Feb. 4, 2024


by William Irving (author's profile)



How the fog is ash gray
precluding transparency
including the portrait of love
eluding an otherness. I cannot
see beyond arms length even
in the fog lights max, to sound
the alarm of the poem forsaking
reluctant to wake warm for goodness sake
how communicating is harmed.
This day, of all to stay feathered
G. Tarred betrayed traits of lifelong
scars upon the body of poetry
Mars straightforward a word
in withered weather
weather or not, Nature and her
children are still feeding
untarred and feathered & put out
to pasture enwilled as if the grass
was actually greener on the other side
of the hill, an act of fiction
motioning pictures would play its part
2 better Nature's tact of dimming
the flood lights enabling 1 to read
the literature scripting
upon the heart intact... What
longs 2 broaden arms length
as strong as sound that'd
surround sound being found
by the roadside wronged
by the weather and its elements
of dishealing's pound, leather
is too a material to lick
it soft 2/get/her back
eludes a romance story within
itself including what better
than letters' hope 2 merge
1 conglamorate unprecluded
poetry wordsetter
healing a portrait.
How the fog dissolves from day

Wm. Irving

William Irving #182906
Digital Mail Center—Missouri DOC
P.O. Box 25678
Tampa, FL 33622-5678


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