May 29, 2023

The jewelry that has lost its diamonds

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


The Jewelry that has Lost Its Diamonds
Rhetorical Deceitfulness v. The Truth

Is this a social problem, technological issue, or a people problem?

Have you ever bough a cheap piece of jewelry with fake diamonds? You don't know why you keep purchasing this jewelry. All you know is it looks good and feels good on you. That is the rhetorical deceit part of the ideal, that it looks good.

But the truth of the matter is it's not worth bargaining because it's not going to last.

Here's the truth: if I want real jewelry, I would invest the money and time to find the best.

So we as a nation, government, state, local, etc. have to stop taking the cheap way out through policymaking and local standards in policing that makes our government but doesn't have no substance behind what we call the perfect laws. It's only enlarging our social problems process.

For instance, banning TikTok. Why? There is no perfect technology—just like there is no perfect person in this world. Just like we don't have to deal with someone—we don't have to get on the websites. Nobody is obligated to purchase apps because choosing to be on social media is a choice. I understand that there are people who choose to violate others' privacy. But handle those individuals on a personal basis.

When we make it a larger problem and start effecting all consumers who really enjoy using the company's services, you try to take the joy from them. That is not right.

I am tired of people playing victims everywhere. We turn in the world today.

I chose to buy cheap jewelry. How could I complain about the company I bought it from when I knew that it sold cheap jewelry? Rhetorical deceitfulness. When I know the truth but I choose to get over into conspiracy theories or justify why a thing is wrong, even though it lies with the individual.

Internet and technology has its flaws, people. But it cannot function without people using it.

I am not saying when you buy these apps they don't offer the best service. Pick and choose your battle, people, wisely. I am saying customers have a choice and stop victimizing this service about filters (TicTok) because you chose to use it.

Secondly, why are we allowing our children so much Internet time? Balance your children's time and teach them how to balance time in different ways. So when they do get older, they won't spend a lot of time on the Internet. My children are grown. They live a balanced life when it comes to the Internet. In life, we gamble with our choices of running into problems sometimes because we don't know how to balance Internet usage or technology.

For the most part, I don't believe TikTok should be banned. If this service is not for you or you feel you have had a bad experience, just stay off it. Don't ruin it for the other customers who enjoy TikTok services. This is not a social problem, it's a people problem.

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


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