July 17, 2011

The View From My Cell

by Jessica Haynes (author's profile)


Looking out my cell window, I can see the field where the horses graze. Such joy it is to watch them each day. They have no clue, but they bring me far away from this prison.

Just the other day as I watched them, one decided to scratch its back. This process is something I have not seen before. It brought a big smile to my face to see it with its legs in the air.

For a moment, I was so calm, relaxed, and at peace. Then a cell door slammed shut and I was brought back to reality.

All I could do is let out a sigh and remember I've only got nine more month left to go. Then it's home free.

Anyways, I thought I would share this memory with everyone. Also, here are a couple sketches. Not anything great, but I promise I will get on the ball so you can see my true talent.

Tah-tah, blog. You're it.

[two black-and-white pen drawings. The first page is an eye with black sclera. The other is a closed framed window that has no curtains. The night sky is through its panes.]
[three colored drawings done with pen and colored pencils. One is a stylized portrait of a woman with a sly expression, blush, and short bob hair. A blue and orange emblem with a smiling devil face is in the right corner. The simplest drawing is a black spider with a granite shadow.]
[two colored drawings done with pen and colored pencils. One is a glass heart-shaped vial with a wick on top that is on fire. It is cracked at the bottom and is leaking what appears to be blood. The other drawing is a sad looking blue-eyed penguin with a blue bow tie.]
[three drawings. One is a pink cartoon cat that is winking and surrounded by green and pink stars. One sketch is a realistic rendition of a wolf howling. The last drawing is a cartoon turtle swimming underwater. The turtle is being viewed from its underside and the water surface is suggest to be night due to black bubbles and a crescent moon behind it.]


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