May 1, 2011
by Robert Hartman (author's profile)


Today's Date 4/23/11

As of now I still have only one reply that I know of, I'm hoping to get an update soon. Today's been one of the hard ones. Right now it's 11:00mpm and I'm laying in bed just trying to get through another day. I've been praying lately, hoping to catch a break, it's really hard being all alone, for those wondering, I do believe in god. The weekends are always hard for me because everyone else is getting visits and calling their families, this one even more so because of Easter. My plans for Easter are simple: I'm going to life weights and run to burn the stress of spending another holiday alone, I can't wait for the day when I can start to rebuild my life and spend the holidays with new friends and if I'm lucky a family of my own. What did you do for Easter? I would love to read any good or funny stories?! Well that's all I have for tonight.

Bobby H.

Today is 4/24/11 Easter Sunday:

Well today has been very uneventful but in a few ways that's a good thing. I hope everyone had a good Easter. Right now I'm waiting for dinner, it's what they pass off as spaghetti (I think that's spelled right.). It sucks because they (never) use real beef. It's always some type of soy mix. Then when I get back I think I'll read since the tvs are not working because of the storms but truth be told the day rooms are always too loud to watch anything.

If anyone don't already know how to see my picture you can look me up on You will also see my charges, please cut me a break and understand I was protecting a friend. I am hoping to get a picture on my profile soon.

If anyone reading this has some questions about me or anything regarding my situation or prison, I will be glad to answer. Just write me at the address in my profile and don't forget my name and number or just ask through the blog.

Happy Easter!

Bobby H.


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