growth is greater and encompasses the physical to the metaphysical.

3. We have these rapper's and celebrated figures putting on , and putting up the fallacies that real growth can be

measured by the quantity of material wealth , and or popularity of your fame . Real Growth must start and end , if it ends

at all , in the spirit and soul of the individual on the micro level and the community as a whole on the macro level.

4. One of the best growth points for any person of true value and good health , is when you can honestly refect and

assess your own behavior and tell your self the truth about you . If i'm not truthful to my self , how can I be real at all,

let along to the world outside me or around me and beyond . Trueness and realness starts within , not with out . ( .i.e

the camouflage jewelry and clothing you wear to conceal the fact that deep down inside , there is something not well

within , or not right about you all along. this is not to say , nor am I saying that people should not have style or dress

to impress ; the clothing and jewelry should enhance whats inside and reveal - express to the superlative degree ,

the real nature of the soul .

5. Everyday I'm trying to grow . so I must be meticulous in the diets i consume : this include the knowledge I read ,

the programs I watch , the movies I see , and the music I listen to. and the food I eat or don't eat ; as well the time

i spent with my self to reflect on all aspects of life . of course I'm not perfect and has many days of neglect ,

less productivity ; and that's life . that is how I truly know whats real and not . because i have the " Fuqan " ,

the criteria to judge between .

6. Indeed, there is a growth process in the writing of this piece ; because my self awareness and introspection is being

on display and being examined and reflected on this very moment .

Stay F♣cus, Stay Lo♥ed.

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