Sept. 14, 2023

Indecent Exposure To Covid-19 At Pulaski State Prison

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


Indecent Exposure to Covid-19 at Pulaski State Prison

I live in dorm E2 currently we are on quarantine since last Wednesday. Last week I had the flu before we went on quarantine. I stay in bed with chills, fevers, bodyaches, and sweats. The same week before we went on quarantine my sick call was canceled 3 to 4 times. By the time I got into sick call the inmates in the dorm gave me allergy tables, hall cough drops, etc. Cause I don't go to the store like that because my dad was my support system. We buried him the first of August 2023. Then I suffered the bad allergic reaction all the way up to yesterday August 30, 2023. I am still recovering my lungs as of today I have a cough. My body has been through hell the last two weeks. I am chronic asthma patient. Now I am being expose to Covid-19 in my dorm. Yesterday everyone that was left in the dorm was tested for Covid-19. We originally went on quarantine for the one girl in lock down. It's a total of 100 inmates left in this dorm mines the one in lock down. Our dorm is closed in. With fans running on each hall. If you could afford a fan off the store people have those in the room but our window do not open so no fresh air coming in. We found out today that we have 18 people tested positive for Covid-19. They are not going to lock down. According to the nurse they are staying in this building with the people who do not have Covid-19. Because Pulaski State Prison don't have no room to put these people in lock down because lock down is the tier program. I am livid right now because their are people in this dorm has underline health issues such as myself. I have chronic asthma if I get Covid-19 I can died. Right now I am not already in the best of health. We are already having problems even getting to medical in crisis and regular appointment being cancel. Since we been on quarantine we have not been allowed to even go to our medical appointments. Then with the Covid-19 alot of health issues come along with the process. Last night we didn't get mail and see a staff member until 12 midnight. Then the few officer we have they have underlining health issue. One officer has lupus she can't be in this dorm like that even if here post is on E1-E5. Somebody need to come to Pulaski State Prison quick in assist this chaotic mess. I am not going to die in this prison from negligence or any other inmates. I have chronic asthma. You have HIV patiences, heart disease all kinds of inmates with health issues in this dorm. Now we having to start quarantine over under these condition with these people still in the dorm with us, nada this is wrong. Plus we don't have the hygiene items we need like soap. Our cabins are empty. We suppose to get two bars of soap a week to keep our hands washed. You can't do that if you don't have it. Someone come help us down at Pulaski State Prison this is ridiculous. I will not die up in here. Southern human Rights needs to come help us or somebody. Cause this is not right people

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


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