Nov. 3, 2010
by Olon Reece Miller (author's profile)




I am not real sure of how any of this works, but I am eager to embrace
the age of the internet, and always willing to try new things.

I thought I could start by speaking alittle about myself and any and all
of you could ask questions and/or offer advice. Please, feel free to ask
me anything. I am not shy nor do I have anything to hide.

My name is ‘Olon Reece Miller’. Most non-family calls me, ‘Reece’. I am
a 43 year old (02-02-67) white man. I am 5 feet 10'2 inches tall and I
weigh 180 punds. I have brownish/black hair and dark blue eyes. And yes,
I am single. I've been married and have two beautiful, wonderful grown
kids. I love to laugh, love to lounge and be loved. I'm a fairly
clean-cut good-looking guy from a good family, I grew up North of
Houston TX.

I've been incarcerated for 18 months for poss of meth, on a 5 year
sentence. I could be out any time after Aug 2011. This is my first drug
charge ever, but I have been incarcerated before. I am a good person
with a good heart. I don't understand wher eI went wrong or why and how
I always end up in trouble.

I'd love to hear from anybody, everybody out there. It would be nice to
have something to do to help pass the time, especially if I was to gain
some insight on my own life and maybe even meet a friend or two.

Thank you,
Olon Reece Miller


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lru Posted 12 years ago. ✓ Mailed 12 years ago   Favorite
Welcome to the Internet, Olon! You've just joined thousands, probably millions, of people who are writing their thoughts online. Not everyone gets comments or even knows whether people are reading, but sometimes just the writing is enough. Who knows? Perhaps someday, someone will discover your blog afresh, and read through your archives.

That's my hope, when it comes to my blog, anyway. :-)

You wrote, "I don't understand where I went wrong or why and how I always end up in trouble." Don't stop looking for that understanding. Sometimes life seems like a puzzle, with no pieces fitting anywhere, but if we keep looking, eventually we'll find the pattern.

Anyway, keep on blogging... when you blog, you never know what kind of responses you'll get, if any, so brace yourself. *chuckle* Some responses might be insightful, some may be daft. Be ready for anything. :-)

God bless,

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