April 25, 2012

Daily Journal March 26-29, 2012

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Daily Journal
March 26-29 2012

Monday March 26, 2012 7.10 am. The news this morning is there was cash money found here in P-Dorm last night or this morning. Sure I'll find out more today. Cash money means a lot to some guys. For most staff will not deal with an inmate unless the inmate has cash or something of value. Most inmates who are smokers are chasing cigarettes, and paying an arm and a leg for them. Glad I don't smoke. I quit in January 14, 1997. Quit smoking weed and doing drugs in August 1996. An accomplishment that I'm proud of. Well they're calling recreation downstairs right now, sure wish I could go out with everyone else. I got my cell cleaned and in compliance. I'm going to listen to some music and pace back and forth, then decide what to do next, either work out or write a letter.

8.42am : Got the letter and documents ready to go to Attorney Trevisani and been going through my MP3s looking for Motley Crue and can't find them in there. Guess I'll get into this workout, maybe walk some more. Look's like it's nice outside, wish I could have went out with everyone else. Oh well.

9.00 am : Crunches 75, 35 leg lift & holds & 60 sec. Toe Touches 50, 50, standing side leg raises 30, 30 lunges 20, 17, 15, side kicks 20, 20, 20, 20 Front snap kicks 20, 20, 20, 20, squats 50, 25, 25, 25 Jumping Jacks 200.

10.06 am : Finished the workout, I got a real good workout in and I'm pouring sweat. They're serving lunch over on one wing right now. So it's early lunch. The guy's are still out on the yard. I want to go out with everyone else, and according to the rules under chapter 33-601 (7)(i) 3, I'm supposed to be able to go out and participate with everyone else. You can view the rules over here on my blog. Only thing is, these idiots make and break rules. I'm going to start posting rules for people to see.

11.16 am: I ate lunch. There's some type of meat with sauce on it, supposed to be BBQ sauce. I washed that off, it's a nasty sauce. I put it on the bread, put some mustard on it and some cheese squeeze. CO Sexton just picked up legal mail. So I got my legal letter out, with all the documents. I just hope he takes the case and helps get my visits back and stops all this foolishness.

12.40 pm: Canteen just showed up. We hardly ever get canteen on Monday. Nice surprise. I also found out the cash money thing. A guy was being taken to Lake Butler for medical, and when he was going through strip search they found $10 in his shoes, so he will be going to D.C. It's a guy on the top of one wing. Also heard that an officer got busted bring a cell phone in and selling it.

3:55 pm: Well, as I was sitting here the officers showed up to pull me for recreation. It was so nice out there. I'd love to have been at the beach. I seen a beautiful motorcycle which I'd have loved to have been out riding on. The birds were out. I had a good time watching them. I'm fixing to wash clothes, bath and then lay back and relax for awhile.

4:27 pm: Washed clothes, bathed and cleaned the floor. I feel so much better. Sure would like to be at the beach right now, walking on the shoreline about 4 to 6 inches into the water. Well, I'm going to lay back, listen to some music and relax and think about the freedom that exist, just on the other side of them fences, so close, yet so far out of my reach. :(

Tuesday March 27, 2012 6:29 am: Here we are, another day. Got two letters last night, one from Annie, one from a friend of my mom's saying that attorney Bernard Dailey Jr. wants $2,500 to take my case. We don't have that kind of money, so he's out! Besides working out and writing, not sure what else I'll do today. I just found out I got a 9am call out to see the psychiatrist to get my Prozac renewed, so I won't be starting my workout till I get back. I still need to clean my floor, sink and toilet. Bunk's already made.

8:11 am: Everything is cleaned, now I'm going to write until I go to see the doctor.

9:10 am: They're running late. I can't stand that! But got to deal with it, in here, out there, everywhere. 24 years ago, 1988, I was in Savannah, GA, had a good construction job that I was enjoying. I was 19 years old, living with my girlfriend Lisa who I would marry on April 8, 1988. We were doing pretty good, life was looking up after that devastating car crash in August 1987 that killed two people, and then sent me into a major state of depression where I started getting high all the time to escape it. Life was starting to look up again when on the last Thursday in March, Jimbo, a friend of mine, was coming out of a manhole when a car hit him. He would die several days later. That was a job that was supposed to be mine that night. And I so wish I would have been doing that job that night. For I would have much rather I died than he die. There's a lot more to that story. In fact, I'm going to write about it, and place it on this blog.

9:47 am: Lt. Robinson and Sgt. Lee came by. I asked Lt. Robinson about this heightened security. He didn't even stop, just said "We will get back with you." I don't like the sound of that. Someone up the chain of command may have said Keep Clark on heightened security, set him up, there's no telling what was said. They've stopped all the stupid a** childish juvenile retaliation here lately.

11:07 am: Just got back from seeing the doctor, so I'm good for another 3 months. Seen the new Assistant Warden Wilson down there, with Assistant Warden Jeffcoat. She said "How are you doing, Clark?" I said "Fine, but they won't take me off heightened security." She said, "You earned that." I said "You know that was a lie." We were going in different directions so the conversation was taking place as we were passing. The sgt. then commented on the new Assistant Warden and then Assistant Warden Whitehead who just left, stating to me, at least that's one less person who hates, but then went to naming the people who still hate me, the Warden, Col. Godwin, Captain Swaine, Lt. Kilgore and on and on.

11:27 am: Food came, I just finished eating and now I'm fixing to set up for my workout. I just ate the what is supposed to be hamburger helper. It's not great, but it's eatable. Time to listen to some music and get going. I'm going to change a few things up for today's workout.

11:40 am: Starting workout bent over rows, 8 bags, 1st 40 and 35, 3rd 26, 4th 20, going up to 12 bags bent over, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 4th 10. Standing upright rows 12 bags, 1st 9, 2nd 7, military presses 12 bags, 1st 9, 2nd 8, 3rd 6, bench presses 12 bags, 1st 25, 2nd 16, 3rd 15, 4th 11, 5th 13, 6th 8. Was doing them slow, concentrating on my chest. Crunches 75, 45 toe-touches 60.

12:52 pm: Finished it up, wiped down the floor. I'm going to bath in here at around 3:30pm. So they don't have to bring all them chains out tonight just to take me down there. They hate having to do all that extra work. Looks like it's really nice outside. All I can see from here is some razor wire about 5 foot outside these windows that are tinted. The razor wire is up on the top of the rec yard fence. Then I can see a piece of the yard fence and razor wire out 30 to 40 feet on the other side of the other razor wire, and then I can see part of one wing just on the other side of that razor wire, that's also looking at an angle through the window located in front of Cell 2205, which is about 10 to 12 foot from my desk. Further off the end of one wing I can see some trees way out there and blue skies, which would be clearer if the windows were cleaned. The windows haven't been cleaned in 5-6 years or more, bird poop on them and grime. That gives you an idea of what my view is from here.

1:15 pm: CO Stacy and Clemons was pulling my neighbor for property room. CO Stacy started joking about me writing a poem about him, and then saying how you've either got to write him a bogus DR or be high up on the chain for Clark to write about you, then he said "What would you like a DR for, water bug or razor blades?" He then walked away escorting my neighbor saying I wouldn't write you a bogus DR, you would have to do something for me to write a DR. I just looked over and my cell door is open. I don't like that one bit. Feels like a set up. I'm not touching it. Not unless they call over the intercom and tell me to close it. They should be through any minute for their 30 minute check, or bringing Overton back.

1:33 pm: CO Clemons just walked by, I stopped him and said "Do me a favor?" He said, "What's that?" I said "Shut this door." He looked at it and said, "Oh shit. How long has that been open?" I said "I don't know. Maybe when y'all opened cell #5." He shut it and walked away and came back telling me about how Kentucky Death Row is not locked down, they can walk around. This is stuff I'm going to use in court 'cause it's more proof this heightened security is B.S.

1:45 pm: CO Clemons just told Stacy how my door was opened and that I stopped him to inform him my door was opened. He said, "That's heightened security? Really?" Stacy said "Clark's not heightened security, it's a joke!" I told CO Clemons that he should get on to that woman because if I really was a thread, then his life would have been put in danger. He said "Yeah, but they have a habit of leaving these doors open during call outs." (There's a board with red and green lights. Red light is on, the door is open.) So she should have seen 2 red lights, knowing only one person is on call out. She shouldn't have popped that front door and let CO Clemons come down here. Think about how dangerous that could have been? That's stupid. And this video supports everything I'm telling you.

4:08 pm: Finished washing clothes, bathing and cleaning the cell. Fixing to lay back and go through the music on my MP3 music catalog and wait on dinner to get here. David Gore has 16 more days to live. I think about him once or twice a day. But nowhere near like I thought about Stones, and that was because of Fran and the fact that I knew them for so long.

Wednesday March 28, 2012 6:40 am: Not sure what's going on with me, I've got a headache. While brushing my teeth, I blacked out. I didn't fall, I just noticed that time had passed, not sure if it was a few seconds or a few minutes. That's not a good feeling. There may be something wrong with me. I just don't want to deal with the doctor we have. I took some Tylenol, I hope that works. Didn't get a good night's sleep. Officers were really loud about 3am, they had inmates down there cleaning the showers. Not feeling right, I have chill bumps all over my body. I think I'm going to lay down for awhile.

8:05 am: Still not feeling good. I'm trying to walk it off. Which I'm going to continue to do. We have Sgt. Dugger up here today with CO Lynch, who wrote me that bogus DR back on August 1, 2011 stating I refused to get dressed. Lt. Adkins is the one that set it up 'cause his fat a** couldn't break me. They don't like it when you show no fear and don't cower down to them. Lt. Adkins also set up that Sept 9, 2011 lying a** DR. And he can stick both of them DRs up his big fat a**! All he is, is a dishonorable punk. At least I played by the rules fighting him and this b**** a** administration. They can't say that, and to say I have more honor and integrity than them, doesn't say much for them at all. For I don't hold myself to high standards at all. But I played by the rules of Chapter 33-FAC (Florida Administrative Codes) and within the laws, and Florida/U.S. Constitutions. See, a lot of what I say on my blog, I can't say with my mouth, without violating 33-FAC, verbal disrespect. That's why I exercise my constitutional right to freedom of speech over here, 'cause they can't control my thoughts and views of them over here. They can choke on this blog! Yes, I'm mad, 'cause I did everything the right way battling them, and they did everything wrong, turning off my cold water, turning on the hot water where it ran for over 30 days straight, bogus DRs, throwing my food trays, not feeding me, throwing my clothes away, destroying my legal work, messing up my mother's visit. Yeah... I'm not done, I'm mad, and my ticket to vengeance is with this pen, and my blog, and I'll be damned if I back down. Screw these dishonorable punks! :) Yes, I'm in the hands of my enemies, but I won't back down because I believe in what I'm fighting for.

11:48 am: I went out to recreation by myself as usual. Lt. Robinson was outside, and told me to send him a request slip telling him what day I got placed on heightened security and what for. I was going to do it, but I think they're just pulling my chain. I'm not going to play along. I'm not jumping through hoops, if they want to keep me on this and waste staff and money. Let them waste it. I'm not even going to ask them again when they're taking me off. I need to start turning the cell light on when I write. I just looked at page 8 and it looks sloppy. Well, I'm going to watch the news and then work out.

12:59 pm: I was just setting up to start my workout when the MP3-man come and picked up my MP3. So he will be getting the rest of my music put back on there. Now I've got to go without my music for the next couple of hours.

2:23 pm: Just got my MP3 back :). Fixing to start my workout. DB curls, bags 5, 1st 12, 2nd 10, 3rd 8, 4th 8. Rev grip curls 1st 10, 2nd 10, 3rd 9, 4th 8. Preacher curls, 4 bags, 1st 8, 2nd 7, 3rd 6, DB curls 4 bags, 1st 8, 2nd 7. Laying tri ext 3 bags 1st 9, 2nd 8. DB kickbacks, 3 bags, 1st 8, 2nd 7. Crushes 75, toe touches 100, jumping jacks 200.

3:42 pm: That was a pretty good workout. Now I've got to wash clothes and bath, clean the floor and then go into my playlist and get my music hooked up. The chaplain has a movie on, Remember the Titans, that is a great movie.

5:52 pm: Just finished bathing, washed clothes, cleaned the floor. I had me a beef stew and beans + rice, which is one of my favorite meals. Well, I'm going to lay back, watch the news and mess with my MP3 player, watch Survivor tonight and go to sleep.

Thursday March 29, 2012 7:02 am: Here we are, another day. I've got to get some writing done this morning. I'll do my leg workout this afternoon. I feel better today than I did yesterday. I need to shave and clean the floor and write. So let me get to it.

7:50 am: They are pulling rec right now, and they just come up with another stupid a** rule! Anything you wear out to recreation, you have to keep it on the whole time you're out there. So you get to exercising and get hot, you got to leave the clothes on. You may go out in the morning and there be a chill, and by 9:30 it may be hot. This is B.S. What really pisses me off is no one will stand up. People won't file grievances or speak out. I just got to let stuff like that go. But let it be noted that these are some stupid S.O.B. that run this place. Stupidity runs rampantly here in the land of the dumb a** redneck.

9:37 am: Lt. Robinson just came by, asked if I wrote that request. I said "Nope, just going to let it go, they'll take me off when they get ready." He said, "Alright, in 6 months when they still got you on heightened security, don't write me." And I probably will be on this 6 months from now, 'cause these people are idiots that don't mind wasting tax dollars to retaliate. Right now I need to work on this essay.

10:29 am: Just wrote this essay, Heightened Security or Heightened Stupidity. :) They will enjoy that if they read it. I'm going to get up and walk for awhile.

11:42 am: Guys come in off the yard, and there's a lot of guys sick right now. We have a lot of guys around here are sick, two guys here are sick on this wing. Well, they're putting guys in quarantine. Something's going on.

11:54 am: The norovirus is going around. I'm not taking any more trays from anyone, I'm not passing anything. Last thing I want is anything like that. Guys are saying they're not sick 'cause they don't want to be moved. Well, I'm going to go ahead and set up for my workout. Try to get that done.

12:25 pm: Starting workout. Crunches 90, 50, toe touches 50, squats 50, 50, 50, calf raises 50, 50, 40, lunges 20, 10 slow, front snap kicks 25, 25, side kicks 25, 25. Wasn't a great workout but got something in, it's 1:17pm.

3:06 pm: I wrote, or finished a letter and ate some tuna and crackers, and was watching some TV. I'm tired and could go to sleep right now. It's quiet in here. Toilet just flushed, but at least there's no one talking. I can't wait until they start these showers. I want to just lay down and call it a day. I'm going to get up, walk and listen to some music, or I'm going to wind up laying down.

5:49 pm: Waiting on the shower. I'm next but I don't know if I get to go now. Nope, I don't. I'm just going to shower in here. That sgt. didn't look too happy about having to get the chains out.

6:41 pm: Well, I'm fixing to call it a night. I'm watching the world news and I may watch a little bit of TV before I go to sleep. Already bathed and washed clothes. Another day in the books, until tomorrow.

Ronald W. Clark Jr.


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